Congress Now Blaming MySpace For Troubled Children

from the gotta-stop-it dept

On the same day that MySpace becomes the top site online and a bunch of political types try to launch a MySpace for politicians it appears that our elected Congress Critters want to figure out what to do about the MySpace issue. This, right after solving the gambling problem apparently. Earlier this year, we noted some talk in Congress about banning social networks and blogs from schools and libraries that take federal money — but today even more proposals were discussed. In the discussions today, the same Congress folks who were just blaming video games for everything wrong with kids, are now saying that “ has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators.” After again suggesting that these sites be banned from schools and libraries, they discussed solutions such as forcing some sort of third-party age verification on these sites. That, of course, sounds good to Congress people who don’t seem to realize that won’t actually do anything other than perhaps push kids to move to some other site adults have even less control over. Oh well. As long as they can head home for election season claiming they’re working hard to protect the children, even when their actions tend to make things worse.

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Comments on “Congress Now Blaming MySpace For Troubled Children”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: no compys in schools...

I say we take the country away from the politicians.

It’s obvious (to me at least) that they are wandering around in the dark trying to plug in the lamp that will give them some illumination. Spouting enough garbage to make it look like they “care” and are trying to identify the problems etc.

The main problem I have is that with our govt there is no real choice for “democracy”. 2 parties who are so far right or left that its absurd.

Then you have the obscene thought of “electing” someone based on their “popularity”. Not sure about you folkes, but I thought that shit was gay when I was in High Shcool. I cant imagine someone’s motivation for even going through the motions.

Power you say?

Eff that, you still have to bend over to let some guy plow you, because in politics, there is always someone standing behind you to ram it in. (and I DONT mean a knife).

When it comes to with kids, what it all boils down to is 2 things:

P. A. R. E. N. T. I. N. G. (Raise your kid, dont let the internet and TV do it).


There will always be someone who takes a meaningless statistic and blow it up to scare everyone into conformity.

Most kids are good, some are bad, just like any group of people.

The difference is the media blitz that takes things out of proportion. Cant blame them though, we as a society eat that shit up.

Sad for us.

Daryl Licked says:

Re: Re: no compys in schools...

i disagree. i liked the idea of fighting DRM and internet control by giving an Ipod to your congressman. its apparent by the actions of the senator in alaska and the congressman in pensylvania, that we need to send them computers and video games too. they dont seem to have any real idea how they work.

hotorof says:

best solution

The best solution to this problem is to imprison the kids at their homes. No computers, no tv, no phones, no visitors, no friends, no windows. There’s no way they can get drugs or be in gangs or be victim to predators (unless of course their parents are the ones to do that). See everything works out fine!

jeremy says:

Re: best solution

you people r all out of your minds why don’t you do something about it dont blame everyone else for your bad parenting i’ve been around drugs my whole life and i never laid a hand on them and i’m now 18. thats parents problems these day all you want is control and then when kids get older what do they find drugs they can do sh*t like that any time any age what when there 35 you still gonna stick a dog leash up there a** and tell them what to do everyone has there own life and is in charge of there own lives. weather it be a good or bad one its they’re choice they’re life there path all you can do is guide them and if thats not what they want then respect them and let them be talk to them make them see what you see but not by force the more you pull them away the more they’ll want something. If getting high makes them happy hey what the f**k they’re smiling you can’t force jack so don’t try just guide them to right way you give them the choice they choose the path for there life no you. i have lived by this saying my whole life 10%the problem 90%whats you do with it
we all walk our own path

freedom of writing its a joy ain’t it smile=)

dorpus says:

Why stop there?

If we believe in the business school dogma of free markets that Techdirt so eagerly promotes, why not allow ebay to buy and sell children? Don’t we want to live in a world where business school legends are made from entrepreneurs who make their first billion from selling millions of children to sexual predators… I mean, adoptive parents?

Linda says:

MySpace has an age regulation. People need to be more active in what their kids are doing….I have a MySpace account and so does my daughter and I know everything that is on her account. Should we just lock our kids up, take away everything? What will this prove? NOTHING! It only helps the lazy parents not take responsibility for their parenting or lack there of…….

Alan MadLeese (user link) says:


I dunno, this age regulation thing at MySpace? It has to be meaningless inasmuch as MySpace has no way to check anyone’s age. I mean, isn’t that a truth that has been establilshed. MySPace says you cannot join up unless you are fourteen or whatever, but everything I see on the web indicates there is no way they can tell your age, or want to even tell your age, so they say, well, that’s it, fourteen or you are eighty-sixed. B ut since they can’t tell, what the hell does it mean to say they have a limit, one they cannot enforce even sh0ould they want to? Or am I wong, do I merely not understand that??? Since, y’know, if they can’t really tell your age, how meaninglessis it to say you have to be fourteen? Can this be explained to those amongst us like me who have difficulty with numbers, b ecause they are not my friends?? Al MacLeese from Hallowell Maine which is having an annual celebration this week, and everyone is invited. almac hallowell, union and water.

Anonymous Coward says:



You hit the nail on the head.

Responsibility. You have it, take it.

I like my freedom, I dont want “mother government” telling me to clean my room, or how long i can talk on the phone, or what sites I (or my kids when I eventually have them) can/can’t visit.

NO thank you very much.

Jake (florida) says:


You need to wake up. I bet you are your childs BEST friend too? We talk about everything….he/she tells me everything….let’s see what you say in 5 years, ok? You make it hard for parents like me to raise kids because “your SO cool” with the kids….you need to get a clue…..40 something acting like a 20 something i’d bet….hows your marriage?

Jake (florida) says:


You need to wake up. I bet you are your childs BEST friend too? We talk about everything….he/she tells me everything….let’s see what you say in 5 years, ok? You make it hard for parents like me to raise kids because “your SO cool” with the kids….you need to get a clue…..40 something acting like a 20 something i’d bet….hows your marriage?

Jake (florida) says:


You need to wake up. I bet you are your childs BEST friend too? We talk about everything….he/she tells me everything….let’s see what you say in 5 years, ok? You make it hard for parents like me to raise kids because “your SO cool” with the kids….you need to get a clue…..40 something acting like a 20 something i’d bet….hows your marriage?

