PC Guy Helps Explain Net Neutrality

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It’s not too often that content around here becomes comedy fodder for The Daily Show, but lately it seems like the writers over there have really been picking up on some of the issues that we like to discuss — such as blaming violent video games for youth violence. Last week, of course, Jon Stewart took on Senator Stevens and his tubes, while also combining it with the silly anti-gambling legislation. Apparently, that story was a big enough hit (net neutrality? funny?!?) that The Daily Show writers have gone back for more. On last night’s episode, Jon Stewart revisited the issue, asking “resident expert” John Hodgman to explain net neutrality. Hodgman, of course, is a well known humorist — known for his work on NPR’s This American Life and his recent book, The Areas of My Expertise. Sometime last year, he also joined The Daily Show as the show’s “resident expert,” expounding on all sorts of topics over which his knowledge was profoundly confused. However, in the last month or so, he’s become a lot more well known outside of these circles as “the PC guy” from the new Apple Mac commercials. Given all that, his explanation of net neutrality is in his usual style, completely silly, but somewhat telling just the same.

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Comments on “PC Guy Helps Explain Net Neutrality”

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no name says:

MAC-PC commercial

Those MAC commercials are rediculous. Tell me what PC not older than Windows 2000 will not recognize a new Japanese camera when you plug it into the USB port? And apparently I won’t be able to edit any videos and make a slideshow of my family vacation on a PC so I had better go buy a MAC. And I personally believe the only reason MACS don’t get as much virus’s and spyware is simply because they only have about 5%(and shrinking as Linux has started to eat into that share) of the market share. Who wants to make a virus that will only effect 5% of the sector when Windows has roughly 90% ?? Apple should market the MAC based on its ACTUAL strengths such as its graphics, not bogus claims.

PCfreak says:

Macs vs. PCs

Macs don’t have ANY kind of advantage over PCs anymore all thanks to Adobe… once they made their software essentially the same on both platforms that was that. PCs are obviously the better choice, even though Macs can launch windows software and even use windows as its OS, what kind of video cards can you actually get for a MAC? My guess is you wouldn’t be getting any kind of worthwhile frame rate with a game like Oblivion on a Mac (granted most PC users can’t get a good frame rate with the game but the potential is there)

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Macs vs. PCs

uh..yeah they do. they don’t get as many viruses and such.

they don’t break as much. i love how mac os can shut down, reeboot itself while you are in the middle of any app.

plus i don’t think i’d trust any video editing to a pc….it’s been my expierence that pc’s just don’t have the software…

plus, macs just look about a zillion times cooler than a pc.

PCfreak says:

Macs vs. PCs

…I haven’t had a virus in longer than I can remember… and my PC’s never broken, except of course when I fried my cpu overclocking, but that’s not the computer’s fault ;)… it’s all about the user, the majority of computer users are PC users so there’s a larger number of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing, thus it seems as though they break more often. Also, like I said, it’s all about Adobe… Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects are all you need for video editing, so how can you say PCs don’t have the software? You sound like your just spouting off the Mac’s new ad campaign… Your last comment is about personal preference… I like my PC with its fiberglass side panel, blue glowing LED fans and digital readout on the RAM…

Anonymous Coward says:

if you need to constantly monitor the insides of your computer and ram, is it that good of a computer. you should be able to “set it and forget it” (to sound cliche), not constatnly making sure your cpu doesn’t rise another .01 degree C

now, i’ve tried making dvd’s on pcs, and the software sucks. i can’t make menus, tables and anything nifty, w/o spending tons of cash. but with the mac, the free software….and the avilability of the better opensource stuff…much better.

unknown says:

Mac vs PC

Mac’s are great if you have money to burn. PC’s will do everything a mac will do and a little more.

Mac’s are cookie cutter where you can’t expand to much and the programing is very limited. PC’s you can be costumized to what you want and the programing .. well almost everything is programmed to run on a PC.

the only advantage a mac has over a pc is they are less difficult to get running and doing what you want. Which is great for people who are computer illiterate ie your grandparents. If you’re in the working world and you don’t know how to use a computer then ..

.. I’d like to biggie size my order please …

chronno S. Trigger says:

MAC vs. PC

Is this the article to get into that? Isn’t this about that stupid net neutrality thing.

That said, since Mac’s are now built on top of Unix don’t they fall under that Unix category like Linux?

And how is it Microsoft’s fault that the people who sell windows PCs ship them with so much crap software. (Referring to that one commercial) 30day Norton sucks.

Microsoft is still winning because the user friendly feeling is there. Until Mac and Linux realize that they will still hold less than 10% of the market.

