Ex-Girlfriends Pull The Mask On Phony U.S. Marshal

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It used to be you had to wait until you saw your spouse’s face on America’s Most Wanted before you realized that they weren’t who you thought they were. Now thanks to the internet, it’s not just the most-wanted who get outed, but the long tail of miscreants as well. Take Richard Kudlik, whose crime was that of impersonating a US Marshal, complete with the uniform, gun and badge. His ex-girlfriends set up a website to expose him, and anonymously contacted his current flame to alert her about Kudlik’s ways, ultimately leading to his arrest. As others have learned the hard way, it’s getting harder and harder to have relationships with many women and not have them find out about each other. Of course incidents like this go hand in hand with online mobs that can mistakenly damage someone’s reputation. The other problem is similar to those faced by websites allowing people to review online daters. Most of the participants will be negative due to selection bias; so don’t expect many messages from anonymous girlfriends about what a great guy your boyfriend is.

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Comments on “Ex-Girlfriends Pull The Mask On Phony U.S. Marshal”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Hmm guess he couldn't hack the Elvis gig in Vegas

This goes to prove how resourceful people are becoming… and how paranoid we are all becoming. I remember hearing that it only costs about $70 these to have a P.I. do a background check on someone over the internet.


one month membership to a dating site $19.99

discussing applicants with friends over coffee $10.97

background check on a potenial mate $72.00

finding the one special person to be with………………

still Priceless, duh!

Stoned4Life (user link) says:

Let's all share who we're dating...

I don’t know about you guys, but I really am not interested in posting all the details of my last breakup online. Seriously, where did we come to the point where all our unhappy breakups were exposed online?

Maybe that’s a little vague, but it may be awhile before I start asking other people on the internet if they dated this person or that person.

Cynthia says:

Apparently you people are missing the big picture here. This man posed at a US Marshall post 9/11. He had homeland security clearance. That doesnt make you people a tad bit upset that he did this same thing last year and was slapped on the wrist?

The part about the dating, the site was put up to warn other Long Island women of how he is. Bet you didnt even see the part where he convinced one of those women, 8 years ago, to have an abortion because he didnt want wifey at home to know.

His OWN kid was quoted as saying they knew he did it. At least Pam has the nerve to do something about low life men.

Pam (user link) says:

Re: Re:

Cynthia – you said it girl. Post 9/11 – with homeland security clearance. Amazing he got away with his scam for so long. Men and women pull scams like this everyday.

What needs to happen before lawmakers PAY ATTENTION and DO SOMETHING? The NY Daily News reported he was caught with and I quote: “Cops found a ski mask, duct tape and a knife in his white pickup truck, as well as U.S. marshal paraphernalia, authorities said. They later took 10 guns from his home, but said he has a valid permit to have them for target practice.” article can be read here: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/422688p-356676c.html

What was he doing with these items besides cheating his wife and seducing many other women? Did he have an agenda? That is the question I want answers to. I am terrified, I do not know what he is capable of, no one does.


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