Two Reasearching Students 7th grade girls (user link) says:


Linda We totally Agree with you. We are going to quote you on our report. And those other people that dont agree with you can kiss our bootay’s too. x]
Thanks so much,
Emmy. 7th grade

hey i love you, you are so right u r so in our report and the rest of the people can kiss our butts sorry for the language
thanks somuch

audrey says:


I totally agree with you on the lazy parent. I know so many young parents screaming at the top of their lungs that they can not control their children at home, school or anywhere. the parents of now-a-days deaf, and blind when it comes to their children. I believe in being a nosey parent but with respect, i actually inform my children i am and will view all aspects of their lives. I am here for them but in irder to be there for them I must hear them watch them and know them not only as my children but as individuals, human beings, people, with their own personalities, thoughts fears ideas ets. We as a nation are becoming so sensative to everything we call ouselves free, but are we really?

I actually think if we made school intersting, (not just teacher, desk, boring book, blackboard) and i mean intersting that children at least a larger percentage of children would stay clear of the pitfalls of growing up. Educate our children we must stop boring our children to death.

Sean (user link) says:


Seriously, I think they should just tell Congress and all those other federal bullshit dumbasses that they cannot do anything about what goes on in the internet. Yes, they cans till hunt for child predators, but when they start to try and basically shut a site down because millions of people go to it and some happen to be pedos (though I am defending Myspace, I still think it’s just a site for childporn anyways). They just ned a lot of people on Myspace’s side to keep checking up on new members’s profiles and block the porn/pedo ones.

That’s my two cents.

ME Doss (user link) says:

MySpace Causing Faulty Children?

MySpace is just the flavor of the week for the critics and parents who refuse to take personal responsibility for not knowing how to raise their own children; this month it’s MySpace, in the 90’s it was violent video games and professional wrestling, in the 60’s & 70’s it was drugs – I am of the opinion that if parents and “good-church-goin’-folk” want their children raised “right”, then they, THE PARENTS, not the mass-media, or game developers, or web-site managers, need to take responsibility for their own children and monitor what they are doing on-line. If you know your child is talking to someone they shouldn’t be, BEFORE they go out and meet that person, I’m pretty sure there would be less rapes and murders, and the like, because some parents group was out at the public lynching of…(insert flavor of the month here), instead of at home taking care of their children. I’m not so naive as to think all parents should lock children in their rooms until they are 21; if you feel the need to lock the computer down when you’re not home, then do it. If you feel you have to get rid of the computer, then do it. I would work on changing the behavior of the child first, before I go giving my stuff away. – you want to help your child – talk TO them, not AT them! and one more thing, if you will actually listen to what they say, you might learn something.

Valkee says:

Re: MySpace Causing Faulty Children?

Do you have kids? Didn’t think so. The old adage that it takes a villiage to raise a child is very true. I currently have 3 teenage boys, and one 11 year old girl. Personality and breeding do account for something too. There are several dynamics at work. Not to mention that teenagers are always right, parents are always wrong, and if they are going to do something (that they want to do and have decided to do) then they are going to do it without telling mommy and daddy. Forbidding them to do things only alienates them from you and sends them down that slippery slope. It is not easy at all to raise children in a society where everyone else’s kids get and have everything, especially when you can’t afford to buy them a video IPOD. It is true that good moral teachings can sway children to the white-helmet side, but guess what – parents spend less time with their kids than teachers, and a most of all, their schoolmates. It is not the individual parent of the individual child that is at fault, it is all the parents. All the parents have influence on all the kids. This all of a sudden makes it a social problem and not a parenting problem. It really annoys me when ignorant people don’t see the big picture. Some parents certainly can be blamed, but that is not the problem. The problem is a social one, and that is the responsibility of the leaders of the community to fix.

John says:

Lazy, nieve, ignorant parents!!!

I think it should be required that you pass a test before you can have kids period. Like a drivers license. Boys at the age of 10 should get a routine viscectomy (can do it with lasers now without an inscision) and then have it reversed when they later pass the test and get a license to have children. Then we can limit the amount of knuckleheaded parents there are, and we probably wouldnt have so many issues. It all comes down to the parents!!!! If people whould just take interest in their kids lives, instead of letting the TV and internet be their babysitters, then a majority of this would not be a problem. Just think about all the problems that could be avoided if there were less misguided kids running around.

Silhouette says:

Re: Lazy, nieve, ignorant parents!!!

I love it. I agree completely that people should have to pass a test to have kids. In fact, I think that if you want to have kids, it should be mandatory to take an in-depth Child Development class, pass with an 85% or above, then apply for your license. After applying for your license, you should be examined by a psychologist, then take a written test, and then be monitored while interacting with actual children. If you pass all three, you can have a license. If you fail one of them, you cannot re-take the test for another year. After you have your license, you will be required to renew it every 5 years by the examining of your child. If you fail the exam, you get your license taken away and you can never get it back. The child is given to an infertile license-holder.

With that kind of system, look at all the benefits!

1. No more or very little poverty. With less people, not as much money or food would be required to feed everyone.

2. No more child abuse. Why would someone want to abuse what they worked so hard to get?

3. More intelligent children. To pass the tests, the parents would have to be intelligent, thus passing it on to their children.

4. Less crime. Kids being in good homes mean that they won’t have a need or want to get away from it, which is usually the cause for drug/alcohol abuse and crime.

5. No emo music. Kids wouldn’t have anything to complain about, and so they wouldn’t create whiny music.

Basically, everyone would be *gasp* happy for once! Maybe we could even throw a program in there about respecting other’s beliefs and not forcing your beliefs on your children, and we could even get world peace out of this deal.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Lazy, nieve, ignorant parents!!!

that’s good but the viscectomy thing is retarted first of all you don’t need a license to have kids second why in the world would you have a boy get a viscectomy at age 10! SOB! Just talk to them and the period thing also stupid that’s monthly why in the world would you have kids take test before a period? Think NEXT TIME!