Anonymous Coward says:

Macs vs. PCs

There is no mystery here at all. As someone who uses Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X on a daily basis, it is quite obvious that:

1. OS X is the best desktop.

2. Linux is the best server.

3. Windows XP is best for neither, but it is essential if you want to play the latest FPS games and do not like consoles. (Personally, I prefer consoles)

i like both macs and pc's says:

i like both.. i'm bi, i guess

to me, i view this choice like i view automobile transmissions. you got your automatic transmission (Macintosh) and your manual transmission (PC).

the PC is more complicated, yes.. but that means you have more control and can tweak it more.

the Mac is simpler, smoother and easier.. but it does everything for you.

personally, i choose a PC because of the limited choices of software for a Mac compared to a PC.. it seems like anything i want i can get for a PC, but not for a Mac..

but i think they both have their merits..

Anonymous Coward says:

macs are simplier, and more limited in programming??

HELLO. i just saw my friend tweak matlab to run it’s graphing portion. the software he had wasn’t compiled right, so he had to edit the software, and recompile it. and like i said before, the new mac os operats like mac when y ou want it to, and unix when you need it do. if you want to change something, boom go to unix, play withthe files, recompile and bam there ya go. HOORAH for open source

Astral says:

Is that it?

So it seems that the advantages of having a Mac are:

1) Few viruses – Only good because barely anybody uses them.

2) Look cool – Doesn’t hold water because a PC can look however you want it.

3) Cool free software – OK this one is good but, its not hard to get cool free software for PC too.

I agree that Macs are cool but PCs get a bad rap. The entire globe runs on them…….the corporate world would be nothing without it.

PCfreak says:


to the anonymous coward poster who commented on monitoring your cpu and system temps… you only have to do so if you’re checking your top clock limit… it IS nice to see what your cpu is actually capable of and it’s nice when you can buy a processor that’s built on the same core as a more expensive on but set with a lower multiplier… you can save a good $300 if you know what to buy. To sum up this Mac/PC thing… Macs are essentially for people who don’t know what they’re doing (who cares if the os is now built on top of unix, 99% of Mac users wouldn’t know what to do with it and PC users could just install unix to a seperate partition or physical drive if they’re that hard up for it); PCs are for people who don’t know what they’re doing and experienced users as well…

also, the anonymous coward who brought up os x, linux, and windows… os x being the best desktop boils down to personal taste (probably influenced merely by novelty[huh? who said knoppix? ;D])… and I believe the discussion was Mac vs PCs (rather strayed from the article but…), not which operating system is the best…

Anonymous Coward says:

All 3 OSs have their benefits

Never had luck with any PC doing video editing . . . even using the same software (Premier/After Effects) on both Mac&PC.

Graphics Arts are fine on whatever system as long as your final files are PDF (through distiller). Acrobat is the industry standard these days regaurdless of which operating system you use!

The G3 iMac (snow) is the most beautiful computer ever made, and the most durable (like the vw bug), and quite a deal right now ($200-400 on ebay). Ever want to try a Mac out this is the way to go. Get one for your kid, they are great starter computers and they won’t be embarassed to display the beige box.

If you are just a passive computer user or as an expert user who feels restrained by traditional OSs I suggest ubuntu linux. Download a live CD and find out if your computer is up for Ubuntu before you install. Installation takes may be 30 minutes and the OS AND ALL SOFTWARE updates itself easily through apt-get (thanks Debian).

Dinner tastes better when it’s free right. How about that free vacation you got? You WILL enjoy your operating system more when it is free. Ubuntu is my fun system, you get giddy when using it because it is packed with software (you don’t even have to buy photoshop, M$ office, etc.). And to add to the virus theme above you will never deal with them using Ubuntu.

On a side note you CAN install Ubuntu on the iMac I was speaking of earlier. That would make the system Beautiful and Functional.

Dual Booter says:

I have a new Mac Intel laptop (Macbook Pro) and dual boot into XP and OSX. Both OSX and XP run great on the machine. They both respond equally well. I use XP mostly for games (Oblivion IV) and OSX for my daily stuff. It is not fair to say one OS runs better than the other; they both run great.

Yes I have a virus detector on my XP partition, safety first.

PCfreak says:

All 3 OSs have their benefits

nooo… don’t get your kids a mac… get them a pc and make them learn an os without a gui… otherwise you’ll be raising shmuck kids like 90% of the computer users out there… 😉 On a serious note though, I’ve never had a problem doing video editing on a PC… Premiere and After Effects run seamlessly… 2 gigs of low latency ram though… And how is Ubuntu? The only linux version i’ve used besides red hat is knoppix… The dvd version of knoppix comes with an incredible amount software, no need for ms office at all, although, NOTHING will ever take the place of photoshop, I don’t care what ubuntu has, photoshop is supreme overlord of all 2d graphics (can’t beat CS2)… oh… and Dual Booter, give up that Mac and get a PC with SLI (a 4 card system would be ideal), I have a two card system and oblivion looks and runs amazing… the settings must be hurting on your system… I can’t imagine they have good graphics cards on Macs…

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