Streamcast Realizes eBay Is The One With The Money

from the that's-who-you-sue dept

Back in January the news broke that Streamcast, makers of the Morpheus file sharing software, had sued Skype and its founders over a fairly convoluted relationship between Skype, its founders and Kazaa — with whom Streamcast had a deal at the time. The complex details are all at that link above. Of course, one of the weird things was that the lawsuit named Skype’s founders and Skype itself… but not eBay, who famously bought Skype for a few spare billion dollars. Apparently someone over at Streamcast figured this out, and decided to amend the complaint to add eBay. Wonder if anything about these types of lawsuits were included in the earnout provisions of the original eBay/Skype deal.

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Comments on “Streamcast Realizes eBay Is The One With The Money”

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1 Who Cares says:

wow.. another blog..

*ahem* well, I believe the Streamcast and Skype should get together and identfy and work out their differences by building upon their similarities.. that’s for the tree-hugging bush basher!

*ahem* also, if they can not work it out by themselves, an additional goverment arm should be attached to the current 230-year-old monster, which grabs them all in one gigantic fist and shakes some sense into them.. that’s for the bush boosters!

*ahem* plus, uh.. what’s a freakin’ skype?

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