Apparently We're Not The Only Ones Who Think Dotmobi Isn't Needed

For quite some time now, we’ve questioned why there needs to be a separate domain for mobile content. It doesn’t make sense, and will only serve to confuse matters. Mobile devices are getting more powerful all the time, and can surf the full web without too much trouble. Browsers like Opera’s mobile browser are getting better at making the full web viewable on small screens, and it’s not that hard for web developers to recognize if a mobile browser is accessing the site and displaying alternate content. Having a separate mobile domain seems to serve almost no purpose other than to enrich whoever handles the domain registrations. After years of wrangling, the official .mobi service opened for business recently (some time after the unofficial .mp opened) and they’ve apparently discovered that companies aren’t that interested. Today they’ve announced that they’re extending the trademark sunrise period for companies to register their trademarked names. The company claims it’s an education problem, and too many companies don’t realize these domains are available. Of course, an alternate explanation may simply be that these companies know about it, but they don’t care and would rather not shell out the extra cash for a domain they don’t need and won’t use.

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