Cambodia Bans 3G Wireless For A Decade Thanks To Prime Minister's Wife

from the one-way-to-do-things dept

Mobile operators have something of a love-hate affair with mobile porn. They want it to drive data revenues, but they’re afraid they’re going to get in trouble for promoting porn. This problem has become worse as content filtering has been shown to be ineffective and actually could open up new liabilities for the operators. However, too many people seem to assume that because of the more powerful networks and phones associated with 3G wireless technologies, they’re going to become huge porn conduits. In fact, the wife of the Cambodian Prime Minister is apparently so concerned about this that she signed a petition that the Prime Minister has agreed to support banning all 3G technology from the country for a decade, since they might be used for porn. Why a decade? “Maybe we can wait for another 10 years or so until we have done enough to strengthen the morality of our society.” Good luck with that.

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Comments on “Cambodia Bans 3G Wireless For A Decade Thanks To Prime Minister's Wife”

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James says:

It's not really porn...

Actually, it’s not what we would consider “porn” that is the main concern of the petitioners.
“Signatories to the petition to ban the new technology said that one of their main fears was that young women could send suggestive images of themselves through the phones, prompting formerly faithful husbands to indulge in activities they would not normally have thought of.”

Right…”would not normally have thought of”.

Mark says:

Re: Cambodia Bans 3G Wireless For A Decade

As a very, very disappointed user of a new 3G phone in Australia I think a 10 year ban is just right!! Perhaps by then 3G phones will actually work as advertised!! Forget downloading porn, I would be happy if my 3G phone could make a decent plain old fashioned phone call!!

HAH religious reasons says:

Seriously did he say that?

Its not religious why i dont want my kid watching porn. I dont want him to turn into a cerial killer. I mean seriously what are peoples obsession with religion. Do you have to listen to your preacher to know what’s right and wrong? So if he came in and told you that he read in the bible its ok to hit your kids, would you do it? FUCK NO! so why do you have to listen to a preacher to know its a bad thing for porn to be available to any one?!

Before i get a flame im not a grammer major, nor a spelling bee master.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Seriously did he say that?

You think that your kid watching porn will turn him into a cereal killer? Wow, you must assume a lot. Are there more cereal killers in Europe then the USA? Europe is much more open about their sexuality and they have a much lower teen pregnancy rate. It is the right wing who believes removing all sexual content will reduce our sexuality, nothing can be further from the truth. Let the statistics speak for themselves, not your idiotic assumptions.

Your kid is your responsibilty, not societies. If you don’t want your kid watching porn over a 3G network then don’t buy him a phone that has the capabilities. You’re probably the same type of person that wants more sensor ship of television. Why, because it’s easier for you to have everything sensored for everybody rather than taking control of your own household. Your kid is your responsibility, if you don’t want to take the time and effort to sensor what he see’s yourself then you shouldn’t have kids, they’re a privlege not a right.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Seriously did he say that?

cereal killer lol….. I guess that makes me one too since I eat cheerios and cocoa puffs. Serial Killer. Come on, if you want to try to sound educational and convincing, please check your spelling and grammar. I couldn’t take you seriously without laughing everytime you mentioned these “cereal killers.”

gottibezos says:

Re: Re: Seriously did he say that?

Why are you taking “HAH religious reasons” comment about watching porn out of context? You are right. Watching porn might not make you a cereal killer. BUT Porn, no matter what anyone says has negative and damaging effects on people’s behavior. Plus all he was saying is that you don’t have to be religious to know what’s right from wrong.

ElectricMayhem says:

Re: Seriously, did you write this?

Please… can you learn how to spell?… really would make such a difference to your life and help it make more sense….and as for grammer…please… can you murder your language so? we have one of the most beautiful and expressive on the planet and you strangle it……

Religion Has A Connection says:

Re: Seriously did he say that?

Porn is not inherently bad. Children in many societies grew up seeing naked people and people having sex and it did not harm the children in any discernable way. The Easter Island culture had children practicing sex against trees (admittedly clothed in their loincloths) and had no serial killers of note.

Our culture has a dynamic that says that sex that is not for procreation is bad. The dynamic was born out of religion. Many of the deeply religious are the ones that continue to support the idea that nudity is bad. Hence the connection to religion.

Someone with parental control says:

Re: Seriously did he say that?

