Still Not Coming To TV This Summer: The eBay Show!

from the haven't-we-heard-this-before? dept

Jeremiah writes “Back in April, eBay announced it was partnering with ABC to produce an “interactive” television show based around a family auctioning off personal posessions on eBay to finance some “dream” the family had. The production company, Plays Well Productions, posted ads to Craigslist in its nationwide search for families willing to hawk their stuff on eBay (eBay owns a percentage of Craigslist). A few days ago, eBay eBay and ABC backed out of the deal. Maybe someone got word to ABC and eBay that an “interactive reality program” might just as well be called “web surfing.” One has to appreciate the irony of a show about the world’s best-known auction site unable to be sold… “ Actually, Jeremiah, the situation is worse. This isn’t the first time eBay has proudly announced a TV show that never went anywhere. They first announced an eBay TV show five years ago, saying it would be like Antiques Roadshow. Then, three years ago, they announced new plans for a TV show that was going to be a cross between Antiques Roadshow, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Entertainment Tonight. Then, two and a half years ago, they announced that the show had finally gone into production, but didn’t seem to go anywhere. So, forgive us for not mentioning the latest attempt to bring eBay to TV. At this point, the whole concept appears to be in reruns.

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Comments on “Still Not Coming To TV This Summer: The eBay Show!”

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justsayin' (user link) says:

I saw those ads on CL...

And I thought three things when I came across the posts: (1) I have stuff I’d like to sell on Ebay. Cool vintag-y stuff, too, like a set of hand-painted 1920’s martini glasses, each depicting a different moment in a rather bloody cockfight. (2) Um, I’m pretty busy. (That’s what I often think when I have a moment to look at the bazillion opportunities that come up on Craig’s List and – more pertinently at the moment – Ebay. People are BUSY.) Who has time to bid on stuff these days, let alone sell something, which also involves shipping too, ugh. If I my husband and I had the time to step away from work and go through our stuff for ebay distribution, we’d be taking off on a safari or something. Not playing around with a postage scale. (3) Yeah… and you Ebay/ABC folks will make how much money off of my time and personality? And I get, what, the proceeds off what I find in the garage? Mmm, nooo…I’d rather be on the executive producing end. But thanks just the same.

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