Adware Firms So Incompetent They Can't Even Merge Right

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All of the “adware” firms out there have been claiming that they’ve changed from their earlier questionable surreptitious install ways — but many of us have been wondering, if that’s true, how they actually plan to stay in business. The answer, so far, is that they haven’t actually stopped surreptitious installs. However, it sounds like at least some of the backlash has eaten into the business, so some of the more hated names in the business, 180solutions and Hotbar, have decided to merge, and combine under the name “Zango.” Of course, if this is a move to build more confidence, it seems likely to backfire. It’s reminiscent of similar adware maker Direct Revenue repeatedly changing names to confuse angry victims of their software, or Gator’s name change to Claria. Except, even here, it seems like the move shows the company’s incompetence. The name they chose, rather than having no meaning, is the name of one of their current adware products — and it’s not hard to find numerous complaints about the software, including recent complaints that a botnet has been sneaking it onto computers.

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Comments on “Adware Firms So Incompetent They Can't Even Merge Right”

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SailorAlphaCentauri says:

To go along with Anonymous Coward, chosing to name your new merged company after something that’s already hated is about as logical as merging two health organizations and calling them Asbestos (assuming that one of the organizations made asbestos before we all found out that it was very bad…but that’s getting a little too conspiracy theory for the point). I think the point, Sneer, is that a name change is a deliberate attempt to get people to not realize that it’s still Adware which, unless you like that sort of thing, is something people don’t want to deal with, while chosing the name of something that’s already reviled won’t make people like you, it’ll make it easier for people to hate you faster due to previously existing reputation.

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