AOL Keeps Working Overtime To Drive Away Subscribers

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AOL seems to have a knack for doing exactly the wrong thing for its users, from ignoring the rise of broadband, to building up walled gardens just as the rest of the internet was embracing a more open internet. The latest is that they’re pissing off a bunch of long term paying customers by suddenly inserting advertisements right below emails. Obviously, there are plenty of email services that are ad-supported, but this is for paying AOL customers, who for years have been able to read email without ads getting in the way. And, of course, these aren’t just any ads, but (of course) intrusive ads that users complain are distracting. Considering that plenty of people seem to have kept their AOL subscriptions going for many years just to keep their email address, pissing off a bunch of those people doesn’t seem like the smartest strategic move.

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Comments on “AOL Keeps Working Overtime To Drive Away Subscribers”

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- says:

No surprise...

What do you expect from a cmpany like AOL. Seriously, they have made every wrong move possible since broadband started catching on heavy in the late ’90s. I was an AOL subscriber from about 95 to 05, and I am glad I have cable internet now, not just because of the speed, but the customer service and overall business sense of my provider now is so much better. Take it from a 10 year AOL user: If you have it, drop it. It will be worht the email chance. 🙂

L.P. says:

Re: No surprise...

HOW do I get OUT of AOL HELL??? They make it impossible!! I have tried 3 times, a few years ago. The only reason I am still with them is I am use to the format and for me it’s easy. BUT…..I WANT OUT!!!!!! What service would you suggest? I pay for Broadband through Verizon with AOL, and I am being charged $32+ a month. This is absurd and AOL is SOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW!
Can you PLEASE give me some advice???
Thanks a Million~L.P.

a non-eeeee-mouse cow-herd says:

Re: You forgot something...

…They don’t actually offer broadband.

Many of us had aol because they were the only isp that operated in our area, and would take a check. Fortunately, at the ripe-old age of 12, I had the good sense not to use the email address that came from my isp.

Now things are different. Their “aol for broadband” that they are pushing is just a simple portal service. That is, a bunch of stuff that you can get for free elsewhere (and at a better quality), and a few interviews with pop stars, etc.

And they charge more for that than most actual isp’s charge for the actual internet service.

Their trend of self-destructive advertising has been going on for some time. I dont know how many times I have asked them to stop sending me junk email advertising their mail filters (the only junk email I got at that address), and phone calls trying to sell me their spam blocker. But then, net zero finaly became available in my area (actually, on the same server, for about 1/3 the price), and eventually people pc.

Its just sad, though, how many people keep paying rediculous ammounts of money for nothing but an email address. Though there are also several that order broadband through aol, and soon realize cancel as soon as they realize that they can get the same stuff for a fraction of the price. Though sadly, many continue to pay aol $20 per month for … basically, nothing.

M Thomas says:

Re: Re: You forgot something...

I’ve been with aol about 13 years, since back in the days when my bill was $300-400 a month when they charged by the minute, and I am LIVID about these ads! I went around and changed my email address everywhere, prepatory to cancelling, since we have comcast for broadband and don’t need aol, but when I called they lowered my monthly bill to $4.95 a month so I kept it, and I use thunderbird (free download at to pull my email off and read it offline, no ads that way, plus I re-downloaded aol 8.0 (keyword aol downloads) and I’m using it now, there are no ads in 8.0. I figure it’s worth 5 bucks a month to keep my favorite places, but I’m starting to transfer them as well, in case I cancel aol completely. This is unforgivable, it’s the biggest corporate misstep since new coke.

Critical BIll says:

Why the hell still use AOL?

When I lived in the U.S. my family there had AOL, but as soon as someone else (read:better) came along, they dropped them like a bad habit. Bad connections, long connection times, disconnections, nightmarish navigation, REtarded customer service… oh, but look 300 free hours! Then you get automatic, recurring charges and a mountain to climb just to cancel services! Fun for the whole family!

AOL has to be the most archaic ISP around. I am amazed that people and even large companies (P&G for example) still use AOL services.

Josh (user link) says:


OK. After a comment like that I should verbally slap you with a wet noodle. “They offer email and other content….” Who doesn’t lady?!? Search box? Google, Yahoo, MSN.. Chat? Yahoo, Google MSN.. For Free? See the two prior lists. If you are so happy with AOL, with the ‘excellent service’, just try one of the three I mentioned earlier and you will LOVE the service that they provide. Then you could wake up and stop paying $20+ dollars a month for a service you don’t have to pay for.


awwtbone says:

Re: What A WizzBang

“I find that I am getting very excellent service from AOL. They offer email and other content, and I can use a search box on their page to find this other content. Also, I can “chat” with people through their chat utility.”

The True Reason Why AOL Is Still Around…. too bad…

Are Kay says:

Re: Re: What A WizzBang

AOL overcharges, and offers services that you pay for in one conveinient package, while adding spyware to your computer, and infecting all too many files. many people it would seem are too ignorant, or dont care they are paying through the nose for AOL services that you can get elsewhere for free and usually better. GAIM TRILLIAN and many many other programs are in place for replacing AOL Instant messenger, and they are free, and work without AOL installed at all on your system. they all also use your screename you had at AOL you can use the same screen name as you use now with the password you use now. they also allow you to use other chat programs within themselves, compiling typically about 5 in one, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, and many others. e-mail, since they are still AOL users, get hotmail or some such, but if you know someone get Gmail. it is infinitly better, and unlike hotmail is compatible with an e-mail program for pop service. and it is free. e-mail programs that allow for inifnate customization like thunderbird.

anything on AOL, and I mean anything that is useful is available somewhere else for free and is probably better.


