Woz's Big Adventure: Hydrogen Hummers, Astronauts And James Cameron Filming. In 3D

from the what's-your-vacation-plans dept

Thought your vacation plans were exciting? You’ve got nothing on Steve Wozniak. While, last we heard, he was supposed to be using the millions of dollars he recently raised to buy some company, it looks like he’s a bit more focused on his… rather unique travel plans. theodp writes “You can read the Barron’s piece, but Valleywag capsulizes it nicely: ‘Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is taking a trip to the South Pole. In a hydrogen-powered Hummer. With Buzz Aldrin in the driver’s seat. And James Cameron filming it – in 3D.’ As if that ain’t enough, he’s planning US III for Summer 2007.” No. Your vacation plans are not nearly as cool.

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Comments on “Woz's Big Adventure: Hydrogen Hummers, Astronauts And James Cameron Filming. In 3D”

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Lay Person says:

Why Barrons?

Barrons is a periodical for rich people. It’s full of rich people stories, what they do, and how they do it.

Everytime I peruse this magazine, it makes me feel like a pauper. It forces me to covet the people and places within it.

Why is this even a story? It’s just more unattainable candy before the eyes of starving children.

RelativisticMan says:


You could argue that all films are in 3D and 3D films are in 4D… there’s already 2 spatial dimensions to a film… in terms of, say, pixels, you have a movie with a spatial aspect of 720 pixels by 480 pixels… and you have a time dimension… Z pixel appeared at 102w and 320h at 1 minute and 20 seconds, sounds like 3 dimensions to me… so add in that 3rd spatial dimension and suddenly you have 4 dimensions… 😛

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