Jennifer Tyner says:


Maybe politicians should start working to develop resources to help parents raise their children. Preventing access to social networking sites is not the answer. It is time for us to start understanding the internet and online living. Once we do, we can raise our children in a way that will help them function in the online world. This new world isn’t going to go away. We need to understand it and develop ways to survive in that world, just as we do in the “real” world. This includes teaching our kids how to interact and behave in cyberspace. We can’t pretend it is a virtual world. Parents need to parent in cyberspace just as they should in society. The problem is in the parenting and supervision, not the technology.

Z says:

Of course!

I think we should take politicians away from the government, honestly. Well, we should take the government away from the government. And run a real democracy, not a frikken limited democratic republic thats slowly turning into a fascist state. Haha, taking away these internet sites is a clear violation of the bill of rights, so yeah. Duh.


hamb0n3z says:

What, mid-term elections? Oh, my. You want me to pay attention to what “depends” wearing political puppet who claims to be some mythical defender of our children’s virtures?

Bunch of B.S – If you have not taken the time to choose your canidates for real reasons. If you wait for them to tell you who to vote for with these bogus PR campaigns on any hot point the media provides at the last minute . . . do the rest of us a favor and stay home.

As for myspace – sheesh I remember when rock and roll – and dancing and then Midnight movies and Shopping Malls were going to bankrupt the morality of our youth.

TechNoFear (profile) says:

Once upon a time

Once upon a time both parents did not have to work full time to earn a living, nor worry that their job would not exist tomorrow or that they will not get enough hours this week.

In that fantasy period one parent could stay home and do some ‘parenting’.

Just to be picky….

>>even when they’re actions

‘they’re’ (they are) should be ‘their’

See, my parents taught me good…..

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Once upon a time

“Just to be picky….

>>even when they’re actions

‘they’re’ (they are) should be ‘their’

See, my parents taught me good…..”

Just to be picky

Your parents didn’t teach you good

They taught you well.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s somebody trying to insult somebody for spelling, and screwing up themselves.

action-action-action says:

Re: Once upon a time

Good lord! Listen to yourself – “when I was your age, I had to raise 16 kids while your mother and I worked 4 full time jobs…you’d better appreciate that x-box!”

Are you defending “”, which is just a hunting ground (create an account and see for yourself), or defending a lifestyle which requires one to limit his/her parenting abilities? Well, it’s the American way, I suppose.

Herein lies the problem: people talk to friggn’ much about what they should/would/could do versus doing it… that said, i’d better quit typi….

Chris says:

Bad Parenting

It never seems that congress wants to ever impose laws to be a good parent aside from providing a hygenic house, dont beat your kids, and feed the bastards. Aside from this you can pretty much get away with anything. Unless you live in California and your rat bastard child gets a lawyer for himself and sues you for not letting him have enough television time, making him do chores to earn privlages and twisting it to child labor infractions. Anyway point is that parents need to teach their kids how to invest their time so that it becomes intellectualy beneficial. Spending time reading the mindlesss chain letters via MySpace = a waste of time for anyone. Let your kid constantly read about all the new materialistc crap their friends are getting and the only thing it’ll result in is a person who’s believes that gucci watches and prada shoes (they make shoes right?) are what they NEED. Instead of a well rounded education and the cognative abliity to speak without the word “like” and “ya know.” Sure MySpace is a cluster F of nothing but material greed and advertisment out the A; however, would you really expect anything main streem to differentiate from the norm?

flatline says:


I agree to the laser nattering and un-nattering (if you will) after passing the parenting tests. It sounds really fun and it should fall right between the lines of limiting our liberties and increasing national control, which is the main goal of this government for the next decade, and therefore it should be passed immediately into a law. Brillinat!

I want to be your partner for selling the vasectomy kits on myspace and ebay. =)

Also the Bill of Rights comment is absolutely true. Isn’t myspace a place of free, peaceful assembly? Soon anything without nationalistic overtone will be prohibited and we will start coming out at night to form big, marching swastikas and raid homes of immigrants – they are to blame for our children! Those Mexicans and their degrading morale, bean burritos!

Anonymous Coward says:

I dunno, My Space seems to attract a lot of pedophiles. But I am sure thre are many more…What happened to PARENTS being in charge? I personally would make sure I know EVERYTHING my child is doing on the computer! You Can take it away! Parents who aren’t aware, are the parents of children that can get into trouble. Let’s face it, when we were teens we wanted to check things out. We didn’t know the consequences. so parents,,,GET INVOLVED!!!!

Spock says:

Stupid Humans

Heres a thought instead of trying to point the finger at which human made the mess try making an effort to clean it up. If you dont like what your children are doing on the internet they have this magical place called sure you may possibly have heard of it maybe. Try taking some time out of that busy schedule you keep and doing some research, there are millions of sites on the net that will show you how to control what your children are looking at. Its not that difficult an unskilled ape could do it why cant you. Just quit your bitching and finger pointing and do, you do have that much brain power i assume. and if not most of you have superhuman bill paying power your the one contributing to your childs internet habit. And as previously stated if you are not intellgent enough to TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN, go to the great and mighty google and put forth the effort or let your children get adopted and get yourself fixed because you dont deserve to have them.

Zac Shaw (user link) says:

There goes the neighborhood...

Social networks banned… the COPE act annihilates net neutrality… Listen, I’ve been using the WWW since Mosaic and never do I say, “man, I wish the internet would go back to the way it was ten years ago” because the web was an ugly grey-backgrounded, slow, random information wasteland. But I guarantee that if legislative measures continue their course, we will be sitting around our computers in 2016 saying the same thing. Sure, in 2016 we’ll probably be absorbing Pepsi commercials through interactive, hive-minded, mind-reading nanobots or something, but we will long for the days when the Web as a ‘neutral’ space where media was truly democratic.

More to the point, all these whining parents and moral wang-wavers need to cork it. It’s the kids that shoulder the mental burden during transitional times in media and communications development. When telephones became popular, do you have any IDEA how many pedophiles came out of the woodwork? Same for terrorists, salesmen, collection agencies… get the drift? It’s like the gates of hell opening up every time a new communication tool takes off.

