Insiders Set To File Whistle Blower Lawsuits Against E-Voting Firms?

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There’s not much to go on yet, but John has submitted this story, claiming that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (who recently wrote an article for Rolling Stone about voting problems in Ohio) is getting set to file whistleblower lawsuits against two voting machine firms, with insider testimony. Supposedly, that insider testimony will include details of how those companies misrepresented the accuracy, reliability and security of the various voting machines. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed the actions of voting machine companies in the past. It’s well known that the voting machines have security flaws — it’s been shown time and time again. Yet, every time it comes up, the voting machine companies dismiss the issues as minor (sometimes with jokes) — even when the evidence suggests the problems are quite serious. Past revelations from insiders at Diebold revealed how they knowingly used uncertified software in elections and how, if they were forced to provide a paper trail, they might as well charge extortionate prices to do so. Should be interesting to see what the latest reports from insiders will turn up.

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Comments on “Insiders Set To File Whistle Blower Lawsuits Against E-Voting Firms?”

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Jezsik says:

What ever happened to punch cards?

Back in the olden days, computers worked with punch cards. Why, oh why, can’t someone like IBM come up with a machine that creates a paper punch card when you vote; drop the card in the reader and *bingo* you’ve voted AND you’ve left a paper trail. Although it once was, it’s no longer rocket science … sheesh.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: You must be kidding...

The hanging chads and such were the result of trying to do things cheaply: they tried to use perforated cards and inexpensive styluses instead of the much more expensive card punching machines. I would guess that computer type card punchers, while reliable, are probably way too expensive to deploy.

Wolfger (profile) says:

Re: You must be kidding...

Yes…. “Hanging chad” means there is something there that a person can look at, and say “this might be a problem”. Which is a heck of a lot better than the new Diebold machines that have no such indicator of problems or of intentional wrong-doing, and which cannot be recounted by hand if people suspect the machines of having an error.

h4x0r3l33t says:


I’m all about the modernization and computerization of things… but something that can so easily be manipulated, i.e. computer programs, logs etc…, should not be allowed in the voting process. Political parties are the most corrupt groups of individuals this planet has ever known. Party affiliated people are as hardcore as religious fundamentalists. Why, oh why are we letting something as easily manipulated as computer systems into the voting process? Hell, doing it the old fashioned way still had its problems but they, by far, have such a smaller potential for manipulation compared to computerized forms of voting.

Pat "The Hack" says:

Re: Security

I’m not buying this BS. I think this talk is generated by the Liberal Press seeking a story. A story where they do not have to have evidence or perform research in order to support their story.

Explain to me how such an orchestrated attack or fraud would take place? I’m sure you have thought this through.

Wally O'Dell says:


Trust me, the people that work at Diebold Election Systems are not smart enough to be so calculated. Why do you think I sold my stake in the company? Also, the States have process in place to prevent such fraud. The States perform System Testing on each version of software and in some case put Tamper tape on the Machine to prevent mis use. Trust me, that taper tape is the ticket!!!!

h4x0r3l33t says:


ahahaha… I knew someone would try to make this a party issue… Pat, get your head out of your ass. If the systems are networked in any way to, say, a business network or any kind of network that has wan access a worm can definetly find its way in. If it happened at nuclear power plant

then it could definetly happen on these systems.

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