The reason you don’t want your child watching porn is irrelivent. The fact that you need to make it cease to exist to stop them is.

The problem with banning things like this is that there is nothing wrong with it. Why the hell should I not be allowed to access porn on my phone should I choose to? Because you think its wrong? Tough shit, its non of your business. What if my wife and I want to make porn and send it to a friend? Again, how is that your business? Why should we not be allowed?

Now, I can understand why you don’t want your child to see such things, but heres an idea, why not tell them not to open messages from people they don’t know. Clearly its a complicated idea for you, but if you don’t want your child not to do something, tell them not to, then disipline them if they do.

Don’t make my life harder because parenting is to much like hard work for you.

Jerkmaster von Whacksalot says:

Re: Seriously did he say that?

Dude, porn has been a part of my life since I was like 10. Needless to say, I’ve killed few if any cereal mascots. In fact, I have a relatively successful long term relationship, as well as a successful management job in a successful retai operation. It’s morons telling kids that watching porn will mess up your life that does the damage.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Seriously did he say that?

Porn is not a bad thing. It’s our twisted/uptight ideas about that sex that get people all screwed up. Just cause a person watches porn does not mean that he/she is on the way to becoming a serial killer. I like porn (as does most of the world… hence the internet). If my kid gets his hands on some mobile porn, so what. Just as long as he/she is not viewing it class,church, or at inappropriate times. Would the world be as equally upset if kids were going to be able to watch sports at any time of the day?

Posterlogo says:

Damn backwards Cambodians...

What next?? They gonna start spying on their own people? Outlaw being gay? Put up bible references in their courts and classrooms? Revert back to the bad old days of creationism and anti-science? Go on an all out assault on women’s rights? Leave a poor black city to die under a hurricane? Start a war half way around the world for no good reason? Oh…uh…wait…that sounds familiar.

Some IT Bastard says:

Re: Damn backwards Cambodians...

I don’t care what Cambodia does. They have done worse to thier people then ban technology. Maybe they should pile it all up and burn it.

I like how this took a religious turn.

When did this country start putting up religious quotes/references in class rooms or elsewhere?

When did gays become outlawed?

When did woman’s rights start getting assualted?

What war was started with no good reason?

Christianity was always in public places, it is recently being taken down.

Being gay is not outlawed.

Woman have more rights now then 50/100/1000 years ago.

A war was started for a reason, not agreeing with it does not make it a “war started for no good reason.”

I always here people say religion forces thier opinion on people…it is usually being said while someone forces thier opinion on someone else.

Luci says:

Re: Re: Re: Damn backwards Cambodians...

Actually, not quite factual. There are still sodomy and indecent acts laws in several states, which means…? *GASP!* It’s illegal to be gay in those states!

As to religion? Believe what you like. Jesus died for your sins? Cool. A blue-skinned canary named Bob is the creator of the universe? Neat. Just keep it to yourself. Religion is as personal as whose gentalia you bump with your mouth/anus/genitalia.

ThreeToedSloth says:

Re: Damn backwards Cambodians...

“Start a war half way around the world for no good reason”?

Try telling the families of those killed in Sept. 11th, 2001 attacks that their losses are “no good reason”. Do it from a distance though… if it had been my son killed in one of those towers, I’d be tempted to punch your lights out shortly after the words were out of your mouth.

Take everything the news media pukes out with more than a grain of salt. They skew the truth at every turn, and take so much out of context that it boggles the mind. The American public hasn’t received the “full story” in decades from this bunch. There’s a lot more to this war that what you’ll see on Foxnews or CNN folks……

And for those of you who hate Christians, here’s a dose of reality. TRUE christian faith demands tolerance and love of others, not the hate mongering you see in many of these splinter faiths. Don’t lump ALL christians in one stereotype and call it a day. That’s as wrong as saying that all blacks are welfare receipients and crack addicts.

And on topic, the Cambodians have the right to govern their own public, but if they set this precident, then they’re next going to have to start rounding up PCs, video players, and magazines.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Damn backwards Cambodians...

“Start a war half way around the world for no good reason”?

Try telling the families of those killed in Sept. 11th, 2001 attacks that their losses are “no good reason”. Do it from a distance though… if it had been my son killed in one of those towers, I’d be tempted to punch your lights out shortly after the words were out of your mouth.