Bottom line: With great amounts of information comes great responsibility. Parents: no matter how hard you try, children using a computer without your direct supervision will be able to view pornography, learn how to build a bomb, look at pictures of an autopsy, view video of a beheading, flirt in a chat room with a stranger, post provocative pictures of themselves and God knows what else. Unless you know more about computers than your kid (I’m guessing you don’t) then any filtering or blocking you attempt will only make the kid better at evading your control. Or you could move to China.

So, parents, stop whining and start watching — your kids. It’s all about timing. When your child starts to get curious in sex… be there first with ‘the birds and the bees’ before your kid learns all he needs to know about sex from Do you want your kid to be a virgin all his life and then pee on his bride on their wedding night?

And by the way, I’ve watched ass implant surgery on cable TV for the past four nights straight and I saw Chloe Sevigny’s breasts, so it’s not just the Internet you’ve got to deal with here. But for us adults, it makes the Time Warner bill a little easier to take.

Good luck and read some Lawrence Lessig if you can’t C.O.P.E.!

libre de electronico says:


Time and time again we see this, just quit debating it. Kids would continue to do drugs, join gangs, and waste free time on other senseless activities if MYspace was gone. And to those who support the continued limitation of video games and websites, I say this; don’t forget about the people that acually use these mediums to stay in touch with friends and family and are innocent bystanders in the constant ban on anything too “unlimited”.

badmark (user link) says:

Congress blames MySpace as the seed of juvenile de

So once again congress has found another “it” that is the one single solitary reason behind the state of the youth in our country,

20 years ago, it was music. 10 years ago, video games, now, its the internet!

How come no one ever blames parenting or the state of family in our country today? The continual decline of the “Family Unit” in this country is expressed implicitly by the acts of our younglings. More children are being raised by adults abused as children, this nasty cycle continues and exponentialy grows. Focus on parenting as the source of many childs anguish, not the internet. Just another excuse for the government to make more rules.

Government is charged and ready to rule and mandate every aspect of our lives, terrorism is only accelarating this process.

As a citizen, you must ask yourself this; what country do you want to leave for your generations to come?

Everybody Loves Everybody Cries says:

Get involved with your children

I can understand blocking sites such as myspace from schools etc. because that is not the purpose for computers in school. I’m kind of for that.

Parents need to spend more time with their kids. Take them to a ballgame. Get them involved in things outside of the home that they are interested in. Do things with them. The more time you spend with your children and stay busy doing things with them the less time they will have to wind up in some type of trouble . I know you can’t watch every move your child makes but you can at least put forth the effort to spend as much time with them as possible.

proposition (profile) says:


I’m getting kind of sick of always hearing that the big G wants to block this, limit that, etc. I propose that is G wants to really see where the problem lies, develop their own site as direct competition, or their own phone service, or their own school, all as direct competition to the “mainstream” ones. Do a landmark study of 2-3 years and see what sort of business they have with their limitations vs. “mainstreams”. Instead of passing laws that they haven’t got a clue about, let’s see if they can do better

Rob says:

Not going to work

As long as there’s internet access kids will find out alternatives to post their pictures/movies all over the net.

Look at– it’s starting to get worst than myspace.

Young kids shakin’ their ass on cam, in there room while their parents are probably watching tv in the living room.

Go away congress. Turn off the internet if you want to solve problems… Better yet, send out packets to parents in the mail lol.

MrPaladin says: is blocked...

My children are not permitted to use any URL containing “myspace” blocked by my routers firewall…

The main reason we did this was not because we did not trust them (altho they were spending some late nights chatting on odd occasions) but its mostly because of the number of predators that use such sites…

If the kids want to chat with friends there is a billion IM programs… I dont see the benifit of a social network site except to allow anyone on the internet to see your personel profile for their own reasons rather then yours…

Jake says:

It isn't the politicians, its us.

We always say, “Well those yahoos up in Congress are screwing us yet again, blah, blah, blah, well why don’t we, the citizens do something about it, the Declaration of Independence says :

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes.

Why don’t we follow the advice, if the government is becoming destructive, then isn’t it time that we do something about it?

ForkBoySpam says:

When will people learn

We have the same problem with limited thinking in the small town I am from. First was issues of the local “cruise” where kids would drive around in circles and stop and talk to each other. The town had a fit. Never mind the fact that we knew where the kids where and what they were doing. Arguments could be made about traffic issues though, so OK, we let that go. Now however in their infinite wisdom they decide to shut down the local Internet Cafe because drugs and alchohol “could” be introduced. Not that it has been intorduced, but could be. Now the kids are off on the back roads partying. Half the time parents don’t know where, or what they’re doing. The point I am trying to make is that limited thinking only makes matters worse. The old saying “Better the devil you know…” applies to this. MySpace has may have questionable aspects to it, but improve it. Don’t ban it and force the kids to lesser known and even more insecure alternatives.

ADHD With A SoapBox says:

MySpace Corrupting kids at school....

Once again Congress has found another Target to blame…
Why does seem like every time something bad happens to a child it happens at school?

Why does it take an act of Congress to keep our kids safe?

Why can’t teachers and parents keep control of our children while they are and home or school?

Computers at school should be used for educational purposes only! There should not be access to chat programs, cell phones, pagers, or other wireless devices connected to the Internet. Children are in school to learn.

Willingness to learn in school should be a priority, after certain age if a child is unwilling to learn or is disruptive in class they should be removed from the school. On the other hand teachers unwilling to teach should also be removed from the schools, if teachers feel they’re being underpaid for the work they do “WE” should setup a system for teachers to get discounts in the cities or towns that they teach in. (Not to say that we should GIVE things away to them, but discounted to help them out)

Schools should be a privilege.

I feel there are much better ways to keep their children safe, keeping them active in school as well as church should keep them too busy to get into serious trouble.

The best way but not necessarily the easiest way is to have the parents state involved with their children from the beginning. By removing discipline and replacing it with timeouts is not working. Children these days have not learned the key aspects of respect, by calling their teachers by their first name for that fact other adult?s buy their first name has not taught them the level of respect that’s needed.

If everything bad happens at school shouldn’t schools be to blame should we pass legislation against the schools to shut them down?

In Michigan in order to help keep our children safer from pedophiles are required to live more than 1,000 feet from school property, why can’t we do the same for convicted drug dealers, convicted drunk drivers, and other people convicted of heinous crimes?

