In Case You Weren't Clear On How The Telcos Screwed Everyone

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Earlier this year, we wrote about Bruce Kushnick’s, laying out all the details for how the telcos were granted all sorts of subsidies and benefits in exchange for promising to delivering high speed fiber to our homes — something they’ve still never done. Kushnick has been talking about this travesty of a situation for many years, and the book lays it all out in tremendous detail. With so much debate going on concerning network neutrality, Kushnick let us know that he is now offering the entire book as a free download for this week only. There’s a short summary, if you were wondering what exactly the telcos promised to deliver, and what it’s cost everyone for them not to actually deliver it. It’s yet another reminder on why actually trusting the telcos on anything they say is a unlikely to do you any good.

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Comments on “In Case You Weren't Clear On How The Telcos Screwed Everyone”

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Louis. says:

Revenues up 128% and workforce cut by 65% ? That`s disgusting. Where is all the money going to? The execs? Fucking ridiculous.

America is not alone in this either. Same shit is happening in Germany and South Africa. What I find so nauseating is the advertisements the telcos roll out, how they`re doing the customer a world of good while they`re actually milking him for everything he`s got. Its like Nazi propoganda.

Oh yeah. First post. Go me.

Louis says:

Re: Re: Re:

Re: by Anonymous Coward on Jun 20th, 2006 @ 9:58am

I’m sorry, would you rather have the money go to deadweight employees kept aboard just to keep you from being angry and screaming?

Hell yeah. Rather than them breaking into my car at night cause they laid around watching tv all day.

Seriously though, 65% deadweight? Why`d they get appointed in the first place then? I understand a company having to streamline, but its not as though the infrastructure or the quality of service the telcos have provided have increased significantly either, they could do with some more people, and less answering machines.

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