This Just In: More Useless Surveys

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Something about the summer has brought out a flurry of useless studies that either “discover” something obvious, misuse statistics, or come to pointless conclusions. This week looks to be no different: already we’ve found out that apparently 80% of Americans prefer WiFi to iPods, while also, people don’t like being put on hold when they call customer service lines. As far as people’s supposed love of WiFi, it’s completely unclear how that information is of any value. The Wi-Fi Alliance, which backed the survey, says WiFi “is demonstrating increased momentum as an integral part of leisure and work activities”, but all it really points out is that group’s ability to craft pointless surveys intended to make its product somehow look better. The survey on customer service came from a well-known consulting firm. If they’re the so-called experts getting hired by companies to tell them how to improve things, and are only now just realizing people don’t like waiting on hold, it’s little wonder customer service is typically so poor.

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