There is a side note in this article from the
Detroit Free Press from June 30, 2006

It is not the fault of the problem starts at HOME.

I admit I’m not the best father, but I will not be asking a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Sponge Bob Square Pants…

My Children will not be watching that show or others like it?

Blackwidow says:

Kids will be kids....

I just think that the “dysfunctional family” has entered the computer age….the kids that find trouble on MySpace probably would find it some other way if it were available… I heard that there is now concern over gang activity on myspace and online..that they do not actively recruit online, but invite to parties where drugs and recruitment occur…25 years ago…my parents had concerns about gangs and my exposure to them…but then it had to do with where we hung out, who our friends were. yes, it is probably easier for predators to get online and lure children (the ones who are seeking something like acceptance and caring that they probably arent getting at home) than it used to be, but heck, I am near Seattle and in the last month we have had a pedophile arrested while practicing with his churce choir (a licensed foster parent by the way) and another that was a boy scout leader.

I have an 11 year old daughter and her internet access at home is restricted and supervised, but she also understands why and I am scared to death that there are pedophiles on every corner, but I am not going to keep her out of activities because of it….but her dad chaperones school events and carnivals and camps with her…at this point she doens’t mind, in fact she is proud of having an active parent. We try to give her the tools she needs to use her own judgement and no topic is too taboo to discuss at home so she knows she can always ask questions.

Parenting is not a job for everyone, but it is a job and I agree that there should be mandatory birth control until you can prove you are ready to be a parent!

Concerned Momma says:

Mandantory birth control and Myspace

Hold up here now, mandantory birth control??? Isn’t this the same violation of one’s freedom as banning Myspace is? Come now, surely you are jesting!

Myspace may be a bad place and is obviously a breeding ground for much that the majority finds foul in the world, but to allow censorship of it is giving away a huge chunk of our freedom and opens the door for a whole lot of black markers. We censor or eliminate myspace because it is offensive, soon, you start censoring religious material, no matter the denomination, then you hit a place like say…techdirt because it promotes the sharing of free ideas.

Hmmm, sounds ridiculous? Then ponder on this, when the Nazi’s began exterminating Jews…who did they get rid of first? Political leaders, teachers and other free thinkers.

On the mandantory birth control issue: Honestly it sounds neat to talk about it but think of the ramifications of such an action! No consequence sex among the youth will mean such an incredible boom in venereal disease that it would make your stomach turn. Let’s not forget the possibility that sterilization doesn’t always work and is not 100% reversible.

It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, and stay at home mom’s still exist. I am one of them. It IS the parent’s responsibility and one does have to make sacrifices to provide a good life for your children, but the options are there. Wake up and smell the dirty diapers folks, when you had that baby you were committed to spending the remainder of your life devoting your time to that child. “But I still have a life” lines are crap, and they’re just a cop out so you don’t have to deal with it. Grow up cuz it comes with the territory!

BS says:


“Just to be picky

Your parents didn’t teach you good

They taught you well.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s somebody trying to insult somebody for spelling, and screwing up themselves.”

You’re a moron. How did you not see the inherent sarcasm in replacing the word well, with the word good so that the original author could make light of the fact that you do not have proper grammatical skills? You are the poster child for someone who needs to get out more. ‘Tard.

Adele says:

No Myspace in schools

I am all for blocking social networks and blogs from schools. Computers aren’t in school for those reasons and I hardly think kids will become “computer illiterate” from lack of using Teachers do enough babysitting as it is — it’s parents who should be supervising their kids while they’re on the internet. Teachers shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not students are being responsible while using the internet at school.

Tyler (user link) says:


Im SO sick of all this Myspace crap.


Tell me, is it easier to stop EVERY SINGLE predator on myspace by shutting it down completely, OR is it easier to simply teach the possible victims how to handle them?

Which way is more fair to the adult users of myspace?
Which way is more fair to the band users of myspace?
Why completely shut down myspace for the mistakes of unknowing young children???

I say,


ANY kid who doesn’t know that letting a person hes/shes never seen before come INTO HIS/HER HOUSE is a BAD IDEA doesn’t even deserve a myspace profile in the first place!

Scott says:

A teacher's perspective

Hi. Well our school district already blocks lots of sites, MySpace included. My problem with the bill is that ANY site which allows you to create a profile or website will be banned. I have kids email assignments to me using Yahoo mail. Yahoo lets you create profiles. I used to give my students email addresses from my web account- then the school blocked SMTP. I have kids make blogs using blogger and blog on tech news. They won’t be able to do that. They block all image and file hosting websites, so I can’t have them post images on their blogs that way anymore. I teach them to make websites. I won’t be able to do that. They’re taking about 15% of my class and throwing it in the garbage. Guess I’ll just let them surf the net and screw around instead. I’m so sick of going to work each day and feeling like they’re actively trying to work against me. I try to be creative and make things fun to keep kids interested. ALL the kids in my class are on MySpace on their free time. BIG TIME! So because of that I can’t teach them how to make a webpage in class? They are all still doing myspace in their free time anyway. They all have Xanga’s, and have their Xanga updates emailed to them. So although the school blocks Xanga, they still read them via email. The kids aren’t stupid, and neither are the sites. Block MySpace and kids will still be able to check it out. MySpace emails you when you have new comments. If they blocked MySpace they could email the comments directly to you. I’m almost at the point where I feel like pulling the jacks out of the wall and saying screw the internet in class. It’s nothing but a headache when you have administrators and tech people who don’t give a damn about having a good class, they just have this wild fear of “internet predators”. Hey, how about this, instead of letting the child molesters out of jail after a few years, let’s lock them up for life? Look at the internet for how many sex offenders walk our streets. I’ve seen kids access these offender registries, and they are scared of these people. They are amazed when they find out they walk the streets as free men. Why not work on putting these monsters in jail for life, rather than banning MySpace? How about mandatory life in prison for having sex with a child? Why isn’t anyone pushing for that? Why not teach kids internet safety instead, since there will always be danger on the internet, from websites or email or whatever. Child sex abuse has been around long before the internet, and hasn’t increased with the advent of the internet. I don’t see a whole lot of people addressing the larger issues here.