No One says:



Email is not ‘content’, hello. AOL has shown ad banners on the bottom of your inbox for a long time, and now show ads in every email you receive. Jumpy, flashy ads that distract and annoy many people, maybe even you.

If you use Windows, you must know that you have an email client built into your computer called Outlook Express. It has all the bells and whistles of AOL email, with the advantage of as much storage space on your hard drive as you need, no ads, and the ability to configure it’s built-in filters any way you want, and create as many folders as you desire.

All you need to use Outlook Express, which of course is free, is an address with any ISP besides AOL. Then your email address will be, for instance, Easy to configure once you’re online with your new service, or use your new ISP’s software to configure it for you. Or you can use a free online email service such as Yahoo!, Google GMail, and many others.

As to AOL’s content, such as news, interviews, concerts, what-have-you, you can get all of that for free from AOL after you cancel your account. Just sign into AOL with a Netscape or AIM screename, and get content to your heart’s content–without paying AOL another dime. Ever! Ahh, so easy!

As to AOL’s chat client, its adware, meaning it delivers ads to you as you use it. It manages this by installing thirdparty ad delivery software on the hard drive of your computer when you download and install AIM. There are so many chat clients for Windows, Mac and Linux users that are free, easier to use, and offer many features, like video and audio chat, that you really ought to look into.

Harold, I implore you, if you want to continue using crapware on your PC for AOL’s portal to some pretty limited content that you can get for free without paying AOL for it, you should at least understand what you’re missing out on–like live content on the real web, instead of sites that are cached by AOL once a day, then downloaded to your computer from AOL’s proxy servers.

Tim Arview (user link) says:


“Isolation is so sad.”

Surely, he was being sarcastic. Please…somebody…TELL ME HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC!!!

But, seriously, back in “the day,” we often ridiculed AOL users in newsgroups, chat rooms, etc. Has the company EVER had a good reputation?

Even when they first launched, they had that fiasco with busy signals.

I’m just surprised they haven’t declared bankruptcy.

Petréa Mitchell says:

Re: Re: AOL

“But, seriously, back in “the day,” we often ridiculed AOL users in newsgroups, chat rooms, etc. Has the company EVER had a good reputation? ”

Back in the day, AOL had the best reputation of the non-geek-oriented service providers. Which is to say that the recommendation would go, “Well, if you absolutely HAVE to use one of those, use AOL.”

I also recall that the stereotype of AOL users was that they were merely clueless, as opposed to being brain-damaged (CompuServe users) or children (Prodigy).

stephen lanham says:


i am a direcway installer.the first thing we do is take off there aol off there computer. aol takes over your computer sets it’s own settings and changes your computer to aol no longer have controll.if you change your settings aol will change it messes with are system so bad that we get ridd of it just like pest controll.i have seen aol even come back to life all by itself and re-install itself.this is some bad stuff get ridd of it.

ThC_Ltd says:

Re: aol

“i am a direcway installer.the first thing we do is take off there aol off there computer. aol takes over your computer sets it’s own settings and changes your computer to aol computer.”

I am a tech and work for a company installing and fixing POS systems and PCs. We actually make customers sign a page on the contract saying they wont install AOL & if they do we will just reformat & reinstall at their expense. We refer to it as “Guerilla Software” because it does just that. It takes over all the settings on your system to work best just for AOL. Thats why its “hassle-free”. Unfortunatly its just hassle-free for AOL and hassle-FULL for any other apps on there.

But AOL has the best scam going. They have the general public brain-washed. When we tell clients they cant install AOL, the great majority say, “If I dont have AOL, how can I get on the internet and get email?” Yes, believe it, people are that computer-illiterate. Than about half of those people dont even believe us. They say, “That impossible. AOL is a huge company with so many customers. They would never sell software like that. I think your trying to scam us because your software does the same thing or you cant figure out how to get it to work with AOL.” Once again, yes, people are that ignorant.

When I see their commercials for their spyware and virus protection I always laugh becuase I think to myself, it’s actually much easier to clean a bunch of spyware and viruses off a systems than it is to remove all traces of AOL!

Steve Smith says:

Re: aol

Hey guy,

That is the worst explination of a technical process that I have ever read. EVER. I damn hate AOL as much as the next person (and by person I do not mean AOL user), but dude why not just say “when you install aol the magic hack-fairies come out and make your computer bleed information-dust, and if you uninstall it they make your computer jump out the window.” You are a dumbass, please never have children.

karen says:

Re: aol

I signed up for FREE email with AOL two days ago. I have a broadband connection. In two days, my computer went from a highspeed, broadband connection o to a snail. My settings have been changed. When I tried to uninstall it wouldn’t let me. My broadband tech commiserated and said get rid of it by calling AOL. However, when I called AOL they told me they can’t help because the serivce is free so I am SOL. I relayed this to my son who stated that he had had similar problems and was billed for a year after cancelling the service. He finally threw out the AOL?

Chris G says:

In some ways AOL users are AOL users for partially the same reason that teens will wear more expensive clothing, because they saw an advertisement on TV. If it’s on TV it must great, right? Intel has those interesting almost funny commercials on television, and has become a household name due to this. If you were to speak the name of another processor manufacturer you would be shunned by someone that saw an ad and has heard it from a friend that Intel was great that also heard it from a friend so it must be the best.

