93% Of Domain Reigistrations For Scam Sites?

from the domains-for-nothing-and-your-clicks-for-free dept

zanek writes “ICANN’s five day money-back period for domain name buyers has created a new, highly profitable industry. Some are accusing investors of colluding with registrars to continually buy blocks of domain names, publish pay-per-click advertising pages, return the blocks for a refund, then buy them again. Others simply throw back nonproductive domains before the time’s up. Either way, ICANN loses its fees, and those looking for great domain names can’t find any.” There have been a few stories about this, but it hasn’t been clear just how widespread this is. In the article, the claim is made that an astounding 93% of domain names registered last month were for such scams — though, it would be nice to see something to back that up. Either way, consider this the next evolution of the typosquatting obsession.

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Comments on “93% Of Domain Reigistrations For Scam Sites?”

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imanenigma says:

The idea that a little fish (like me) in a big sea has to wait or pay ransome for a domain name that is being used for pay per click really creates indignation.

If you have no legitimate reason for the domain…. just give it up.. why profit from people’s typing mistakes? and stop the little fish from running a small website for his/her family or small business….

Andrew Pollack (profile) says:

A solution, which of course won't gain support....

…would be to include an extension dns field which indicates from the registrar the date when the domain was registered. Personally, I would deny mail from domains less than 14 days old. This would resolve 99% of the spam that comes through with valid SPF records and would make SPF a much more powerful tool.

duhblow7 says:

There is a very simple solution.

When I wrote about the .EU Landrush abuse I not only exposed what was going on – I also provided what I thought was a workable solution. In this case, there is also a very simple solution that would clean this entire thing up quickly.

ICANN can fix the entire problem with its 25 cent fee.

Presently, ICANN gets a 25 cent fee on each and every .COM name (and others) kept past the grace period. The ICANN fee is tabulated by each registrar and paid quarterly. A small change here would fix this problem entirely.

Simply make the fee non-refundable.

I propose we make the ICANN fee non-refundable upon the registration of every domain name, and have it debited out of the funds on deposit at the Registry. The net effect of this would be every time a domain name is registered, the registrar would have to pay ICANN 25 cents. This would bring the add/drop scheme to a screeching halt.

-Bob Parsons

Karinyan Aristofas says:


I’m one of those “evil” guys ur talking ’bout. Got a huge domain portfolio… So around 2300 names I have recently.

And I try a lot of domain names. I register dozens, try & see if they work, then return ’em if they don’t…

Lately I’m doing around $40k+/ month.

What I wanted to say is, shut your !%!$# mouth until you can make that much from whatever you do. What I’m doing is perfectly legal, and the fact that it bothers a couple of lousers like you doesn’t make a difference 2 me.


Denfro Licious says:

Re: yes...


I run three legit websites, with only 9 domains, from home and I gross nearly double your monthly income. True you are making good money however your ratio is 40,000 to 2300 = $17 per domain per month. Don’t forget that 2300 domains minus yearly renewals also takes a good chunk of cash. Why not take 3 of your websites and make them worthy of the internet? That way you can remove your 2297 remaining domains and let people who will actually put them to good use register them. 🙂

John M (user link) says:

Domain Name Problems

I agree with all of you, except Mr. “I make click through sites- I am so cool” up there.

Any moron can make money taking advantage of bad public policy. The problem is people like you make the Internet filled with more dead space, rather than valuable information. In short, the entire world is more ignorant because of you, and that will be your legacy.

But don’t worry, the law will catch up with you, and others like you; just like it did with the cybersquatters. TM law is very much going in that direction, and suits brought under a theory of dillution are likely to continue in their expansion.

If all goes well, when the law changes you will be sued and lose all of your money. If not, you can pass down the family business so your children can say “My father made the world dimmer, and so will I”.

dee dee dee sir, dee dee dee


farzad says:


there is a fake company by the name Global Cell Plaza,
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I hope this will help other peope

Best regards

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