Why do people keep confusing the war in Afghanistan with the invasion of Iraq? We were attacked by a group based in Afghanistan, led by a man named Osama bin Laden. In retaliation, we sent less troops to Afghanistan than we have police officers in New York. Without even finding bin Laden (THE GUY WHO ATTACKED US) we send ten times as many troops to Iraq to…umm…to do whatever the hell we’re doing there. I’m all for getting back at the guys who got us, but Iraq is not related! (unless you watch Fox news lol)

A few quotes from Bush should muddle things up:

“The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him.”

– G.W. Bush, 9/13/01

“I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”

– G.W. Bush, 3/13/02

Ah, what a difference 6 months can make.

Rogers Hornsby says:

Re: Damn backwards Cambodians...

No, it just sounds like you’re another looney, left-wing extremist with a chip on your shoulder. Man, that crap’s getting old. Go back to hiding behind a rock with Alec Baldwin. You make more sense with your mouths shut.

But yeah, all Cambodia did was set them selves back. What would that make them now — a “Fourth-World” country?

Thrawn says:

Stupid People

I find it funny when Parents and People complain about porn , video games and so forth. Parents like “HAH religious reasons” they are just stupid parents, the best content filter you can get is a parent taking action in her/his son/daughters life. But NOOO they rather sit back and let everyone else do it for them and have other suffer for it. The Prime Minister’s Wife is no different, she is just another stupid parent wanting to make others suffer for her’s and other parents failings to be apart of their kids lifes!

Miguel says:

Re: Stupid People

It is a foreign country entitled to their own rule of law. The prime minister’s wife is doing her duty, by allowing her politicians know what her concerns, and issues are. The article did not mention Religion or Faith. If only all citizens did so then the will of the people may actually be done. On the issue of banning 3G it could be argued, if it is in their constitution, that by limiting the medium by which to communicate, that the peoples rights to “freedom of speech” are being violated. Not knowing their laws I cannot say with certainty.

Adam says:

Re: Great War!

Good point. Saddam didn’t have to kill Iraqi’s every day, he would purge the populace, and it took a while for the dissenters to become enough of a problem to purge again. Your accusation is only correct because Saddam was ‘buying in bulk,’ so to speak.

As to people prefering to be alive than free, is this supposed to be surprising? It’s been a couple hundred years since “I regret I have but one life to give for my country.” There are people out there who prefer ‘freedom’ over life, and they show it by strapping bombs to themselves and setting them off in the middle of crowds. These days, being willing to die for a cause is recognized as a bad idea. If everyone dies for their cause, who’s left to keep the cause going?

Jeremy says:

Bush caused my erectile dysfunction.

“What next?? They gonna start spying on their own people?”

Bush is syping on you right now,

Outlaw being gay?

Yes, the gay police have outlawed this, Bush and the evil neoKKKon Kkkonspiracy has made this their top priority.

Put up bible references in their courts and classrooms?

OMG Bible references, they have to have any other religious text other than the evil Bible which was created by men (not womyn) and about a God who is against homosexuality and punishes people. All other religions except Christianity are good, that is why I support the public displays of the Quran, Mahabara, etc.

Revert back to the bad old days of creationism and anti-science?

Yes, creationism is anti-science, believing that there is not enough genetic variablity to create complex multicellular mammals from amoebas. Don’t they know that random chance is much more believable than a Designer?

Go on an all out assault on women’s rights?

Translated: they are going to outlaw abortion, the single and utmost important right that all women have!!!

Leave a poor black city to die under a hurricane?

Because Bush, being superman, didn’t stop Hurricane Katrina because he cared about the oil wells, and he doesn’t like Black people, that is why he created the weather machine, the truth will come out.

Start a war half way around the world for no good reason?

We should give Saddam Hussein reparations for stealing his country, let us give him back the country so that he could continue his tyrannical regime, and have rape rooms, maybe gas a few million Kurds while we’re at it.

Oh…uh…wait…that sounds familiar”

It does, it is right here in the US, Bush is destroying the US, the end is coming!!!!

A Funny Guy / The Poison Pen says:

Re: Bush caused my erectile dysfunction.