There are far too many people out there who are computer illiterate and think AOL is the best option for them because it is supposedly by AOL’s claim easy to use. I worked for a dialup ISP only several years ago and several AOL users moved over and when they got access to the Internet they claimed “nothing happens, it’s broke”. Well of course nothing happens. Open your browser. The Internet does not force a single GUI, along with hoardes of popups and advertisements in your face everytime you connect. I almost expect them to say “Where is my SPAM? It’s broke, there is no spam!”.

Anonymous Coward says:

The only reason they are even still around

The only reason they are even still around is because most new computers come bundled with their software. They’ve been humping Microsoft’s leg for years now. I like to use the discs with free hours as uber frisbees, tossing them from my car windows as I go

WhooTAZ says:

AOL - Email Adverstisements

I reloaded my partents PC (it took 3 times to kill my AOL account when I finally did about 2 years ago) and had to load the new AOL. I opened there mail to make sure they could view it and all and low and behold a DAM adverstisement.

I said to myself how arrogant are they (AOL) to place advertisement on a PAYING customers E-mail.

Then I read this article.

I think it is time the existing AOL customers axe their subscriptions and put (sink) this Beast to the bottom of the sea, once and for all……

Tom says:

AOL Cancellation

Way back,when I had dial up. I forgot my ISP’s phone number after a computer reformat.I used the free trial AOL disc just to get on line and get the number. I promptly called and canceled the AOL account and when on my merry way. I thought, “What a great tool for if you just need a quick free connection.” Boy was I wrong. Months later,looking at my phone bill, I realized I had been paying for AOL all that time.I called AOL and explained that I had canceled months earlier. Their response,”Please give me your cancellation number.” I had no idea what my number was! After a huge rigmarole, I got the problem fixed through my phone company. Moral of the story: Write down your cancellation number and store somewhere safe. And if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Jay says:

Re: AOL Cancellation

I had AOL for about 2 1/2 months a few years back. When I decided to cancel AOL, The guy on the phone gave me the run around-and he kept me on the line for 20 minutes before I got tough with them. I said “Sir, I’m sick and tired of talking and my time is now up-this conversation is now ternminated-I demand that you ininate my cancelation request RIGHT NOW, or else I will file a complaint with the FCC” The guy was so taken aback by this, he then gave me a cancelation number. The account was then canceled.

It seems to me that AOL just keep giving people reasons to duck AOL-and the latest is yet one more reason!

anon says:

Re: AOL Cancellation

haha you fool! that what you get for trying to be so smart and a user! thats why AOL is so high its because people like you want everything for free…..these people you use for the internet have to pay the bills somehow so you think you are getting stuff for free but really your paying for it by all the banners and links that are constantly comming up on your screen…….

Plenty of Reason says:

Is AOL worth it even at free?

I find that I am getting very excellent service from AOL. They offer email and other content, and I can use a search box on their page to find this other content. Also, I can “chat” with people through their chat utility.

Sure, you can get all of those from AOL while getting their dial-up service at what ever price they choose. You can also pay a hooker for “service” and get half a dozen VDs at no additional cost, but that doesn’t make it right or even worth it.

First off, they are over-charging for every single one of their paid services. Next, they are providing services that you can get for free elsewhere (with better results too). Then you have to wonder why you are paying them for service when they are directly responsible for most of the “unwanted services” like SPAM and slow connection and other undesirables.

Does that sound like something you want to be overpaying for? I’ve got news for you, most things you see on TV or in Magazines these days needs to be heavily questioned for it’s validity. I’ve seen ads for web hosting that offers “great services” but you’ll pay $50+ per month for those services that you could get at 500 other places for $15 per month or less. In essense, you are paying directly into their advertising budget so they can hook other suckers.

The sad thing is that I have friends and family that fell into the AOL trap. I’ve gotten my mom out of their clutches but the others didn’t listen to me when I tried to warn them.

Are Kay says:

AOL's INtarwebnets

“It occured to me while trying to classify AOL, you see other ISP’s realize that they should form a relationship with the consumer, create a bond where the consumer appreciates them as much as they appreciate the consumer, AOL does not. AOL moves into a computer and consumes their Resources, time and energy until it infects all components of the system and is impossible to eradicate. Then it moves on to another market, where it does the same. There is one other program that acts like this… A virus, you see AOL is a Virus, Spyware, a disease. And Common sense… The Cure.”

Don says:

A necessary evil...for now

I have been an AOL subscriber off and on for many years, primarily for my daughter’s benefit (who doesn’t live with me) as her area does not yet have any broadband alternative. Having an AOL account also means my mom can use it on the rare occassions when she feels adventurous and wants to check something out online. When they boosted the rate (again!) last month, I called and gave them holy hell, and they gave me the $17.95/month annual rate, billed monthly. I’m paying a lower rate than I was before the latest rate hike, and my daughter can keep her email and contacts she has built up. It’s less of a hassle, but just as soon as bradband is available, it’s history!

Jimmy Bear Pearson (user link) says:

One of the reasons AOL remains...

One of the reasons AOL remains in so many homes: computer users who do not feel comfortable using their computers and the internet with anything else.

A close relative of mine is a “forever” AOL user. He goes into Myocardial infarction (to the point of being a heart-attacked-Luddite with a hammer) if he tries to use other tools for mail or browsing. I (lovingly) tried to teach him to use tools like Firefox and Thunderbird, but he complained loudly and felt utterly sideways about them.

He doesn’t like the crowded main screen of using AOL, but he accepts it as a mark of his comfort zone. There are literally millions of people who don’t fathom the concept of an IP connection and its effect on their “internets.” To them, AOL is a tangible and comfortable place to interact with IP services.

Former AOL Host says:

AOL Good Bad and Ugly?

