Still No Phantom Products, But Hey, They Changed Their Name!

from the don't-look-too-closely dept

Vaporware purveyor Infinium, which has been promising its earth-shattering, paradigm-busting, mind-blowing Phantom gaming console for years is back in the news. No, it hasn’t finally released anything, like that gaming keyboard it said would be out in the second quarter (though apparently that’s been pushed back to October, but don’t hold your breath) — it’s just changed its name to Phantom Entertainment. “Phantom” always seemed an appropriate name, since the gaming system never actually bothered to turn up. Doesn’t look like anything’s changing on that front, so apparently it was time to engineer a PR move, rather than a product.

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Comments on “Still No Phantom Products, But Hey, They Changed Their Name!”

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Doomedsnowball says:

More Addictive Than Pr0n & Heroin

The console must be so good that the QA testers can’t bring themselves to admit it’s finished. It’s so realistic that players are forced to reenact the violent game play in real life, so the developers are busy tweaking it down a few notches, which does nothing for the QA tester’s craving. A vicious cycle if I ever saw one. I don’t think it’ll ever be safe to release for public consumption.

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