Anonymous Coward says:

Don't they have any REAL work to do?

Of course it’s an election year, and the politicians are pandering to their “base”. Apparently their “base” prefers to let the govt do all of their thinking for them rather than have the freedom to make their own choices. They claim they are not for big-govt, but then they bloat the govt with these unnecessary “protections”. I for one would prefer it if they would focus their efforts on guarding our borders, enforcing our existing laws, and improving our relationships with foreign govts. I’ll parent my own children according to my family’s values and beliefs. The govt should stick to it’s REAL job of managing national resources and representing We the People (rather than the Corporations).

Any legislation related to this is just an exercise to see how much they can censor and control the internet. The internet scares them for a number of reasons, and they would do anything to kill it or scare people away from it. The govt is only interested in squashing our civil liberties with all of these “security” actions. If they’re not using terrorism as the excuse, then they change the tune to “save the children”.

Here’s a project I could endorse, how about “saving the children” from all the aggressive advertising which comes with any children’s television, movies, even clothes? How about making certain that ALL public school curriculums include Life Skills (banking, credit, health, nutrition, etc) lessons to prepare them for adult life (unfortunately, many parents won’t teach these to their children, and more often than not, the parents themselves don’t know anything about these areas and can’t teach their children)?

dennis parrott (user link) says:

...and before MySpace and video games it was...

this “blame it on the latest thing” way of ignoring our problems is not a new sport. i might argue it is our national sport instead of baseball because we’ve engaged in it for so long…

before we blamed video games & movies for all manner of ills afflicting teens, before we blamed Marilyn Manson for Columbine, etc. … we blamed it on “violent” cartoons (like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck & The Roadrunner? can you see a good cartoon on TV these days? NO) and stuff like the 3 Stooges.

before that we blamed Black Sabbath and various other metal bands (like Twisted Sister?? get real.).

before that we blamed comic books and pulp novels.

…and the list goes on…

i point this out to help those that would yawp things like “back in my time it was different” and “oh the good old days”. BULL. there were no “good old days” — they are a myth.

the root cause of all of this CRAP is that people really do not want to accept the responsibility of having screwed things up. the parents of the Columbine kids didn’t fail to do their job, it was Marilyn Manson and video games and a “culture that glorifies violence”. that kid in NY who ballooned to 300+ pounds eating fast food 3 meals a day was the victim of the fast food industry, of course it couldn’t be the weak-willed parent who fed him the crap instead of feeding him something more wholesome (and maybe less of it), oh no can’t be that…

frankly, part of the reason MySpace is popular (and for the record, I have a MySpace & I’m almost 50) is that society in general has become way more mobile, kids have friends at school on Tuesday and those friends are moved to another city on Thursday, kids no longer are able to just hang out after school as they run from soccer to Sylvan to dance to home… at least on sites like MySpace they can stay in touch, swap gossip, share silly photos of their toes, stuff that kids will do with friends.

the fact that a few kids have had bad experiences where the bad thing was somehow related to an online social networking site (either being accosted by predators or in a Michigan case, running off to the Gaza Strip to be with some guy) is no different than being accosted by a flasher in the parking lot at the mall or the movies. there are kids who because of their behavior and reactions to what goes on around them will become prey or predators. that is just the way it is. it has happened that way since well before video games, computers and mobile phones were even dreamt of. it will happen long after the Internet fades into the dustbin of history.

MySpace is like a gun. if you point a gun at your foot and pull the trigger, you may blow your foot clean off. same with social networking tools and the Internet, you can do good things like keep up on your favorite band, share your goofy pictures, send silly bulletins to your friend list or you can put up alluring cheesecake photos and make plans to see that guy who “really understands me” in meatspace. when you point the tool at your foot and pull the trigger, there are consequences and all the sanctimonious pontification and bad laws written by all of the legislatures in this land can’t change it.

(this got double-posted – followed the link about video games from this entry and ended up posting it there too…)

no name says:

Who cares

Why does everyone care so much? MYSPACE sucks! It’s a stupid useless site for people who have nothing better to do with their lives. Who gives a crap about your lame survey about what animal you are or kind of hat you would be. And no I don’t care all your personal information anyway. AND NO!! You don’t know Incubus personsally so take them off your friends list and stop pretending that you’re cool. I’m for shutting the site down simply because it’s completely useless! I can’t believe people actually use this thing. Is that really the pinacle of entertainment? Shooting myself in the foot sounds nearly as fun. The fact that there are more than 90 million members only confirms the fact that america’s average IQ is quickly falling to the level of Forrest Gump. Everyone on myspace are a bunch of losers. Get a life people!

Chris G says:

Re: Who cares

>>>Why does everyone care so much? MYSPACE sucks! It’s a stupid useless site for people who have nothing better to do with their lives. Who gives a crap about your lame survey about what animal you are or kind of hat you would be.

You’re dumb.

Also you are a hypocrit.

The geek is posting on TechDirt yet his life is so much more meaningful than people with MySpace profiles.

Oh no, I have Incubus on my MySpace profile. That is because I have been a fan since 1995.

Go get a high paying job and a girlfriend like the rest of us and then you can accuse others of not having lives and I won’t tell you how much of a hypocrit geek you are when here you are posting on an Internet forum telling people they need to get a life.

Xcetron says:

Whats with all the finger pointings.

We should not allowed people with IQ below 100 to use the computer, that would solve some problems.

Parents should teach kids what is wrong and right since theyre little so that when theyre 12 or 13 they can tell which is wrong and which is right. Just talk to your kids about it oh say 10 mins a day.

Its not myspace’s fault that kids below the age’s limit still signup to their website.

Congress had to do something, or else everyone gonna blame things on them. Not that they made the right choice but still they did something.

Its not parent’s fault their kids ignore the parents (Assuming the parents actually taught their kids).

Everyone tries to do something their own way so not much progress is being made, why dont the kids, parents, websites, and the governement work together so that if it doesnt work we can try something new, its better than everyone blaming everyone else.

