Blockbuster Points Out Both Prior Art And Obviousness In Netflix Patents

from the patent-blockbusting dept

It was a bit surprising a few months back to see Netflix resort to using patents against Blockbuster, rather than competing in the marketplace. If anything, the patent lawsuits suggested that Netflix was admitting it was really losing ground to Blockbuster. Blockbuster has now hit back against Netflix, claiming that the patents in question are not valid, both because there’s plenty of prior art and (separately) because they cover obvious concepts. Blockbuster also pointed out that Netflix was aware of additional patents in the space that represent prior art. It will be interesting to see if this case actually goes anywhere, as Netflix was probably hoping more for a quick settlement from Blockbuster. However, it’s probably in Blockbuster’s interest to drag this out for a while, lap up the publicity while getting more people to know that it offers a service that competes directly with Netflix, and then settle at the last minute before letting an unpredictable judge or jury decide what this all means.

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Comments on “Blockbuster Points Out Both Prior Art And Obviousness In Netflix Patents”

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Anonymous Coward says:

If Blockbuster is going to change I hope its for the better. I’ve had friends that worked in their stores and only did it cuz they needed the money. And I use the Online service cuz the nearest store is 1 1/2hr from me. The only problem I have is that check your queue and is the movie on top cant get to you in 3 days(it depends on what distribution center it comes from and where you live) they will move down your queue til they find one that can. That seems like a good idea cuz it gets movies out to you faster… however this rule comes into effect even if the DVD in question is part of a boxed set. I put the 5 disc (I have the 3 at a time account) set of an anime called Wiess Kruss on my queue. Discs 1,3,and 4 came first. Watched disc 1 and returned it… so they skipped disc 2 (and 5) and sent me a movie that was after the boxed set. I appreciate that they want to get DVDs out to me fast as possible but I would rather wait a few extra days to keep boxed set rentals in order.

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