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TV Commercials On A Blog… Done Right?

from the make-'em-viral dept

One of the drums we’ve been banging on for a long time is that since the captive audience is dying when it comes to things like TV commercials, advertisers need to recognize that ads are content too. Once you realize that, you no longer need to worry about things like TiVo or other distractions taking away from commercial — you just have to figure out how to make the commercials good and entertaining, so that people not only seek them out, but get others to go looking at them as well. It looks like ad firm JWT is taking the plunge, buying up all the ad inventory on the Huffington Post, where they’ll be putting a bunch of their more entertaining TV commercials. However, to push the viral nature, each commercial will get its own page, where people will be encouraged to pass around the URLs to get more people to view the commercials. It’s an interesting strategy that probably will depend on the quality and entertainment value of the commercials themselves. However, it is good to see at least some people recognizing that even if the captive audience is going away, that doesn’t mean the concept of a commercial needs to go away. It’s not about being intrusive, but about getting people to seek out the ads directly.

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Comments on “TV Commercials On A Blog… Done Right?”

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Valerie Anderson (user link) says:

Since people in real life do not think in 2D, it is only natural for the Internet community to encourage growth and development such as embedding advertisements within their blogs and web sites.

To design videos or music specifically for an Internet audience seems like another enhancement to the connectivity goals between the end-viewer and the designers/promoters/owners. And as with any piece of art, (including a web site) the advertisements published via the Internet will sink or swim on their own merits as mentioned above. If people find value in the advertisement/commercial, the URL directing others to the content will circulate via e-mails and other various means.

What this does is hopefully create a more competitive environment for artists to compete within, which is a direct benefit to both their clients AND the audience their clients are trying to reach.

Which, by the way, did the first poster ever come back with his Diet Pepsi or should I send over one of the Diet Coke’s in front of me? ;>) (just curious)

MEoip says:


Some things shouldn’t change (Garfield Comics), some things shouldn’t be adapted (Garfield movies) and some things should change and be adapted (tv commercials). If these fools want my TV to lock when commercials are on they need to do a few things,

1) Give me a free big screen HD TV with Surround sound that has the device

2) Let me keep my old tv so I can sell the free one on Ebay

3) Not make commercials that suck, (pretty much every commercial on the WB)

4) Make it worth my while to watch the commercial (give me a discount if I saw the commercial or something

Really if they want that device they would have to start giving away TVs sorta like google gives away email capacity so you can read their ads.

4General says:

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Duane (user link) says:


Makes sense but I am not overly optimistic about this. The general TV industry is failing due to their inability to create good content. Film is following. Other than movies like Everything is Illuminated, Amelie and Syrianna, most of what comes from the industry is boilerplate crap. If advertiser’s can do it better, power to them. I think this is why the market will vastly de-centralize and fragment giving new indie sites like YouTube the mainstream reach.

Remember- you can’t spell “content” without using the word “con”…think and you will succeed!

Michael says:

I like this idea - but some advertisers seem to ha

I really like this idea – but it seems not all advertisers see the light. For example, the Bud Lite “Real Men of Genius” radio spots are hilarious, and I love each that I hear. But it’s funny, if you search for some of the sites that used to host copies of these advertisements for people’s entertainment they now have cease and decist letters posted in place of the audio file.

Why would an advertiser want to stop the proliferation of their ad content? I don’t get it…

Joe Herbert (user link) says:

Funny commercial

Hello, I was part of the team that created DUCT TAPE, a current top five finalist in the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial contest. We’re honored to be in this position, as first time TV commercial makers we’re up against some pros… and we’re asking people to please support us by casting their vote for DUCT TAPE at http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com — thank you for blogging, I enjoyed your post. Joe Herbert.


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