I was an AOL’er for years, at first due to being an internet newbie, then because I got AOL free for being a chatroom host and instructor. Once broadband came along, I got AOL for free and kept it only for that reason. A year ago they did away with the chat host/community leaders, etc, but gave us a free year for our “service time”. My year isn’t up, but so that I didn’t forget and get converted to paying status, I cancelled it.

For AOL’ers out there that want to keep their AOL email address – you now can keep AOL email addresses whenyou leave the service, free of charge. No need to pay their exorbitant rates just for an email address any longer.

I do miss the chats, as I had a large group of friends that led chats (graphics and music communities) that I like to get together with, but most of them have cancelled as well now, so no reason to stay…uninstalling AOL from my machine was a joy…

BG says:

All I can say is Why?

Who in their right mind still uses this service? This service is designed for people who are to stupid to explore the internet on their own. And ofcourse you have to pay for being dumb. All the services they offer are free elsewhere. I left AOL in 97 thank God. The broadband service they provide is usually from someone else (3rdParty) with their virus software. you should bypass the Bull and go straight to the broadband provider and save money and hassle.

joe stacey says:

those SOB’s stole money from my momma!

when i was a lad, maybe 16, i signed up for a free trial, then cancelled it. some employee of AOL kept the account open under a disconnected phone # and started billing my mom’s bank account (i guess we had to give bank account info to get the free trial?)

we noticed it several months later, after they had taken around $200. my mom called AOL and they told her that since she couldn’t provide the phone # associated with the account, that she couldn’t make any changes to it and, therefore, they couldn’t stop billing her.

apparently, the company discovered what was going on and fired the guy.. there was something on the news about it.. but they never gave my mom back her money…

Limerat says:

Just say "no" to AOL.

“They offer email and other content, and I can use a search box on their page to find this other content. Also, I can “chat” with people through their chat utility.”

Errr,Yahoo does the same.

So does Google.

Google even has the ability for you to choose your own news groupings under the search box.

And their e mail and chat service is free.

I never used AOL. Always used local ISP’s.

The only time I ever had to use AOL was at a friend’s house..I found it unweildy, cumbersome,irritating and slow..Oh,and did I mention irritating?

Anyway,as others have said,there are plenty of choices out there,most free and all better than AOL.

weasel says:

AOLhell security?

Couldn’t believe it till I saw it – seems AOL thinks it needs to help people with PC security. I guess they think their experience with web newbies could translate to people who know what they’re doing?? Free? My spider sense is tingling.

On no less.

Tin Ear (user link) says:

A tool for the ignorant, by the ignorant.

In the first place, I have always believed that AOL is a virus in itself. I remember reading somewhere (sorry, I no longer have that page, it was years ago) that a virus is any program that re-writes/overwrites 2 or more resident files upon install. AOL does more than that.

AOL is a bad choice from the get-go. Once you have it on your machine, it’s hard to remove all traces of it’s presence. I once received a computer from a friend who had installed AOL and then tried to uninstall it. The uninstall went badly, and finally locked the machine up. I tried to save some of his data, but alas! a complete wipe was necessary to get his unit working again.

If you purchase a new machine, under NO circumstances would I suggest that you install AOL. In fact I recommend tracking down any reference to the program and removing it before you do anything else!

samy says:

I wonder

I have been reading comments about AOL on every article published on social bookmark sites like digg and others and these remarks have always been so disgusting…. I wonder AOL guys ever read them. Come on – they are running a company for a long period of time now and they must have some business sense – right? Then how can they ignore what common people are saying.. All beyond me!

Someone says:

AOL was awesome!

All in all, I’d rate my AOL experience a 5 out of 10. I did a lot of traveling in the mid 1990s, and my local ISP had something like 12 local access phone numbers. I didn’t want to pay per-minute toll charges just for the priviledge of saying I wasn’t an AOL user! 🙂 So for me at least, it made more economic sense to be an AOL user — at least until around 1998. All in all, it was a basically decent service. I’m not sure it was horrific, but it certainly wasn’t amazing either. But yeah, I agree with many who have pointed out the flaws in AOL’s business decisions.

BlackCow (user link) says:


“I find that I am getting very excellent service from AOL. They offer email and other content, and I can use a search box on their page to find this other content. Also, I can “chat” with people through their chat utility.”

Wow… u r a n00b. I hope you were kidding! Their E-mail sucks (gmail is better) a search box on THEIR page, hey ever herd of this realy cool site called! and you can “chat” with people useir their crappy chat utility, OMG! NO WEII, im getting AOL now cuz I can CHAT! Google chat is much better although I use Xfire.

RunningMan says:

AOL paradigm shift

I think what half of the noise in this thread doesn’t get is that unlike most corporations (internet or otherwise), aol is not evil.

Like any other company with a history of bad business decisions that it has to hunker down and still support, it’s near impossible to notice that aol’s direction is towards being seen as a player in the free web products market place and less in the access services. Access is dead, long live the ideal that more and more brick and morder business _will_ get that the web should be free and that you’re not going to get consumer loyalty without making innovative and usable products.

so, aol=underdog, this can’t be bad to keep yelling at them, it might help.

johngrat says:

I’ve been trying too get away for a couple of years now, the problem I had was that I have been living in rented accommodation until I brought my house. Therefore you locked into the contract because everytime you move you have to start your years sentance a fresh. A few of these places I have lived in for 6 months. I know I could pay the get out fee but I’m not giving them extra money for nothing so I will stick with them until December then look to another more useful and resonable provider.

