Plaxo Spam Patented… By Someone Else

from the oops dept

We’ve had our problems with Plaxo’s business model in the past, but to find out that someone else had already patented their business model and is now suing them for it, seems a bit silly. It’s yet another case where we have to ask what is the societal benefit here? What was wrong with letting the various competitors in this space simply compete in the market, rather than granting a monopoly to one of them?

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Comments on “Plaxo Spam Patented… By Someone Else”

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Pongidae says:

Re: benefit

Off Topic:

    Actually he meant Societal, which is defined as “Of or relating to the structure, organization, or functioning of society.”

    You really should look up the meaning of a word you don’t recognize or understand before trying to correct someone else’s grammar. Always remember, it is better to sit in silence and appear ignorant, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Sorry about the flame and for getting way off topic but this is a pet peeve of mine. People in general should think, get their facts straight and only then make comment.

On Topic:

    This story would have been humorous if the company holding the patent was going to use it to stop the spammer industry. Sadly there is no such luck with this type of “bottom feeding” industry.
Daniel (profile) says:

Oh and don't forget the fact that Monopolies are I

Also, if you grant a monopoly to one person, they don’t have to compete against others to maintain their profitibility. In this case, that means whoever has this patent doesn’t have to try very hard (read ‘send LOTS of spam’) to be competitive. Again, less spam for me! How’s THAT for a ‘societal benefit’?

Scott says:

About Plaxo SPAM....

It’s annoying to get the plaxo spam messages, but then I finally decided to give it a try. And I have to admit, it’s pretty damn useful.
I think the US Patent Office should use the same model…
When someone signs up for a Patent of a “business process”, the Patent office sends an Email to EVERYBODY just letting them know that someone has applied for a patent on something, and then lets you sign up and makes suggestions on things that you could apply for a patent for.



All I can say is that I hate Plaxo. People like having little nice graphics at the bottom of their email, but uploading your entire contact list for the cost of that is in the realm of pure SPAM when you business all of a sudden starts getting email from them asking you to sign up for their service. Then to bundle it in with AOL Triton Instant Messenger is Insane. PLAXO YOU SUCK.

Business Plaxo Hater says:


If you don’t mind your whole contact lists being stored on some server that you don’t own and don’t know who has access to it and your company doesn’t mind all their email addresses on it and everyone getting spam from them, then feel free to use it but just make sure that every single one of your contacts knows that your going to upload your contacts to them ahead of time and that they will get plaxo spam in the future.

Companies offering things for Free raises big question marks in my mind. Nothing is free. Free to me means that I will get adware or Spam for compensation.

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Plaxo

There is plenty of free software available

without the risk of spam, adware or other

noxious content.

It’s sad that in the end the nice people get

lumped in with the jerks and everyone is under


I don’t know which I despise more, companies that

spam or people that buy from companies that spam.

There must be a lot of overweight, dysfunctional,

midget penises in need of a low interest rate

mortgage and cut-rate prescription drugs in this


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