Extortion By Yahoo Message Board?

from the seems-pretty-pointless dept

It’s always surprising when we hear about a company getting upset about some anonymous posts on a random stock message board — because you would think, by now, everyone knows not to pay much attention to the posters on those boards. However, as alarm:clock notes, one company found their stock board troll wasn’t just persistent and annoying, but actually tried to extort money and stock from the company in order to get him to go away. Of course, the only thing he got out of the company appears to be a lawsuit.

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Comments on “Extortion By Yahoo Message Board?”

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Pongidae says:

Re: by eastside

Your kidding right?

While I am not a big supporter of Micro$oft how do you validate getting free patches for a OS (program) you didn’t pay for? So your upset that they actually want you to buy the product before they will give you updates? Really …

Try this in another industry and see if it makes sense:

Would you go to a auto dealership and demand that they give you the replacement items for a recall (updates) on a car you haven’t purchased? ‘Nuf said … your a dolt!

So are you just a fanboy of some other OS or just unwilling to pay for a product that you can steal? What’s next your neighbors car, wife, or candy from a baby? They may all be easy targets but does that make it right? I wouldn’t suggest attempting any of these if you were my neighbor, I still believe in a persons and a companies right to protect that which belong to them.

Tashi says:

Re: Re: by eastside

Where in his post did he mention not paying for it?

and while people may have different OS choices, in jobs, professions and school that choice is practically nonexistent. I took classes online and Windows was mandatory as most of the software used including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Project among others are proprietary to Windows.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

“These Days”? Oh yeah, I forgot. In the beginning, when Microsoft first invented operating systems, you had no choice because that was all there was. But these days you can choose one of the cheap imitations that have come along if you really want to.

Get real. In many situations you have no real choice because someone else is mandating that you use Microsoft products.

Linux Love says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:


Check the section on history, bucko. Sounds like you might not know what you are talking about.

As for the mandatory Microsoft usage, if you had actually read what I said, you would have noticed that Openoffice.org can handle any (that’s any as in ALL) format that MS Office software can. Besides the “you being wrong” part, though, it’s also not built on the same premise as MS software. Openoffice.org is part of a movement to bring intellectual property out of the hands of a few large companies and into the hands of a community. OSS (Open-source Software) is usually cost-free, and always intellectually public. Governed by the fact that real people are making it, and that it was only created a few years ago, it’s progressing far faster than MS Office. StarOffice is a cheap alternative to MS. OpenOffice.org is a moral alternative

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