Jeremy you really need to get a dictionary. You also need to get some better sources for your conspiracy information. While your on the right track, by no means do you have a God-Damn clue about the real reasons behind the scenes on any of the subjects you ran off at the mouth about.

Until you grow more mature in conspiracy theory I wish you would just keep your mouse off the reply link.

You give all of us conspiracy nutzs a bad name…. hehe

BTW – for those of you that think he is totally crazy…. your totally deillusioned concerning the current state of reality as our government sees it.

ThreeToedSloth says:

Re: Re: Re: Bush caused my erectile dysfunction.

“Who gives a ### if the post has miss spelled words.”

Well, it’s not going to cost you anything to totally butcher the language, but it certainly speaks volumes about your desire to project a good image. I find it hard to believe that the poster is this illiterate, and more likely that they wanted to make a point about typos, but y’never know….

My question is this: Would you knowingly walk around in public with your fly unzipped and your shirt sticking out the open fly? No, of course not. Why? Because it looks bad.

If you’re going to post in a public forum, and you CAN spell correctly if you try, then make the effort. It’s hard for me to take anyone seriously that either doesn’t want to take the time to spell correctly, or just isn’t literate enough to spell correctly. Either way, I see someone that’s mentally lazy, hence not someone I’d put a lot of stock in for their opinion.

Just MY opinion. Bash away flunkies…..

computerhater says:

Re: Bush caused my erectile dysfunction.

yea, theres rape rooms in india, so lets go fuck with them. we started the war to look for weapons, not to liberate people. that was a backup plan. saddam may have taken over a country that wasnt 100% in his approval, but that doesnt mean he stole it.

stop watching cnn, and msnbc, and grow a brain

Anonymous Coward says:

OH no cereal killers. yum? Do they come with milk?

Before the internet there were magazines.

Before magazines there were pictures of your mom,

and before even that there was funny shapped fruit,

and so on. The egyptians even carved it into stone.. (not verifiable)

There will always be porn and its completly natural.

MOJO says:

Cambodian mobiles

… back to the Article, which was about Cambodia and mobiles (in case you’d forgotten)…. Cambodia is a beautiful but very poor country. To put the original issue into context, there would not be that many people in Cambodia that can afford a 2G mobile phone or even afford to EAT regular daily food, or even have electricity outside Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville…. So, I think saying that 3G is banned for 10 years sounds good to the moralisers but the country probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it for another 10 years anyway. Okay, you can all go back to your US religious rant.

mongoose5150 says:


Religion is a way of explaining what is not understood. If it can’t be associated with our five senses or explained by science then it must be “God” at work. I agree and disagree with a lot of you. It is a parents responsibility to censor the child, the “war was started half way around the world” so that I and my neighbor would not have to pick up our loved ones bodies from the next terrorist attack, the NSA is spying on people making foreign/international calls and Bush is banging Laura in the White House.

krum (profile) says:

Re: cereal killing

Awww! I can’t believe you beat me to that reference! Thank you for using their original name, “Green Jello” and not the Post-Lawsuit one “Green Jelly.” Apparently Kraft has a patent on “Jello.” But, porn doesn’t make you a serial killer and American’s would do something like this religious or not. There was that lawsuit recently to block the 3G spectrum auction here in the States based on “possible health effects” of 3G spectrum even though it’s used in Japan and last I checked, they’re alot healtier as whole than us. Snap…Crackle…POP!!

Sean (user link) says:


It’s pretty fucked up when people are worried about porn on a cellphone. Sure, kids could get access to it, but it’s even worse on the internet when pictures are actually.. clear?

All this bullshit about Religion and ‘Morals’ is just fucking bullshit. Who gives a fuck if your parent’s so called ‘God’ said Pornography was bad, though when you look at it, I didn’t know they had porn back in these ‘biblical’ days. And Morals? WHAT THE FUCK? 21ST CENTURY NORTH AMERICA HAS MORALS? I don’t even give a shit about Morals anymore. Burp in my face? I’ll just punch you in the face. Look at porn? I’ll give you advice on some good sites to look into!

All in all, don’t ban something just because it has a potential to supply porn to people. As a quote from NOFX – You’re Wrong, “Your religions are all flawed.”

It's me. says:

Re: Lol.

WHAT THE FUCK? 21ST CENTURY NORTH AMERICA HAS MORALS? I don’t even give a shit about Morals anymore. Burp in my face? I’ll just punch you in the face.

