Advertisers Thrilled About New Ways To Irritate Readers

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Though the rise of pop-up blockers is a clear indication that users don’t like intrusive advertising, publishers haven’t stopped looking for ways to annoy their readers. The trade magazines tend to be chief offenders as they often employ the dreaded dog-ear pullback and other intrusive flash-based ads that take over the screen. Then of course there are the embedded text ads delivered by Intellitxt and others. When you scroll your mouse over certain words, a small ad pops up on the screen. Because these ads look like hyperlinks, they amount to advertising by trickery. But apparently those ads aren’t irritating enough as the latest generation brings up an ad with a small video right on top of the text as your mouse runs over the text — something that Ad Age apparently thinks is a brilliant idea, rather than just incredibly intrusive and annoying. Also, you can add a point for the always-irritating unexpected sound. Seeing as broadcast TV ads are losing their effectiveness on TV, what makes publishers think it’s a good idea to embed them into text? Though it may seem smart, in the short run, to chase the highest possible CPM, sites running these ads will ultimately pay for it by degrading the user’s experience and eroding the value they offer readers.

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Comments on “Advertisers Thrilled About New Ways To Irritate Readers”

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claire rand says:

build a better mouse trap?

*sigh* ok peoples who fancys writing a nice little application that is given a list of URLs, and sits running quietly downloading to /dev/null, free bandwidth? put it to good use, download the ads.. don’t bother looking at them of course but run the costs up.

oh yes and i can see the next version of firefox etc, developing ways of blocking this sort of rubbish anyway.

like banning ‘moving DIV tags’ etc, under the same sort of control as it currently has for cookies etc.

eventually they may get the hint, i don’t mind sponsored pages, where they actually fund some nice content, but all this crap does is make me turn image loading *off*, and sound *off* and javascript *off* except for sites and domains i trust.

anonymous coward says:

advertisers are spending millions and millions on ads that everyone hates? hmmm, how does that work?

i see an ad i hate, click on it, and buy the product? if i hate the ad so much, how do i end up owning the product?

if no one is click on the ads, i really don’t think many companies will continue to spend their advertising budgets. that is why advertising is constantly evolving. spend, learn, redefine, spend, learn…

Mike says:

Not so BAD

It is actually not so bad. The text links are usually clearly marked and if you dont want to see it dont mouse over it. Lots of time when i see a link like this i mouse over simply because of curiosity and then usually click away. The point is this ads are not intrusive and they can be easialy hidden and theay are clever solution to always visible banners. Personally I would prefers this type of ads over banner anyday.

ET says:

serves a purpose?

While I absolutley, positively HATE any type of ad on the Web, definitely the more intrusive ones, the fact of the matter remains… these ads are what is keeping a lot of things free on the Web. Agreed, for some Web sites, the number of ads and the type of ads are overshadowing the content, but for quite a number of sites, I don’t mind having to close and ad left and right to be able to get access to free information I want/need.

Of course, I do agree some of these ads are going a little bit overboard…

Michael Gersh (user link) says:

They Know What They Are Doing

So they are so stupid, eh? Advertisers spend a fortune figuring out what works. If you see an ad a few times, you know it is working. Like spam and adware, these things proliferate because enough people DO buy the stuff to pay the freight of the ads.

Hate them all you want, but if the ads fail to work, the internet we all know and love will be gone. Advertising revenues are up a ton, and it only makes the amount and quality of free conrent better. If you don’t like it, turn it off. But thank the diety that enough people DO respond to pay for free content for the rest of us.

Rational Beaver says:

The worst ads, IMO, are the ones where you click on a normal link on the site and then, instead of going right to the page you wanted, you are re-directed to a huge splash page ad that you must look at before going on to your final destination. Thankfully, you can usually skip the ad if you hunt around for the link, but still, that’s really, really annoying.

This type of ad recently spawned an evil twin which, instead of the splash page, actually opens a frame and loads another site into it. This is a crime against humanity.

Hagrus says:

Not so bad.

Just like in real life, if you let it bug you then it will bug you. Without ads companies would go out of business! Think about it… you probably are not going to take the time to try to find a small store that might have what you’re looking for, you’ll just go to the big name store that might have what you’re looking for because you saw thier ad and you know they exist. Ads are essential for companies, and without companies (which provide jobs) we wouldn’t have too much of an ecomomy.

Michael’s right, if you can’t stand it turn it off!

J.R. says:

I hate advertising at all. Honestly, I know that the bandwidth is purchased and has to be paid for, but I prefer the donation system. A lot of sites struggle along with this, but you have to ask yourself: is the content worth donating money? Most times, the answer is simple: no, no it is not. But sometimes it is worth the money, and in those cases I’m always willing to fob a few bucks to a struggling site I don’t want to see go the way of the over-advertised giant. Many sites have ad-supported free services and ad-free premium services. For most news outlets, this is a good idea. Frankly, if it’s free, I expect to be advertised to. But I really detest companies that decide the only way to get my dollars is to get into my face. Especially when it’s obvious I’m a reader who thinks for himself, if they’d actually bother to see what page it is I’m viewing. I count three ads on this page… and not one of them has any relationship to this. My favorite, though, is the companies that are pop-up blockers that employ pop-ups to advertise…

Valhalla Rising says:

While ads of all kinds are widely despised they fuel many markets and employ many of the ppl that hate them. The ads keep anti-adware in business and even anti-adware uses some of the most bothersome ads. I hate the ones that tell you you have an issue and to download thier software to remove the ads they got you to download. Worse is the ones where no matter what button (including the close X) all accept the software. Talk about deception.

Anonymous Coward says:

Ok people… Does any of you have any idea how expensive is to mantain a website? What about bandwidth costs? Ever wondered why you pay for a service provider and the rest of the web is free?. You hate banners and that’s ok, but I bet you don’t hate free content. I’m not a banner lover or anything, but please… let’s keep things real. Either the advertisers pay for the content or you are.

mmrtnt (profile) says:

Firefox + NoScript + Adblock



Install Firefox, install NoScript and Adblock and these things go away.

One thing to keep in mind, however with NoScript, the sites that you want to use JavaScript on will have to be individually enabled. In my case, it took about a half-dozen times of sitting in front of a web page, repeatedly clicking on the submit button before I remembered I needed to enable JavaScript for that site.

Personally, I only Adblock animated ads because I can’t stand things moving when I’m trying to read.


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