Even Friendster Looks Good Next To Wal-Mart Social-Networking Site

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By now it’s no secret that every company wants to capture some of the MySpace magic (even if the money in it isn’t that great). Several readers have alerted us that even Wal-Mart is looking to get in on the action, as it’s launching its own social-networking site for teenagers. But, as if to embrace its boring image, the site will be strictly monitored, will not allow messaging between users, and will alert parents when their child signs up for the site. In other words, the only way teens will ever take to the site, is if it becomes a competition to slip subversive images or messages onto a profile. Of course, it’s understandable that Wal-Mart not want its site to resemble MySpace — but then there are other ways to make the site social without re-inventing MySpace. The kids interviewed for the article all described the current service as being corny and forced, so maybe a site that actually allowed them to express their interests (through products that Wal-Mart carries) might work better. As it stands, it appears that Wal-Mart is just the latest in a line of people and companies painfully trying to act hip, with all emphasis on the painful part.

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Comments on “Even Friendster Looks Good Next To Wal-Mart Social-Networking Site”

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Rational Beaver says:

“Over the last year, we have been getting increasingly bad feedback from teen girls about Wal-Mart in contrast to Target — especially Wal-Mart’s apparent lack of cleanliness, messy layout and lack of stylish attire.”

So of course, the answer is not to clean the store, fix the layout and sell cooler clothes, its to make a fake, wanna-be MySpace that’s almost as hip as butt hair. Nice.

Tyshaun says:

let's not forget Walmarts roots...

I don’t know why this surprises anyone. Walmart has a tradition of being a VERY conservative chain. This is the same chain that had their pharmacies sued in Massachuesetts because they wouldn’t carry the morning after pill.

Living in the bible belt of Florida this doesn’t surprise me but it is such a bad sign of things to come. Every time I look at my child I almost want to apologize for the world being created one where litigation has taken over for creativity and people are paranoid to let children express themselves. Sure there are pedophiles and those that would do a child harm but the only way to give children LIFE LONG protection is to teach them to be critical thinkers, not enact some George Orwellian type society.

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