Some 25 Years Later, In-Flight Internet Nearing Reality

from the the-slow-pace-of-change dept

It appears that the dream of in-flight internet access on domestic flights may be nearing reality, a few years after some international carriers began offering it. And while many travelers bemoan the slow progress in this area, the vision of on-board connectivity for business travellers is actually really old one. As early as 1982, the company Airfone anticipated the use of portable computing devices that could access corporate data and electronic mail from an airplane. The company also predicted that business travelers would be able to work from hotels, though sadly this too has yet to pan out. While it’s exciting that there’s finally activity in this area, it’s disturbing how long progress can take. Perhaps in 25 years we’ll have a fuel cell laptop battery that can last a whole trip.

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Comments on “Some 25 Years Later, In-Flight Internet Nearing Reality”

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stephen says:

Re: This is progress?

ya that’d be sad cuz everyone who uses the internet is a moron.. o wait.. i must be 2xmoron because youre on the internet doing what you like to do on it yet you try SO hard to avoid it. sorry you had it coming..

didnt mean to call anyone a moron it’s just the fact that someone complains about the internet when they are on the internet and unless you go on a plane every day why would you be annoyed by it?

Jezsik says:

Never mind internet access

I fly a lot. One airline has had a sticker on the back of the seats telling us that an “entertainment system” was coming “soon.” It’s been over a year and still nothing. Like most business travelers, I’m not interested in watching a movie and playing a game, I want power. If they’d just give me an AC outlet, I’d be ecstatic.

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