Countries Team Up To Better Censor The Internet

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It appears that a bunch of countries not exactly known for encouraging freedom of speech are teaming up to share best practices on censoring the internet. China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan will work together — though, it’s not entirely clear to what end. They claim that it’s to help fight technologies that could do “serious harm to individual, social and national security.” Of course, that description is broad enough to cover both censorship… and dealing with internet security. To these countries, there might not be much of a difference.

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Comments on “Countries Team Up To Better Censor The Internet”

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dorpus says:

No kiddie porn from China

Clearly, the former Soviet republics have a lot to gain from China’s example, considering how much kiddie porn and malware is written in those countries.

In the end, freedom is just a tool also — it can be used or abused. People have the freedom to run their mouths in Russia or Islamic countries, but it just creates an atmosphere of deep cynicism in which people refuse to believe anything, including democratic ideals.

Maxillarypun says:

This is about SCO (No, Not Santa Cruz Operations)

This is about an organization created five years ago named the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). They put out a declaration on their fifth anniversary of founding. They seem to want to create a Central Asian NATO of their own. What does this portend for World Politics? Obviously more than what the above article talks about.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

In the US this is done by companies like COX and Verizon, thank you very much. For example, read their terms of service and you will notice that they do not allow you to post anything on a web server running on your computer. They do not allow you to run your own web server at all. So, you rely on third parties. And they play the same censor game. Freedom busted.

TheyAin'tNoPlaceBetter says:

Quit WHINING!!!!!!!

I am so sick of all this whining that we’re loosing our freedom and capitalist conspiracies and corporte greed and censorship. Freedom busted, my ass. Look what you just said… you could have said anything, ANYTHING at all about ANY subject you choose and… gasp… there it is for anyone to see and read. Go shout it on the street corner if you want. Go lie about your president knowing you’ll never be called on it. Make a movie full of total crap, call it a “documentary” and make a few million for yourself. Try that in IRAN. Try that in MEXICO, for God’s sake. I’d like to see you even try that in CANADA! We’re not perfect, far from it, but if there is a better place, a more FREE place on this planet I defy you to find it. If you can, then go there and let their “uncensored” ISPs post whatever the hell you want on your web server from your own computer. The place does not exist, so how about trying to make this a better world instead of just harping about how the NSA might be keeping a record of the calls your phone has dialed or received. So quit simpering and go help build a Habitat house or something useful. Jeez.

CommonSense says:

In a country (or countries) that does not defend free speech as a basic human right, isn’t it logical that the internet in those countries should follow suit? I don’t really see this as anything abnormal, they’re doing what they have for decades, just on a different medium.

Go lie about your president knowing you’ll never be called on it. Make a movie full of total crap, call it a “documentary” and make a few million for yourself.

Sounds to me like you don’t seem to happy with what freedom of speech has wrought. People expect all the benefits of a “free” society but then turn around and steam about how there are all these people with differing opinions. Everyone wants their own voice heard but then complain when others speak up. That’s the way freedom of expression goes.

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