Apple's New Laptops Not Intended For Use On Laps

from the hotter-hotter-fuego-fuego dept

There have been a lot of reports about how hot the bottoms of Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops get, but apparently the high temperature isn’t the problem — rather that the laptops aren’t actually supposed to be used on your lap. The computer’s manual warns that “prolonged contact with your body could cause discomfort and potentially a burn”, saying the machines should instead be used on a desk or flat surface. A computer to be used on a desk — wouldn’t that make it, um, a desktop?

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Comments on “Apple's New Laptops Not Intended For Use On Laps”

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mekdim says:

Re: Re:

I recently bought my Macbook and stupid me, it never cross my mind it has a health impact or side effect. most of the time I was working on the laptops by putting it on my laps. Now I realized the I’m having a pain on my bladder and kidney side. I kinda freaked out it might be the laptops because i ‘m a very health young man with no medical problem history. Guys, besides burning skin it may affect internal organs too.

robert says:

Re: This came up a few months ago

When computer companies started coming out with portable machines there was a differentiation between “notebooks” and “laptops”. The difference was one had a battery and one required a cord respectively. As the years flip, notebooks have kept more portable then their beefy sibling the notebook at the cost of functionality. Each has their place in the computing commuting world. It’s all about what you need.

I agree I haven’t used either that has not been uncomfortable warm on the lap after more than 30 minutes.

Joshua Martin says:

Re: I love it.

On a cold winter night, you cant beat sat in bed with one of these babies on your lap. And turning up the heat is a easy as turning on a load of useless, CPU draining app’s. Its awesome. Plus, in college, I find that a fun game to play with your mates/ colleagues is to see how long you can keep your finger on the strip of metal above the keyboard when its at its hottest.

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

That's why...

I bought a fan cooler to place under my notebook. The first time I used my computer on my lap was the last time. I take it as a fact of life, computers will be hot! Then again, I didn’t buy a Macbook Pro, or even a Core Duo Machine.

In fact I bought a Toshiba A105 with a 2Ghz Pentium. Better bang for my buck when I bought it on clearance, and it doesn’t have that pesky USB power draw issue that the Windows Core Duo machines have.

Inso (user link) says:

Re: hmm

typical windows user….

I personally use windows and mac os x (tiger)……windows for gamming only….mac for my djing….

my mac os x has never crashed on me, period….my windows xp pc crashes every now and then…

for a long time i have always thought apple products suck, why you ask? Because it’s proprietary, and way over price…

Well, after using the same programs on both windows and mac os x (tiger)….my conclusion is apple is better for what i do…

windows is good for my gaming, and mac is good for my djing…

remember mac is designed for artistic reasons example: graphic designing, music, photography

my father in-law uses apple because apple products are best for photography..he teaches photography at a community collage…..he uses 35mm and digital

so don’t sit there hiding yourself behind a keyboard and mouse stating apple sucks and not explain yourself why it sucks….

besides, your comment had nothing to do about the topic in the first place….

Jack says:

pfffftt...who cares

every laptop i have evr used gets quite hot on ur lap. it would have to be a pretty shitty computer not to get hot, or it would have to be massive and have lots of fans and heatsinks

its not as if its touching ur bare skin anyways, unless ur wearing really short shorts or ur naked or something.

all the thnkpads i use get hot, apples gets hot, and theyre the only laptops i would use, so its sorta a fact of life for me

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