Google Follows Yahoo In Questionable Bundling Deal With Adobe

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About a year ago, a lot of people were questioning why Macromedia made a deal to bundle Yahoo’s toolbar with Flash downloads by default — a practice many pointed out was quite similar to the way spyware was included with other apps. In fact, many seemed to feel it was sneaky and untrustworthy. Since then, Macromedia merged with Adobe, who apparently didn’t have a problem with these types of deals, because they’ve now done a similar deal with Google for their toolbar to be included on Shockwave Player downloads. It’s not clear if the Yahoo/Flash deal is replaced by this one, or if you just get competing toolbars based on which Adobe tool you download. Either way, bundling totally unrelated products as a default setting — especially after the widespread controversy over Yahoo doing the same thing last year — has to make some wonder how this fits into Google’s “sliding scale” of evil.

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Comments on “Google Follows Yahoo In Questionable Bundling Deal With Adobe”

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money people says:

it's about money

There’s abiout a dollar per toolbar install for you if you can get someone to agree. That’s a lot of money if people are installing your acrobat software or flash player as a requirement to view media online.

Somebody outbid the other… and this is competitive space. Get used to it, there’s nothing evil about it considering the convenience.

rdickson says:

It's business & good for U

This deals that people complain about allow the google’s and yahoo of the world to give all use cheap ass users free software to use. Granted advertising helps but gee whiz, we complain about that as well. It’s not mandatory, it’s no cost, pays for other free tools that I might enjoy. Win-win-win.

DB says:

re: Sadly

I agree, and as a support tech this kind of thing makes me clench my teeth. These bundled toolbars break any number of web based apps I then have to fix, and I know d*mn well 90+% of my users will never even think to uncheck an tiny optional “don’t install” box.

“if you arent smart enough to read through everything when installing something on your computer”

You don’t do tech support for a living, do you?

And we have links to both Yahoo and Google on $Company_Website.

/me weeps

Anton says:

Even Sadder

Tech Support should create silent installations so that if they actually do allow a user to install something, it can be to the liking of the IT staff.

And SRNissen, if you were in fact advanced enough to download google toolbar on your own, a single click would not bother you on the installation of this file, seeing as that you probably also select “Custom” when going through your install to tweak it to your liking.

Google toolbar is a blessing to any non-advanced user who downloads it. Is it a sneaky tactic? Yes. But so is your credit card sending you a letter to sign up for a partner companies service, or a magazine including those slip cards for extra subscriptions to sister magazines.

Stop being so negative people, money happens.

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