That’s right. You Americans are so selfish and ignorant, you don’t give a shit about morals. No wonder more than half of the world hates you.

Guess what, I’m European and about 70% of the people here think that Americans are stupid, selfish and a bunch of sheep. If you’re not following Bush, then you’re following Michael Moore. Get your own opinion, following Bush or Michael Moore is not.

gottibezos says:

Re: Re: Lol.

So you would rather that each American had a different opinion. Heck, your right we should. BUT how many times, in history, when millions of Americans agreed to do something in unison it end up saving your sorry behinds.

I refuse to let stereotypes influence my decisions about people. From what I hear Europeans are either stuck up, proper prunes or immoral heathens. But hey we still got love for ya.

David says:

Off topic, but had to post

I’m tried of Americans being Sheep! Yes I to watch the nightly news and see how the media is protraying Iraq and bush, but after watching I allways have to ask my self is that the whole true. I’m been to Iraq, just like the author of this link I don’t believe americans are receiving the entire picture of this beautiful country, and what has happen in the last three years. My Brothers and Sisters in Arms have given their lives for this country and it’s people, and you know something WE ARE WINNING! Not just for the Iraqis but for us TOO. Spend a minute or two and read this article.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Off topic, but had to post

David has it right. My daughter served a tour in Iraq and she says the media does not tell it like it is. I agree that most American’s are sheep. They are not just any sheep though, they convince themselves they are unique and different from all the other sheep. Hang in there Amereica and you too can be unique just like the next guy.

RiG0 says:

Talk to your kids.

Being anti-Bush doesn’t make you less of sheep, just sheep lead by a different Shepard.

I think most women are more worried about fair treatment in the workplace, justice for rape victims and sexual harassment over abortion. But then again, abortion is legal where I’m from and I’m not a woman.

I don’t see how banning a technology is going to slow down the spread of porn. I don’t think I’ve ever received porn on my phone. Not would I want to on such a tiny screen… It’s just something for 12 year olds to giggle at.

Talking to your kids is the only anti-drug, anti-porn and anti-violence measures that need to be taken. Parents can’t blame everyone else for screwing up they’re own children. My parents talked to me, and I will talk to my children.

Anonymous Coward says:

Morality laws

Laws based on morals which do not do any direct harm to people are rediculous. Government is meant to keep people safe, not control people’s morals and behavior. Anti-Gay laws and anti-prostitution laws do not help to keep people safe. Why is the law involved in sex at all? Sexual Harrassment is not sex, it’s harrassment.

Blaise (user link) says:

Without getting involved in all the anti-religious bigotry which started these comments out, or any of the politics which have become a conversation point now, I would just like to point out one thing based on the article…

What is so different or special about getting porn on a cellphone? Like… on some tiny screen… for starters… and second of all, can’t you… buy a magazine if you want portable porn?

I’m just saying that I really don’t see how cell phones all of the sudden open wide the door to portable porn… yes, they could make things easier, but if people want it they will get it anyways. Don’t blame the technology if it can be used for evil; the problem is with the morality of society – and that is also not something you are going to be able to change in 10 years, lol.

ThreeToedSloth says:

You’re right overwhelmed… it’s gotten off topic, but it’s all in fun, right?

Yep, we took out the taliban, but the taliban was just one player in the game. We didn’t declare war on the taliban, we declared war on terrorists and those states that support or harbor them. Iraq was one of those states, and we’re in the process of taking care of that problem.

Our country MUST take aggresive actions against all those who would do us harm. If you don’t like that, fine. We’ll pull back all our troops, leave well enough alone, sit in a circle, hold hands, and sing cum-bayah…

and the next attack on our country will leave some of you wondering why we weren’t prepared for it, and why we didn’t take steps to keep it from happening.

War stinks. Lives are lost. Folks have to stay away from home. It costs billions of dollars. But you have to ask yourself what the cost of NOT defending this country is.

And before anyone accuses me of being “pro-bush” or something, I’m not PRO anyone. I’m pro-america, irregardless of who is sitting in the “big chair”.

PopeRatzo says:

I never thought I’d see Commentary magazine recommended in a techdirt comment. It just shows how insidious the disease of neoconservativism is in this country.

