Captain Copyright Is Captain Copycat?

from the not-so-good dept

Yesterday we wrote about the new effort to “educate” Canadian children with a one-sided view on copyright laws using the mascot Captain Copyright. Since then, plenty of people have noticed some fun things about Captain Copyright, such as the fact that the disclaimer on the site bans anyone who says anything negative about the site from linking to the site (whoops!). Also, the terms of use apparently forbid people from cutting and pasting any content from the site. Specifically, their site reads: “You are not permitted to copy or cut from any page or its HTML source code to the Windows™ clipboard (or equivalent on other platforms) onto any other website.” (which, yes, we cut and pasted here). Apparently, Captain Copyright does not believe in fair use. However, perhaps the most egregious, is that Captain Copyright may be violating copyrights himself, by failing to follow the license on republishing certain Wikipedia content. It sounds like Captain Copyright may need something of an educational campaign himself. Meanwhile, we won’t even bother wondering about whether or not Captain Copyright might infringe on some aspects of other Superheroes, even though Marvel likes to go after anyone who comes too close. Well, I guess he is Captain Copyright, not Captain Trademark.

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Comments on “Captain Copyright Is Captain Copycat?”

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DittoBox (user link) says:


“in order to protect the moral rights associated with this site, permission to link is explicitly withheld from any website the contents of which may, in the opinion of the Access Copyright, be damaging or cause harm to the reputation of Access Copyright. Specifically, permission to link is explicitly withheld from sites featuring pornographic, racist or homophobic content”

First of all: WTF is a “moral right”?

Second, why are they singling about Pornophiles, Racists and of all things…Homophobes?

All I need to do is post some ASCII porno, make a couple of racists jokes and then call captain copyright gay and they can sue me for violating, let’s see, 4 seperate clauses.

Get a life you nasty little corporate greedweasels. Stop trying to use government to enforce your out of date, obsolete and corrupt business models. Real capitalism uses markets to decide the fate of your industry and your business models.

What the recording and movie industries just don’t seem to get is that what they do is closer to communism than capitalism, all while painting themselves as Good People and wrapping themselves in the flag and the rest of us as pinko commie pirates.

BC (user link) says:

Re: WTF?

According to Captain Copyright himself, Moral Rights are “A creator’s right to be associated with his or her work; the right not to have the work used in a way that offends the creator; and the creator’s right to the integrity of the work (for example, a sculptor has the right to decide if his or her sculpture can be painted). Moral rights cannot be transferred to anyone else. However, the creator of a work can decide not to exercise his or her moral rights.”

Of course, Piracy is defined as “The use of someone else’s creation without permission.” in direct contradiction to the site’s definition of “Fair dealing”.

Uh-oh. Did I just break one of Captain Copyright’s imaginary rules?

Poops McGee says:


I think it’s simply quite hilarious that a website about protecting copyright, refers (incorrectly in the terms of Wikipedia’s GNU copyleft stuff, here) to a copyLEFT organization, Wikipedia, to inform about what an ISBN number is! ROFL! Nice going you tards!

Not only did they not follow the terms of Wikipedia’s copyright restrictions, but they’re presenting facts which point out the entire fallacy of what they’re trying to promote (guaranteed profits), using quotes like this one on their site:

“During the early Middle Ages only churches, universities, and rich noblemen could typically afford books. Considered a precious commodity, books were often chained to a bookshelf or a desk to prevent theft. [Source: Britain in Print]”

The stupidity of the human race will never cease to amaze me.

Tom says:

Well, to be fair, I am a pinko commie pirate. My commrades and I are making preparations to sue you, DittoBox, for making reference to our trademark without our permission. Don’t worry, the money we shake you down for will go to a good cause: fighting Captain Copyright to the death in an all out brawl! involving lasers! and swords! and people yelling “Aaaarg!” It’ll be great…

Petréa Mitchell says:


Yes, sites with racist content are barred from linking. Darn that immigration discussion!

Then again, maybe you’re okay. See the disclaimer: “The Captain Copyright website should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific course of action…”

When was it the lawsuit over permission to link was struck down, anyway? Must’ve been 8-9 years ago…

teh says:

since you mentioned it....

how many times does that site use the word “copy”, im willing to bet its triple digits.

i wonder wut the rules against copying the html and sending them it in an email is???

/me thinks captain copyright and that copyright symbol have an sm relationship…(after taking a look at the kids section..coloring book)

fuk them all…i wish i was rich and could do something serious about all the shit going on politically 🙁

ppl are just too greedy, nothing matters anymore.

fuzzix (user link) says:

Extreme propaganda is to be expected in schools. Some of the things I learned at school:

– Drugs are bad (Experience tells me otherwise – some of them are great!)

– Communism is bad (Open for debate)

– God loves me in infinite amounts but if I do one of 10 things he doesn’t like then he’ll send me to a burning pit for all time. (This turned out not to hold much water on further inspection)

– Getting a good job is the essence of life (Bleh)

– Conformity reaps rewards (True, but shouldn’t be)

– Respect authority (Sorry, respect must be earned)

I don’t think I was alone in questioning this sort of stuff during and after my time in school. We can only hope the kids today have the savvy to do the same.

One thing I do remember from school is that the little propaganda leaflets which were passed around were invariably defaced to rubbish the message. You wouldn’t believe the vocabulary of some five year olds…

…I can see his big ‘C’ coming in handy.

Not entirely anonymous coward says:

DON'T COPY! (Or paste)

Under the section “OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS” it lists what you can do with the materials located on the site.

Somewhat amusing was the section that reads, in part:

“iv. You are not permitted to copy or cut from any page or its HTML source code to the Windows(TM) clipboard (or equivalent on other platforms) onto any other website.”

I have complied with this notice by typing the quotation manually in a text editor without the aid of a clipboard or equivalent. I further hedged my bets by doing this on a Macintosh(TM) computer.

takua108 says:

Good one…but why are you conforming to a policy that’s retarded and won’t hold up in court in the first place? Should I host a website with warez downloads now and, on each page, put “by downloading this, you are going against the terms of this website?”

Actually, that’s a grand idea; that way I can host warez and if anyone sues me, I can sue them back! Or something.

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