Why Don't We Call Them ADDvertisements?

from the short-attention-span-advertisements dept

It’s no secret that the days of the “30-second spot” are increasingly a thing of the past. Plenty of advertisers have tried to figure out ways around it from product placement to actually making commercials worth paying attention to. It appears Clear Channel is now trying its own experiment. Figuring that the 30 second radio spot is simply too long in this attention deficient world, they want to try offering one-second spots (found via Threadwatch). Yes, one second spots. Just long enough for… well, no, actually not long enough for anything, other than maybe to get some attention for doing something pointless.

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Comments on “Why Don't We Call Them ADDvertisements?”

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Limerat says:

Re: Bigger is not always better

i agree.

Last night I was watching Discovery and I was first told “This program is brought to you by..”

This was followed by nine commercials…

Do they really think we are going to pay attention to that many commercials and to remember the content of each and be impressed enough to buy the product?

i don’t think so.

Most ads are so stupid,irritating and obnoxious I simply hit mute and find something else to do.

Brandon Rusnak (user link) says:

Sometimes the most effective commercials...

Sometimes the most effective commercials, at least to me, are actually accidents. You know how sometimes on TV there will be overlap and you will see one commercial for only a fraction of a second or a second? That quick flash is sometimes more effective as it actually makes me think a bit about the product. It’s weird but true!

J.R. says:

The Future Is Now

One second spots? it hink it’ll wind up where companies pay 3 times as much for three seconds of spot time all put together.

“We have enough for approximately three words.”

“Hmm… I’ve got it! BUY A FORD!”

“Two point oh one seconds. We could squish another word in there.”



Jeff says:

Patently stupid

Hmm. How long will it be before one advertising company starts suing another one for violating their copyrighted 1-second ad campaign?

What portion of a 1-second ad campaign would be considered “fair use” in another ad campaign or other medium?

How long would it take to sue the bajeebus off a kid who took a bunch of 1-second ad campaigns and used them as “samples” in his new R&B song? I’m assuming the kid’s MySpace video of the song would also include a montage of split-second video images collected from ad campaigns as well.


Comes now the plaintiff, EVERYBODYCO., hereafter referred to as EVERYBODY, bearing complaint against JOHNNY LITTLE JR. hereafter referred to as JOHNNY. EVERYBODY alleges JOHNNY did violate EVERYBODY’s copyrights by including an audio sample of a half-second scream dubbed over a half-second piano chord, which is copyrighted by EVERYBODY as The Everybody Sound. Further, in the duration of JOHNNY’s song, EVERYBODY alleges that The Everybody Sound was repeated no less than 200 times. EVERYBODY also alleges that JOHNNY’s song was made available to approximately 2 billion people on the Internet. EVERYBODY has licensed The Everybody Sound to film studios at a rate of $1 per incident. Therefore EVERYBODY humbly asks the court that JOHNNY immediately surrender $400 billion in licensing fees to EVERYBODY for his usage of The Everybody Sound, plus punitive damages, damages for EVERYBODY’s emotional suffering and distress as well as legal fees and court costs.

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