I unfortunatly was someone who wasn’t as computer savy when I signed up and they offered freephone technical help as part of the service which I thought was fantastic. They then ditched this service and I have been looking to move ever since.

dan jolt says:

AOL isn't that bad

I know AOL isn’t great – but there is a reason to keep it.

The old AOL5 software still works great – and has saved me several times when fixing a completely messed up windows PC. It brings it’s own drivers – so it works when other connections fail due to misconfigured/missing windows drivers.

Also, old classic homepages (like the one I set up in 1996!) have great google rankings and are worth paying that EUR 1.99 per month just to keep AOL.

Regards email: Domain names are so cheap it’s stupid not to own your own domain so that you can switch email providers whenever you feel like it.

Russtoo says:


Now the price for 9 ‘Optimized’ is $9.95. It does seem to take over one’s PC but I’ve noted a page download speed increase in my low RAM puter.

I wonder what they are updating every time I close out of AOL? Will it eventually fill the HD?

Seems a lot of files for what?

Is there anything good at all to be said for ‘dial’ AOL now at $9.95? Is MSN or EL better?

Best wishes for what works best for anyone!


william e. carlson says:

lousy aol service

They will not fix a problem and send a form letter e-mail. wHILE talking on line to a repair person my new dell computor sounded like a pinball machine and aol persion said they were fixing my computer with updates, well it is realy scewed up now because I made the mistke of telling them I am going to swich to at&t, now have to send computer back to dell to get fixed or somthing!!!! I am maaadddddd

AnitChrist says:

Aolers are dumb as hell. They are the reason why phone techs have heart attacks. They are so unbelievably stupid most cant even find the start button in windows..

I do tech support for a major isp. And I know everytime when I get an A Ho eler on the phone because they dont even know what a modem is. Or have the ability to count to 5.

Yes. I hope aol dies then maybe most of you dumba___s who have computers will get off my phone. As It is now.

I hate to imagine that Aolers are Breeding and farting out one mutant after another. If Aol dies out that will be good thing Because I swear Im going to need therapy if I have to keep explaining every tiny little step to the aolers (the moron crowd) every time they call me expect to have me help them fix their computer. Its not my fault that aol pos software messed up your poc computer. Heres a tip. Dont install aol…Or what people in the tech field call THE AOL VIRUS….

Death to AOL!

Shannon Strickland says:

Hey AntiChrist - you're the moron

AntiChrist – To say all AOLers are morons demonstrates your total ignorance of reality. To make assumptions with no basis in fact shows everyone here just how stupid you really are. For a tech support person you have a lousy attitude, maybe you should go get that therapy you need so bad since your tiny little one-atom brain is overloading.

I am on AOL as I write this, no I am not an idiot and I guarantee I could run rings around your so-called knowledge. The fact is I hate the hell out of AOL and it will be canceled very soon. The only high speed option for my area is Direct-Way which is a big ripoff in itself – which I kindly pointed out to their representative when he tried to sell me on it. The only reason I have put up with AOL so long is just pure simple lazyness on my part. So what, it served my purposes and no it DID NOT destroy my computer or files. My computer rocks and has no problems despite the exaggerated claims to the opposite I have seen.

So AntiChrist – get a better attitude or a new career, you can’t handle the one you have.

RC22Fires says:

AOL, GayOL, AOHell, it's all the same sh1t


Don’t be a fool. Nobody here wan’ts everything for free. Of course paying for an internet service provider is going to cost money. Let me explain something to you. It does not cost anywhere 59.99 a month for high speed internet in any currency I know. It also does not cost 599.99 for a satelite dish. Get your numbers straight. Why would you even bring a satelite into the picture? Satelite internet is very poor also. However that’s not what I’m talking about.

I have had a personal experiance with AOL, and used it when I was 12. I slowly began to discover the real truth of AOL. I stoipped usign it and switch to Walmart Connect after I learned I could not connect to my favorite game online with AOL. AOL was infact the problem because when I switch the game was perfectly fine for me, with no other changes had been made to my system. Yes I will repeat this, the ISP I changed to was infact Walmart Connect. I dialup provider, yes Walmart as in the Walmart store “always low prices, always”.
And yes I am saying that Walmart connect is a better ISP than AOL.

(Reading this paragraph is optional as it is more about me, and my creditability. You don’t have to read it, but please read the paragraph after this one and everything after it)
Well before I explain my knowledge of AOL, which most of has been explained, I will explain myself. Now I am not am not stupid when it comes to computers, and I don’t like AOL for just no reasons. How can you tell if I know enough about computers? Well about myself, I am a gamer. I have been using the computer for a while, ever since I discovered the game C&C Red Alert. On my 15th birthday I went to the emergency room. Days later I was diagnosed with cancer, I am adding this information only because it will explain to you why I stopped going to school. I was told I was going to die so I wanted to stay home with my mother. Well for 2 years now I have had no school and no home schooling. In that time I literaly have spent in my bedroom on the compter. Truthfuly I never got out and was almost always on the PC, gaining experiance.
Anyway now that you know about me it’s time for you to learn a little more about AOL.

