New Zealand Stops Stoppage Of Telegrams, STOP

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Earlier this year, Western Union finally decided to stop offering a telegram service, and almost no one noticed because, really, who sends telegrams any more? Apparently people in New Zealand would like to, though. Even though the New Zealand Post Office killed off its own telegram service in 1999 due to a lack of demand, they’re now bringing it back to life, as some businesses have been clamoring for it. Apparently, they’re useful for urgent notifications in areas where email and SMS messaging fail, such as the notice from your power company that they’re about to shut off your power. One nod to modern culture, though: they no longer need to end with “STOP.” Of course, now that they’re back to life, the New Zealand Post Office is wondering if they can be used for spam: “She says they are primarily being used as a means of debt collection, but could be also be used for marketing.” Just what we all need. Telegram spam.

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Comments on “New Zealand Stops Stoppage Of Telegrams, STOP”

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I, for one says:


Just for our younger readers it might be useful to point out that a telegram is a message sent electronically, which is then printed out onto paper and delivered the last mile by hand like a letter.

Obviously this overlaps with the fax, which is far from being a dead format.

One major advantage, when printed out on the old post office watermarked paper you have a legally binding (can be used as evidence) document in your possession. It is an effective way of serving written notice in accordance with many old legal requirements, which is probably why debt collection agents prefer this method.

What I want to know is do you still get a guy in a blue peaked cap come running up shouting “Important telegram mister! It’s from your office Sir!” Because that is so much cooler than just having your crappy mobile phone ringing.

Albert M. Menduni says:


They were also great for geeting messages to patients, who had no phone or electronic prowess. When I was a practicing physician, I can think off two times a telegram helped save a patient’s life.

Without them I called the police to deliver urgent messages, and they did. THANK GOD.

Those were the good old days.

Anonymous Coward says:

Steve Martin's line sounds like something from "RK

Sound line the telegram Orson Welles send to his alcoholic-prone co-writer, John Houseman in “RKO 281″…

Schaefer loves the idea. Stop.

Start writing. Stop.

Stop drinking. Stop.

Did you work in the jigsaw puzzles. Question mark.

Don’t stop. Stop.

Love you madly, Orson.

Sanguine Dream says:

Telegram spam?

That would so suck. Cuz then you wouldn’t know if it was legit or spam. At least with email and caller id for the phone you can see some info about a call/email before opening. it. With telegram spam you literally don’t know what it is til you get it in your hand. And to make matters worse as the delivery guy/girl imagine going all the way out to deliver something just to find out you are carrying spam.

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