We’re only seeing the beginning of the end of our freedom and the American Way of Life. As each new intrusion is introduced in the name of “protecting the children” or “spreading Democracy” or my favorite: “Family Values”, we fall deeper into an intractable totalitarianism.

Reading the mad ramblings of the President of Iran reminds me of nothing more than those of our own President Bush. Two religious fanatics seeking to remake the world in the image of some imaginary being who lives on a cloud.

The only difference is that the President of Iran probably is sincere in his madness, whereas The Little Prince, George Bush, seeks only to use fear and the madness of crowds to enrich his elite associates.

Fortunately, each day brings us closer to a “V for Vendetta” solution. As more and more people realize it’s too late for op-ed columns or elections to make a difference, they also realize that sometimes the best way to save something is to blow it up.

Double-Edged Sword says:

We’re only seeing the beginning of the end of our freedom and the American Way of Life. As each new intrusion is introduced in the name of “protecting the children” or “spreading Democracy” or my favorite: “Family Values”, we fall deeper into an intractable totalitarianism.

Wait, wasn’t it Bill Clinton’s government that gave us the “V-Chip” — a government-sponsored censorship in every television?

Republicans hate sex.

Democrats hate violence.

Both are equally guilty of trying to outlaw fun. Hillary is STILL crusading against violent video games. It cuts both ways.

One To Complain says:


All I have to say is, if you dont want to suffer the consequences, dont do it.

Dont want to go to war? then dont complain when others attack us.

Dont like cereal? Dont buy it then.

If you dont want others to force their opinions on you, then dont force YOUR opinions on them.

If a country decided to do something that does not directly affect you, why do you care?

If you dont like this country, go live somewhere else.

Knotta Sage says:

Cereal Killer am I

I eat my victims after … bathing them in milk. Truly I am sick.

And it is all due to seeing a Playboy magazine when I was 9 years old — it showed a woman’s breasts! And they were very nice.

OK, sure, one doesn’t want young kids looking at porn, or for anyone to get really obessed with it, but it might be the least of our worries – and if we instill in our kids core values (humanity, compassion, honor, generosity, to value life and people) then I think they will do OK in the end.

Bit of a double entendre there – see?! I am sick.

At what age do we give kids a cell phone – probably around puberty or later, right? At that point its not the availability of explicit materials that’s to blame for interest, it’s the kids’ hormones – nothing we can (or should) do about that!

Our best bet is to tell them not to and give them rubbers anyway.

Now I am going to go have a bowl of Frosted Flakes! Where is my cell phone!

James Savik says:


What idiocy, folly or graft can fail to be justified by IT’s FOR THE CHILDREN?

You know what? SCREW THE CHILDREN. THEY ARE F-ING CHILDREN- they don’t vote, don’t pay taxes and if you would actually ask them they would tell you to shove most of the things done in their name.

What is done “for the children” by politicians is always for the politicians- it doesn’t matter if it’s Hillery in DC or “Auntie Porn” in Cambodia.

I’ll bet a C-note that the PM and “Auntie-Porn” have investments in companies that 3G technologies would harm that will take 10 years to recoup.

Whenever politicians say that “its for the children”, invoke morality or appeal to patriotism, you can be sure that there is mischief afoot.

William James says:


You cretans are absolutely amazing. It’s a wonder that you can even type on the computer. No doubt it’s with your index fingers too. Gaming and porn, those are the highlights of your days. A quality education is yours for the taking, but you’re a bunch of numbnutz. In this world, you’ll be relegated to flipping burgers or changing tires or other such menial jobs…as well you should, because you are and should be at the bottom of the social ladder. It’s too bad you’ll pass your genes on.

Spasm says:

What's wrong...

It’s easy to see what’s wrong with society. It’s a lack of education and self-discipline…an overabundance of ego. Take a look at the comments on nearly any website post. These are the people that comprise the majority of society. These are the people who are making decisions. These are the ‘tech-savvy’ and they couldn’t manage grammar, promote positive examples or even accept responsibility for their own tragic issues (mostly because they’re too busy pointing fingers) to save their sub-human asses.