Well AOL is a big company, many of us may wonder shy it hasn’t gone bankrupt well thats simple. We all know that AOL has so many customers. This is kind of like wondering why Internet explorer has had always over 91% in browser share in the U.S. Well we all know PC’s are much more comman than any other system and Windows is the most common operating system. Well on every Windows system comes preinstalled and free is Internet Exploror. We also know that so many people use AOL. Well there was a time when AOL used IE as the browser in their software. If they don’t still as of today, that answers the question of why IE always ruled the browser share. Well AOL basicaly has their steong marketing strategy. Now if you really want to know why AOL has so many members.
1.) AOL preinstalled on the computer.
2.) AOL discs in the mail.(Additionaly free hours & apealing packaging)
3.) AOL T.V ads advertising “A better internet” and in the past that their “Number one”.(Additionaly they advertise their speed and sacurity. Which some of is false advertising which I will explain below)

Now AOL basically targets computer newbies, and unfailrly they suck them in. Well now I will explain how AOL is falsely advertising. Now they advertise you can surf faster with AOL. Well here are the lies. AOL claims that with any connection type that you get enhanced speeds. Well here is the parcial lie. They do not speed up your internet connection, they only do a few things to make pages load faster. I will explain that later on. Here is something very untruthful about them. They claim that you save money by going with AOL for broadband. Well when they actualy tell you the cost of the broadband connection without AOL for broadband they do infact lie about the cost. Now I am not saying they make up this lie all the time or with every provider but this is a common lie by AOL and/or their reps. I have see in from experiance. My aunt had AOL for a while, I had told her to ditch dialup because it’s really bad. I should have warned her about AOL as much. I thought she would get rid of AOL when really she got AOL for broadband, the rep told her she would save money and that the broadband provider she had chosen would charge $39.95 a month without AOL for broadband. Well that price is very off and the person who provides her DSL has the best prices of ONLY $14.95 a month!!!! Well AOL scammer her. AOL security another false ad. The anti virus does not protect your computer, the “Spyware Zapper” does little to nothing, my experiance with other AOL security is mild but what I hear from many other resources is that they only work for when browing AOL and the anti-spyware is as sucky as the 10 second “spyware zapper” itself.

Now I will give you some other information, these things I know more about and are by the way are even worse.

AOL & software. AOL has so much to install on your computer when you use it only for one thing. If you go to add and remove programs you will definatly notice 4 or more thins with AOL in the name. If you have AOL on your computer and open your task manager you will see so many things with AOL in it’s name. AOL installs things you shouldn’t. It is a memory and disk space hog. It also even installs the second worst tech product of all time onto your computer. Real Player! )More here(
As it has been said AOL is very difficult to get rid of but if you want me to skip to the worst astributes about AOL is that they are con artists. They have a VERY VERY VERY bad track records when it comes to cons, scams, and more.
Example there is a scam that ALL AOL reps practice. We all know when an AOL member tries to quit they will sit heir and try to get you to stay, and by the way are unfortunatly very succesful. When you call the cancel they will do two things or maybe more, they will sit there and read of their sheet and name all of the “great” features and benifits you get with being a member and using AOL, they almost never take no for an answer. They will also try to offer you free minutes to get you to stay, well here is the con part. If you accept those minutes instead of canceling the rep will give you a date. They will say you can call up to this dat to cancel to you don’t get charged. Well if you do call on the date they give you, you WILL be charged! The date they say you can call by so you DONT get charged is actually the first day of the new billing cycle. So if they say you can call up to the 29th to cancel so you don’t get billed you are being played. You need to call the day before the day they actually give you, best to call TWO days ahead. Now that may not seem like a big deal or you don’t think all the reps do it well it is a big deal because after that happens. If you call to complain about this bill you can NEVER get your money back. And yes all the reps do practice this scam. If you tried to get your money back after you had gotten charged there is “nothing” they can do to give you your money back. “It’s not their fault you missed the day to call”. When really you called to cancel, got tricked into keeping their service and was told to call by THAT day just so you WONT get charged. This is not their biggest scam but it’s been practice so much it’s the most common one. We all know the reps read of their sheets like robots and are not actually trained so all the reps will say the same thing and whoever calls that day is screwd. Well I will not explain all the scams of AOL but I will direct you to 2 places.
First check out what wikipedia has to say about AOL here. Read the ‘Billing Disputes’ part and ‘Cancelation’ part on that page.
Now for something very intresting, informatal, and even FUN to read!
Read this, you have to at least check out the page. You will learn more about AOLs scams and methods of deceit here than anyplace else. check it out click here. Check some of them out, and maybe even bookmark/favorite it for views later. If you read enough of them, you will discover that almost every scam method you find has occured more than once.

Well as you see this is very long and I am trying to avoid this. Let me just say though, if you really really hate AOL then join me. Not now, but later on. I am working on a website basically based on computer and online decisions, alot of it will be on AOL facts and why people should pick a better ISP, there will be a communication area. probably a forum, chatroom, and possibly irc server to join. they will all be there for planning on how to take down aol, by law basically is the idea but all ideas are welcome. There will also be an AOL flame board on the forum of course and a knowlede place so people can subit their own aol bad experiances and information that has been left out from the site, like major cons and even minor. This site will be great and i will be promoting it in every way created. this also includes email messages. there will be a specific message i will rapid send to @aol emails, this message will be about why they should stop using aol and how theres better options ect ect. the email will be informative to, so some clips off the sites will be sent via email. also the email for @anything else. it will ask if your an aol hater and want to visit the site and learn more about the infamous company and ask to join to help bring them down. these emails will BOTH be sent in recquest to forward it like a chain letter. it will ask if even if they are not intrested to please forward it to everybody they know because alot of people will be intrested. These emails I will change over time, I know because I know the 1st emails will probably explain how the site and community has just born and ask to join them anyway to help it grow and come back when it’s active. ect……

so don’t worry, the giant will fall. and hard!