Lance says:

History Repeating

When I was little playing with GI Joes, Power Rangers and watching wrestling were all going to lead me down a path of violence and murder. However, my parents made sure to take TWO MINUTES to make sure I understood that what I saw wasn’t real and that I should do these things. Teenagers have always scared the hell out of adults because we don’t understand them. Those news stories about the highpitched ringtones only kids can hear being used in school… they were developed to repeal those little savages. What it boils down to is if you don’t understand your teenagers, talk to them. Skip your next botox injection, pilates, or dare I say it… American Idol. Teenagers turn to friends because family is so hard to relate to at their age, so make an effort to know what they’re doing. If it comes down to it get your own myspace page just so you can monitor your kids activities. Congress has fallen short too many times when it comes to running our nation. Our kids are far too important to put into the hands of a bunch of windbags more worried about party lines and poll results to care about what America really needs.

I, for one says:

Though experiment

Imagine you just fell through a wormhole from another century.

Imagine you don’t know what MySpace is, and you never heard of the internet or Google etc.

Then re-read the article paying attention only to the concepts and words, the universally human elements, that you understand..

Did you do it? Are you scared yet? You should be.

Banning social networking? Of children?

By what cascade of twisted pathologies did we ever get to this state where it is possible to openly discuss this with a straight face and not be labled as someone who is fundamentally sick?

I think al these “politicians” have very serious unaddressed issues.

donald l. says:


i dont blame anyone except for the parents who don’t police there childern enough. as far as congress getting involved w/ it now, makes it good for election time don’t u think ??? bullshit !!!!!!! congress needs to get off there own dead ass’s and find something better to do w/ there time. i mean the make millions of dollars a yr to sit on it and do nothing ………… i think they should get there own head out of there ass and deal w/ whats on the big agenda …………like war in iraq , which they hav seam the fuck up too ……… lose/lose situation if u ask me

Kyah says:

Re: myspace

Exactly, No one is to Blame except for parents if their children are abducted by a pedo. Proper raising of a child should teach them pros and cons of such things as Internet sites such as myspace. As far as all this child porn and such goes, I have seen numerous profiles of girls i know are under 18 posing seductively and saying their age is over 18, offering to meet up with internet people. And THAT is myspace’s fault? I think not, that is obviously the idiot girl’s fault and obviously her parents fault for not teaching her to respect herself.

And like the above stated, Why waste time on something like this, when BIGGER MORE IMPORTANT issues are at hand.

Grandview Investigations (user link) says:

Lets just stop everything!

Lets just stop everything seems to be the way our government approaches everything THEY feel is detimental to our children or us as the general public. As with anything, there is going to be those people that ruin it for everyone else. My daughter has a sight on My sight and I have seen it. It is great. Her and her friends post pictures, you know, Prom and other school pictures, information about music and their artists and other things teenagers like to talk about.

Who is to say what is the exact reason kids do what kids do these days? Each generation is different. Fact of life. And as with our generation, we too had kids that were “bad” if you will, or deviate from the norm. I guess it is with the internet, they now have more exposure. That is all. But stopping it all for everyone, is just not the solution.

However, as an adult, they regulate everything WE do, like banning smoking in public places and other ridiculous governmental interference. So, maybe by banning My Sight it is getting the teenagers ready for the REAL ADULT world of governmental regulation and ridiculous policies as an adult! That is the only educational message I think the government is sending! How about trying to be a good parent? Now THERE is a good suggestion, as I live in a not-so-good town with allot of teen pressure, yet I have managed to raise two good, college educated daughters! It can be done folks.

Chris says:

MySpace is not the cause, it’s merely the currently selected medium. I’m sure most remember when AOL was the center of the Internet Universe and people were in an outrage over their chatrooms and message communities. MySpace is simply the new “local hangout.”

The problem isn’t with technology; it’s with the lack of discipline from the parents. If parents were more mindful of what their children are doing, on and offline, we’d have far less problems. I don’t believe for a second that the parents of Columbine had “no idea” anything was wrong with their children and the shooting occurred because of a movie. I watch horror/action movies and play Grand Theft Auto all the time, and you don’t see me driving my car through parks and burning people alive.

It’s absurd and irresponsible to post blame on entertainment and technology for the bad, and often criminal, behavior of kids. When did we stop holding parents responsible for what their children do?

Mildly Irritated says:

Just another diversion

Although it may be true that there are certain malicious characters using MySpace, that doesn’t equal total shutdown. I saw a drunk man touch a lady on the bus to which many of us reacted, but just because there is that danger the government won’t shut down the buses (will they?)

The real problem here isn’t in what the kids are doing but why they aren’t doing something “positive” in the parent’s eyes. I don’t blame MySpace for the thoughtless 12year old stupid spoiled whore, I instead blame her; more probably than not, inaffectual parents. They have sat by and watched their children become vapid consumer zombies who want to spend more time posting surveys on which American Idol you are, than preparing for their future. But capricious youth aside, the parents need to become better role models and get involved with something other than the new episode of Lost.

Government, wake up and deal with the issues you should be looking at. Unemployment, high fuel prices, educational costs, the multiple “wars” in the middle east, and real issues.

mroblivious1bmf says:

myspace, computers, kids

It’s really sad that these stupid old men regulate what they do not understand.

i’m not much of a wordsmythe today, but i’d like to add that i do not let my 12yr old son use the internet whatsoever, i see no reason for it.

if he needs something looked up for his homework, i will do that, but really, libraries are best used for that.