If you want to fix the world, start by taking a look in the mirror, if you can stand it… Before you flame me…No, I am not perfect. Yes, I do accept responsibility for my actions and poor examples. I also strive to be a good example and study hard, even though it sux. Now, it’s your turn. Consider this: One interesting thing about ignorance is that those who suffer are among the few that don’t realize it; However, it is easy for those who do not to identify and avoid them. The only problem is that they are the majority. I sure hope this changes direction before society as a whole is viewed as a waste of skin.

It used to be mainly third-world countries that were mostly exploited and invaded. If the superpower becomes a nation of lazy, ignorant egomaniacs, you can surely expect to be invaded sometime soon. Laziness and ignorance is not what builds or even sustains superpowers but it is surely what will lead to their downfall. Do yourself (and society) a favor and get an education…before those who have one lose their patience.

BlackCow (user link) says:


I dunno how often do you spell serial? By the way this is the funniest discussion I have ever seen! Its funny how like a huge chuck of the bandwith on the internet is used for p0rn and yet hardely anyone admits to watching it. And what is with all this “kids shouldent be watching p0rn”, u kno what I dont think adults should be watching p0rn, it has negitive effects on their elderly minds. Its ok for kids tho 😛 I think im going to eat some frosted flakes now.

DraconianClown says:

Cambodian Porno -vs- Cambodian Food

They … uh, serve that in yucky peanut sauce I think. Seriously, the manner in which people copulate is as boring as Cambodian food. Although, I suppose it is somehow related in Zen fashion by the nature of limited norishment leading to desparate starvation driven to mad extremes by the imagination.

bob says:

since when is religion irrational?

I find it disheartening and sickening to find that so many uninformed people believe that religious beliefs are the products of stupidity and fanticism because they grow out of neither. There are lots of good arguments for religion and morality, more than i can list here. One example would be a philosophy known as “Pascal’s Wager”. It’s pretty simple, essentialy if there is no God and you live as if there is there is no punishment (and in my opinion beneifts) but if there IS a God you are infinately rewarded for living accordingly and infinately punished for living otherwise. Kind of a “better safe than sorry” approach. This is not an attempt to ‘christianize’ anyone, you are entiteled to your beliefs just as I am entitled to mine. I’m just attempting to dispell this myth that religion is irrational, it is fundamentaly rational, it is fundamentaly rational and I have yet to find a more satisfactory way to reconcile my existance.

icepick314 says:

so who cares?

besides some French mobile telecom losing a little profit, who cares what Cambodia does?

but I do feel bad for the companies who wants to invest in Cambodia…they bring new technologies and economy to the country and this ban may inconvience them without high speed mobile connection…

if enough big businesses protest, the government may reverse the decision….

BlackCow says:

lemme guess...

Replying to “It’s me”, who wrote that incredibly stuck up anti American message, I just want to take a guess. I bet you are French. I say that because so many French people I have seen online are huge assholes. Let me just tell your that 70% of the people here hate the French. Now is every French person a stuck up asshole? Yes!… erm no, but people like you sure make it seem that way. Is every American rude? No, but people like “Sean” make it seem that way. (And Sean was probably just kidding) Now this is assuming you are French, if you aren’t well, your still an asshole. And 100 % of the world’s population hates you! So go screw!

Anonymous Coward says:

So what alternatives are there...

… for Cambodians who want wireless porn?

Not that I care all that much, seeing as I’m about as likely to find myself looking for wireless porn in Cambodia as I am to become a cerial killer (sorry I couldn’t resist).

But I am curious as to what this actually means tecnically. Is there some other standard that is still ok there?

David says:

I can believe I keep coming back to read these com

WoW! An aticle about 3G Phones, has sparked so many off the wall conversations. It’s kind of funny though! I’m not even sure who’s flaming who anymore.

Porn- good or bad? There’s a lot of gray area here. Is there something wrong with a naked female or male body? Heck no, but what about ten guys preforming a circle jerk around a girls face? I have to ask my self do I want my kids watching this. Do I want them to grow up believing that it’s morally right?(regardless of religion) NO. Am I going to shelter them and keep them from see this at a early age? Yes. Would I stand by and let the government do it for me? NO because I’ll raise my kids how I what to good or bad.

Do I think they should ban this tech, heck no, all those lazy parrents should get off their fat @ss and watch out for their “OWN” kids. Heck I all ready do that on the computer and the Television.

BTW Bayne, next time I go to Iraq I would love to take you with me!

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