When Scamming People, Best Not To Admit It In Your Autobiography

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Just as a story comes out about how many scams these days are pulled off by men who try to charm women into giving them money or (even better) data that’s useful for identity theft, comes the story of one such scammer who was convicted. That, by itself, isn’t that interesting. What happened following the trial was a bit more unexpected. In the trial, part of the evidence, was the scammer’s own autobiography where he admits to pulling exactly the type of scams he was on trial for committing. However, the scammer is now trying to claim that the autobiography is actually fiction — sort of a “James-Frey-in-reverse” situation, as Kevin Poulsen at Wired News suggests. Seems like a long shot — but for those of you out there working on autobiographies, it may pay to leave out the parts that involve criminal activity, especially if you’re still involved in those types of activities.

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