AnitChrist (user link) says:

Aolers are brain dead and Shannon Strickland is du

First off d_ck W___d you need to refer to me as my correct handle.-AnitChrist. – don’t get me wrong I only use that handle because it infuriates the Christian idiots and turns their gold chains in to rust- Further proof that AHolers can not pay attention or follow directions. Most of you could not poor p__ss out of a boot if you had the instructions on the heel. (as my daddy might say)


And if I have a bad attitude its is because I have to help your Cro-Magnons with your little pOS computers.. Now tell me. Would you hand a monkey a gun? Then why give an AHOELER a computer?

I was once is a computer store and this idiots ask me what computer I would recommend. Well my boy friend at the time was offended that this jerk would come up to me and just start talking to him like we knew each other. Well he said to me “I m a big time Aoler and I know Puters” I directed the idiot to a toy lap top called a vtech – he thought I was kidding… I was not.

As far as you knowing more than me…I doubt it. My little half brother with Attention deficit prob knows more than a bottom feeding Aholer like you. I have used tampaxes that prob have more intellect than you do. The reason why the internet gets f___cked up is because you morons are invading the band bandwidth. Because you breed like rats… I have 10 years in the tech support field. I work with BIZ customers who use high-end routers with wan/LAN configs and I have ultimate power of Internet connectivity. Seriously, I can set you up with a cider/28 block and 6 megs/s or I can make your computer network crawl like a 386 sx on geos. I am also and electronics tech and hold an engineering degree in that. So don’t talk to me about how smart you are simpleton. The problem with you aholers is all you know how to do is call me when you cant wipe your own a__… And you people are the number 1 reason I have stress… the stress I get from having to repeat the same instruction 15 f_-ing times when I talk to you morons.

When I say “what programs do you have in the system tray?” you people don’t know what that is…I say “open a dos window” you have not clue…I say “what firewall programs are you running?” and you say “what’s a program” you simple don’t know.

When I purchased my first computer I had to write my own programs. I wrote them in machine code. And stored them on a real to reel back up. I had to write my programs because that was how it was done back them. you people have machines with all kinds of power and you can’t even figure out simple html code because either your too busy farting out kid after kid or you are taking you dumb pills. (Prozac, Zoloft you know…)

I built my first robotic device when I was 16 I build my first laser when I was 18 and I have built over 15 different types of computer interface controllers.

Yet I still have to listen to the rants of morons when I show up for my Job I have to listen to people who don’t know one thing about binary code, logic gates or even how tcp/p works. I had one of you arguing with me about using the correct phone line for the dsl…this jerk though he was going to tell me how it worked…So I explained radio wave propagation theory to this idiot. And he promptly shut up. He basically had a 100ft reg phone line attached to the dsl line and refused to run dsl filters. what a dumb_azz>>>after an hour of this idiot, I felt quite nice because I turned his brains into yogurt- what little brains he had from taking his dumb pills.

But what is the main problem? The vast majority of you Aholers cant shut up when you call me. IF you would shut the F__k up when you called me I could have you fixed in 10 minutes or less and my aht would be like 12

But no you can’t shut up. Hers a tip. Most of us techs when you call us could give a rats azz about your kids you home and your problems…When you don’t hear us or the back ground noise for some reason it is because we putting you on mute so that when we call you moron or azz hole you don’t hear it. Or when we are laughing at how stupid you are. Most of us are very intelligent people and are normally good natured…but when Ahoelers call in we have to tolerate people who are ignorant arrogant and have no clue whatsoever. I am certain that most of you Aholers lose iq points every time you take a sh_t .

The typical Ahoeler has this setup Windows me(not supported by Microsoft anymore since this month) 65 megs ram and a 10 gig hd…and they want us to config the dsl modem through their usb por…I usually settle in for a full hour call when I get one those.

Most of then wont go out and buy a 15 dollar Nic. (that’s Network interface card so that you know what I mean because I know you don’t)




Aholers install all these programs in their computers and they have no clue what they do. It’s like talking to a 5 year old with a temper tantrum most the time…Except most of you are 30ish and should know how to fix you r computer.

On xmass eve I had this moron calling me up to help him fix his machine. He didn’t care that I was a human being and that I had to work on xmass no…I have to help this idiot fix his printer (back when I worked on for ___) so I spent 5 hours helping this man who was yelling and screaming at me fix his printer so he could print out a a t-shirt iron-on logo. Then after I got his unit corrected from an error he made…He gave me a tongue-lashing and bad-mouthed ___.

I had to work new years too. Same story got some arrogant aholer who didn’t know sht about anything and yelling at me didn’t care that I was a person on the other end. So I got her stuff fixed for her and I was going to let it go but she after I corrected simple problem that she caused she didn’t say thank you or anything just slammed the phone down in my ear. I had one man who called me up He was an aholer and he was mad because he got banned from web site. I asked him the website and he told me…it was an adult porn site. I had to sit there and explain to this moron we have nothing to do with that site and that he needed to contact them. This was a few years ago on the 4th of July…

No consider if you will that a lesser tech has all his info right in front of them and that person is being abusive…

What is worse is you people go to Wal-Mart and buy these nasty little piece of sh__t computers and you expect them to work like high end machines. Then you call me to fix it when it breaks. I build my machines…I have 4 computers at my desk- 25inch hd flat panel and 2 -19 inch panels… and each computer will run circles around the machines most of you have. Hell my cooling system prob has a better CPU than your machines…Hell my keyboard prob has more technology in it than your Hp wal-mart piece of crap special.

Yes you Aholers are stupid. You can’t even figure out how to use your cell phone or drive a car.

