Smell You Now, Smell You Later

from the this-is-so-smell-2.0 dept

The sense of smell is widely known to evoke emotional memories, which is why cookie stores pump their delicous scents into malls across America. As a result, artificially re-creating smells has been tried over and over again, but to no avail. Perhaps previous attempts failed because they only addressed half of the problem. Japanese researchers have created a device that can both record and playback smells. “Point the gadget at a freshly baked cookie and it will reproduce the odour”, claim the engineers. Being able to record smells yourself opens up more interesting applications beyond the novelty of just sitting next to your computer smelling websites. Although, how long before the RIAA starts cracking down on unauthorized smell-recordings of concerts?

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Comments on “Smell You Now, Smell You Later”

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Mike C says:

Think of....

(warning: sarcasm ahead)

… the children

How many poor innocent children will be needlessly humiliated by foul stenches eminating from underneath their desks at school due to this device. And let’s not forget sibling rivalry… the poor parents. How long before “scent packs” come out and are downloadable over the P2P networks.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Anonymous Coward says:

Never happen

How would you keep it from reproducing the billions of atomic combinations that produce poisonous gasses.

It’s bad enough these days that you visit a ‘bad’ website and your machine fills up with spyware, in the future you visit a bad website and your room fills up with poison gas??

Tin Ear (user link) says:


It’s been a joke for years, but now it’s a possibility! Can you imagine watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre or some other chop ’em up movie? Yuck! Then again, the Food Channel will become extremely popular among the lower income levels… if they can get to a smellovision set, that is.. Or maybe just with people with poor cooking skills. The kitchen smells like Chateau Briand and Chocolate Mousse, and you get served meatloaf and Jello Pudding…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I just can’t see a sense of smelling websites being a big deal, other than advertisement, and I can’t stand it already. The smellorama thingy will be more negative as advertiser push there crap on the users. Instead of spyware we’d have smellware: a smell followed by a “buy it”. IE cookie smell followed by Buy Grandmas internet cookies…and it would happen every time you connect to the net, or webpage even. Nooooooooo Thanks

Jake says:

Okay, like sound, this would have to be something you could turn on or off in web a browser or PC. But while some replies show imagination, most are so pedestrian.

Imagine the possibilities for the lovesick or the downright stalker. Many/most people find olfactory stimuli very powerful, and smells left on clothing for example can be very arousing (usually when it is a familiar loved one of course). So with this invention not only could one have pics, video, and audio of a loved one (or stalk-ee), they could record and playback their scent too. So many possibilities…

Oh, and to the comment on poision gas, there is a difference between mimicking a smell and reproducing a toxic chemical combination. Usually it isn’t the smell of a toxin that is the issue, the smell just comes along for the ride with the nasty chemicals.

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