Clayton (user link) says:


I, as a fully-capable free thinking MALE SIXTEEN year old, have to say that this is all wrong. Parents, leave your kids alone. Just be there for them when they want to talk and provide the roof and food and electronic devices along with the accessories that goes along with them. Let them be happy. Let them pick their path down the nasty road called ‘Life’. They want a mohawk and multi-colored hair and tattoos and piercings, let them do it. They want to dress like a person from a prep school, let them. They want to be INDEPENDENT. Stop bugging them and annoying them. I don’t mean take away chores from them, by all means, give them chores. Just say it in a calm, friendly matter, and tell them before they start doing their own things that they do during the day. I mean let them be who they want to be. I’m sorry you are a power hungry ‘What I say goes’ parent. But if you let them look the way they want to look, they’ll be happy. Let them go on the internet where they want to go. Just make sure you meet the person that they are going to meet beforehand, but of course they could just put on a facade and pretend to be a nice person. Put a filter on the internet. Only block PORNOGRAPHY. As for the filter in school, I have already bypassed that. Silly people, you can’t keep determined teenagers away from what they want, even if it means jumping through some hoops. Bottom line is, let the teenagers be independant, congress has failed to see that it is truly the parents’ fault for bad parenting, not music or myspace.

shaushii says:

stop blaming myspace

Anybody happen to catch Nightline last night on ABC? In case you didn’t, one of the hot topics discussed was MySpace. It is no secret to anyone who reads the newspaper or watches the 6 o’clock news that MySpace has been in the limelight because of “sexual predators” trying to “abduct and corrupt” the youth of the world. To this I say bull! I see dozens of profiles a day showing 14 year old girls dressed like sluts, wearing four inches of make up and 32 layers of eyeliner, displaying their age as 18 years old and profile lines stating “Oh, I’m So Sexy” or “Hey There, Wanna Check Up On It?” Come on! The youth of today’s world are already corrupt enough due to the undying need to be “older” than they really are. I seriously doubt there are tons of people on MySpace stalking “innocent young girls” who just happen to have tramped up profiles and ages 4 years greater than their own.

On Nightline, there was a story of a 12 year old girl who was a drug-addict and attributed it all to MySpace. She claims that MySPace allowed her to easily fing drug dealers in her area, as well as older men to have sex with her. Now, at the age of 14, she has been checked into a drug-rehabilitation clinic and has been away from her family for 5 months. Her parents would rather place the blame squarely on the shoulders of MySpace instead of their daughter, who even admitted that at the age of 12, had already tried weed, crack, X, and had slept with numerous guys older than herself…but of course, it wasn’t her fault, it was all because of MySpace.

Once again, COME ON! When are parents and children going to stop passing the blame and grow up enough to take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their children.. Parent;s, monitor your children online, take some responsibility for YOUR children. Children, if a profile name sounds like something that comes out of a cheap horror movie, like “DARK ANGEL OF DEATH WHO EATS THE BRAINS OF GIRLS”…chances are you DO NOT WANT TO ADD THEM AS A FRIEND. Apparently there is new legislation in Congress now to block MySpace in all public schools and public libraries across the United States. All because little girls want to act grown and don’t want to accept the consequences and parents don’t want to accept the fact that their “innocent little girls” are posing as 18 year old crack whores trying to buy drugs.

Eventually, if this continues, MySpace could be totally outlawed from the Internet. Restrictions will be put in place in order to make MySpace “safer”. I don’t know about you, but I use MySpace to keep in touch with my family and friends, use it for messages, and just to have a space that is my own. Just because some children want to act grown, does that mean I may have to eventually give up my MySpace?

Dabs says:

Re: stop blaming myspace

My kids are not allowed on the internet and they really have no need for it.. they e mail family and some friends and that’s it I am always with them when they do that. What I don’t get it that Parents are not being Parents they allow this to go on and care less what happens until it’s to late and they have to blame someone and why not blame the internet instead of their parenting skills.

It’s so much easier to place the blame on someone else instead of themselves. If you have children and they are on the internet the sit with them place a time on the computer and when it goes off the time is up.

Clayton (user link) says:

RE:stop blaming myspace| My own rant

I totally agree with you. They should stop looking like whores if they don’t want to be raped. Congress needs to get their own act together. If it were me, I’d throw out all the people that are in it, ban them from running for any type of government or law enforcement and put in new legislation and limit contributions to 500 per person per campaign

Anyways , MySpace will never be taken away from schools. When I was in school I was on it every day. I guess I should pay a fine or something. Oh no, wait, I shouldn’t, the school should for not enforcing the law!

(I know, off topic but…)

Who decided that porn and swearing was restricted to 18+ year olds?(21+ in other places) I mean it’s going on all the time in schools and the web. The warnings mean nothing to the pre-18 year olds. because they know they can just click a button and they’re passed it.

(more ranting)

I guess while we’re at banning myspace from schools I guess we should put a law that all schools are required to have uniforms and have short hair for guys and no facial hair or sideburns.(Goes for staff too, muhahaha. 0 tolerance!)

Random says:



Marcie says:

So I think this is complete bullsh*t. Honestly. Why should you ban myspace from EVERYONE!?! Not every teen or youth has a myspace and those who do all dont add people they dont know. If they take away Myspace what’s the next thing they will take away? Air? Yes there may be sexual preditors BUT if you are smart enough you would know who to add and who not to.

Olivia (user link) says:


Okay first of all, these other somments suck ass. SERIOUSLY. WTF, lock children up in their homes haha now that made me laugh. thats retarded, some drunk ass hobo musta written that. personally, i have a myspace and i find nothing wrong with it. kids have the decision 2 let sexual predators in. they can make their profile private and decide who gets to see their myspace. its not that hard. you guys are gay. get a life. jesus christ, you parents need 2 get a life and stay out of their kids personal lives. do us a favor and let us take car oe ourselves on this one. kthanx :]


Mazie says:


I think that kids should know right from wrong. I mean taking away the computers from kids, sounds to me like jail, besides with kids the more you bann something they want it. It’s like you hiding the cookie jar so your child won’t find it, but then you child manages to sneak a cookie out anyway. Wnat I think is that child should put their profiles on private, and if they don’t know a person, don’t add them no matter what a friend said. As for this law, well I know it’s for our beneift but it sounds a little harsh. Then again, if this will save our kids then so be it.

cart456 says:

trouble children for myspace

On Nightline, there was a story of a 12 year old girl who was a drug-addict and attributed it all to MySpace. She claims that Myspace allowed her to easily find drug dealers in her area, as well as older men to have sex with her. Now, at the age of 14, she has been checked into a drug-rehabilitation clinic and has been away from her family for 5 months. Her parents would rather place the blame squarely on the shoulders of MySpace instead of their daughter, who even admitted that at the age of 12, had already tried weed, crack, X, and had slept with numerous guys older than herself…but of course, it wasn’t her fault, it was all because of MySpace.

Alaska Drug Rehab Centers and Programs

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