It would be great if the web went back to the days when only geeks were on it. The bandwidth would be limited to only us. None of you breeders would be on the net. You could be home watching some ridiculous football game or beating your wife or getting arrested –which is still what most of you do because you are too stupid to do anything else-or what ever it is that you people do. You could stay out of our world and we would be happy. You would not have to hunt for that pesky address bar in internet explorer anymore when you call in and I have to help you debug you piece of garbage.

There is this ridiculous commercial about Aol. There people are like competing in major athletic events- they have this one guy on a bike riding in a cross country tour with his little bell and they have this woman who is competing in this ice skating event and they have this family of aholers in a canoe competing with these professionals well. I would say that commercial about gets it right. Only Ahoelers would think they could compete with people who have spent half their lives training for events like that . Only one of you would think you could do something like that That commercial nails you people down to a T…. Stupid…


Aholers are the scourge of the internet and IF WE HAD AN INTELECT TEST AS A PREREQUISIT TO GETTING ACCESS TO THE NET. NONE OF YOU WOULD MAKE THE CUT. So shut up dumb__ss

Carol-Jean Pine says:

driving me away from using AOL I'm fed up

I tried to get Email but there has been no cooperation from AOL. I have gotten so much run around. I even tried to get the phone number to reach cancer information bureau and all I get is anything that does with cancer. Our sons had AOL and told me the quit for the same reason. They like Verizon and I am thinking of quiting AOL also. Got my computer 6/25 and not once had any results signing up for Email. In fact AOL tecknical help gave me such a run around I’ve had it.

AnitChrist (user link) says:

Re: driving me away from using AOL I'm fed up

Dude Aol is for brain dead losers.

Trust me- the ones I talk to spend $30 or so for aol and then 20 or so for the isp and they are getting ripped off and dont even realize it. Most are happy in fact. How stupid is that?

Get sbs or verizon- get mozilla and set up a free yahoo cuz you will have email for life…I have had my yahoo since 97.

You dont need AOL- They filter/censor the web ya know?

Once you become a regular internet user or elite you may understrand why there are so many refs to brain dead aolers and why there are so many jokes about them…

Drop Aol like a POS it is and get with a isp- there are some deals with sbc I heard- High speed internet for $12 something a month. Compare that to Ao Hell

good luck



d day says:

aol is shitty

aol sucks arse to the highest degree is wish id paid for the modem from british telecom i might have got a better service.almost on line is just about right for this company there server is allways telling me ive got a connection problem when all of my hardware is plugged in. i constanly have to turn my pc off then back on just to get some joy so much for the little man

AnitChrist says:

Aoler definition

He people and aoler idiots.

Here is my def of aolers in the uban dictionary.

1.)People for which seem to exist to torment helpdesk personnel…

2.)AN extremely ignorant person who lacks the ability to poor urine from a boot with the instructions on the heel.

3.)An extremely ignorant person who has no concept of birth control, turn signals on suvs , how to use a cell phone , or drive. Most of which herd together to form a loose collective of babbling idiots. Most of which work from 9am to 5p breed , sleep watch the same repetitive shows on television and fart out one kid after another. They barely know how to use a cell phone , or drive. they seem to herd together to form a loose collective of zombie-like humans. Who’s function seems to be to miss-spell every word in the English language , rant about issues that they are at fault for and cause help desk employees to have cardiac arrest, stroke, commit suicide or go postal in a fit of psychotic rage.

4.) A person who thinks that they are not on the Internet if they don’t log in to Aol.

5.) People for which windows does not seem to have a start button, know what a program is, don’t know that windows M.E. is obsolete, don’t use a nic card in their obsolete computer and insist on using usb instead .People who unfortunately breed quite a bit but have a very low intellect. And are in fact the major contributing factor to the coming cataclysmic end of the human race.

6.) A person who thinks they are genius, Yet who’s stupidity defies all reason or logic.

Aolers are often referred to in such manner as: , bottom feeding dredge fish

One who looses IQ point when they got to waste extraction, a plague to be exterminated…

The best example of an Aoler is seen during mid-day. One should observe them driving enourmous land vehicles that pollute the atmosphere. They can be seen trying to drive and use their cell phones- unsuccessfully And their screaming mutant children can be heard in most good restaurants or their unsanitary larva stage mutants can be seen in shopping carts near the meat section with a smelly diaper and a fly buzzing around the said mutant’s diaper. One should be careful when discussing computers in casual conversation around them as they all have issues with their computers they need assistance with and in all likelihood if they were to over-hear you discussing computers they would probably swarm you as you are the only one who might know how to fix their damaged machines.

Source: AnitChrist, the boobie hatch

Tom says:

AOL does away with welcome screen

At the end of January 2007 AOL has done away with the AOL welcome screen in the client version. They have put in its place AOL.COM on the desktop. The roar of complaints are really beginning to build. They should put a feedback link on the web page, I do not think they want to hear that much feedback. I hope it continues to build because this is AWFUL. Please go to the message boards and let them know !

Usei says:

Alternate use for AOL disks...

My mother and I once gathered together 357 AOL disks, broke them into pieces, and glued them all over a theater set piece that was destined to be a sled made of ice. Looked awesome, and it was a hell of a lot better use for them than installing them on a computer. 🙂

Oh, and also, you get a spiffy 5-second light show if you bake an AOL CD in the microwave top-down for about 10 seconds. Beware though–it ruins microwaves. 😛

Paul Roden says:

The nuniance ads

Why is Aol running ads that interfere with customers signing in to there e-mail it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand there is a problem so much so I am thinking about using another carrier please take care of this problem I remember when u put your password in and went straight to your email make it like that again

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