LOTR Choreographer Forces 1-Click Patent Reexam

from the more-than-one-click-to-get-the-re-exam dept

theodp writes “Citing a ‘substantial new question of patentability’ raised by material submitted by Lord of the Rings weaponry and fight choreographer Peter Calveley, the USPTO on Friday ordered a reexamination of Amazon’s 1-Click Patent. As noted earlier, Calveley sought donations to fund the $2,500 reexam request on his blog.” This story is an interesting one, and our past coverage of it notes some of the history of this (in)famous patent. However, the process this guy had to go through in order to get the re-exam (combined with the effort of others in the past) show just how much it takes to question the validity of a patent as a third party — and this is one the patents often held up as an example of just how much is wrong with the patent system. Patent defenders, of course, will claim it’s a good thing that it’s not easy to question the validity of patents — but when questionable patents cost the market innovative products and cost companies hundreds of millions of dollars, it would seem that a better system would make sense.

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Comments on “LOTR Choreographer Forces 1-Click Patent Reexam”

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angry dude says:

Idiots !

“1-click patent” is actually a GOOD patent, as strange as it sounds.

You need to compare it to thousands of other patents issued to MShit and other big corps whining about patent quality.

If they cancel 1-click patent they might just want to cancel 90 % of all MS, Intel and other BS patents…

I know what I am talking about because I’ve been reading through this patent junk for years by now.

angry dude says:

Re: Re: then you missed something...

I guess it’s you who missed something,

Tim O’Oreily was running a bounty compaign to uncover prior art on “1-click patent” a few years ago.

The compaign produced a lot of junk, but no valid prior art, so Tim even issued a sort of apology to Jeff Bezos.

John W. says:

Re: Angry Dude

>”1-click patent” is actually a GOOD patent, as strange as it sounds. You need to compare it to thousands of other patents issued to MShit and other big corps whining about patent quality.

Wow, the depth of your stellar argument has me convinced this is a good patent. The use of “MShit” really helps too.

>”I know what I am talking about because I’ve been reading through this patent junk for years by now.”

Well, your credentials certainly are impeccable.

angry dude says:

Re: Re: Angry Dude

Hey, John,

just shut up and listen to somebody with a Ph.D. and 2 MS degrees, and one issued (and very valid) US patent.

“1-click” patent is nothing spectacular, but it’s a rather clever and useful use of cookies to faciloitate internet ordering.

If you have enough backgrouind in CS which I doubt, you can call it obvious, by todays view.

Keep in mind though that it was filed early in the e-commerce days, much like Eolas patents was…

In any case, “1- click” is a lot better that many of the MShit patents I was reading lately.

Ben says:

Re: Re: Re: Angry Dude

No one is saying that 1-click is bad, its just to obvious to be patentable, granted is Amazon never used the patent to try and hinder anyone else i’d be fine with having it as a patent.

oh and if you actualy want people to take you seriously dont tell them to shut up. it’s rude angry dude. and stop calling Microsoft MShit cause your jealous of there success.

angry dude says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Angry Dude

” stop calling Microsoft MShit cause your jealous of there success.”

I am not jealous of anybody’s success as long as it’s THEIR success and it’s not based on somthing they stole from me or some otehr small guy.

Unfortunately, they steal all the time cause they are so fucking big and might y powerful so it takes some little guy over ten years just to start litigation.

Fucking genious Bill – bought some underused OS for 50 K

sold vaporware to IBM, killed poor Netscape

Open your eyes, moron, the big guys atre getting bigger by stealing from the small and more innovative.

You must be liking this so go and sing along weith that fat pig Steve Ballmer, you know “Developers , developers…”

Bunch of crooks

John W. says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Angry Dude

Dude, this isn’t proving your point, it’s proving mine. You must not be able to see how stupid you sound when you have to resort to calling people moron or fat pig, or telling them to shut up. Now I’m no fan of MS, but you still haven’t made a valid point. Rhetoric like “they steal all the time…” and “they’re getting bigger by stealing from the small and more innovative” is simply rubbish. Sure they’ve been monopolistic and tried to bully other companies a bit, but they’ve also paid financially for that too. If a company does real harm to people or other companies by illegal means, eventually the market or the government will catch up to and they’ll lose their shirt.

By the way, Microsoft’s giving away of IE to subvert Netscape can hardly be seen as stealing. They provided something for free that Netscape wanted money for. We the consumer haven’t had to pay for a decent browser ever since. How dare they!

And you know nothing about my background nor have I hinted to it, so how can you say I probably don’t have any “CS” experience? BS in Computer Science, working in IT for 9 years now. But notice I didn’t start off with credentials to try to bolster my point. People around here know that any dope with a web browser can type “Oh I gotz 2PhD’s and a masta digree” but it doesn’t meen they do, so it’s kinda pointless to use that yourself don’t ya think?


Rob says:

Re: Re: Re: Angry Dude

No wonder you’re angry. All those qualifications and people still don’t bow down to your superior intellect.

-Keep in mind though that it was filed early in the e-commerce -days, much like Eolas patents was…

being early on the internet was exactly what allowed Jeff to bag an obvious patent. It doesn’t make it non-obvious. What he did was use the existing technology (which was not well understood/explored) to implement an obvious process improvement. Then he gave it a name. Sure he was first. Sure it was a good use of the technology. But imagine he hadn’t done it. How many months would have passed before someone did?

Now go and think about why you’re so angry. Is it really ‘everyone else’?

Howard (user link) says:

Another patent in the news...

The Ebay “buy-it-now” patent dispute appeal is coming to a head (again).

As for a prior poster’s claim that 90% of MS patents being questionable, I spent considerable time reading patents in several areas of my own interested, and I have come to the conclusion that at least 90% of ALL patents are junk.

Violins and Accessories

kjpweb says:

Patent Issue

Reading comments on Tech Dirt – I wonder what has to happen, that people stick to the issues at hand?

Instead of discussing the 1-click patent for it’s virtues or the lack thereof – MS Opponents have to bring their distaste for the company into play – as they do in almost any computer related issue – might it fit or not. These people are equally as annoying as their the target of their obession, they just don’t notice it.

For the “1-click” patent I believe that any patent, that does not provide a unique and technology based approach and can’t be re-created without the use of that approach has to be re-examined and eventually de-patented.

namellac says:

One Button Theory...

I’ve been a programmer for 15 years – This one button theory is not an original concept. It’s been around since the pre-DOS days. If anything, this is a variation on an old theme.

I need something to total my sales for the day, balance my books, make deposits slips, cut payroll checks, and pay bills –

Can you put that on one button?

ehrichweiss says:

Re: One Button Theory...

Exactly. I too have been programming for quite a while and this didn’t even seem remotely non-obvious no matter what year they filed for the patent.

I swear I should have patented “visual programming” back when I had the chance since back then I simply thought it was sooo obvious that it couldn’t be patented…it took almost 10 years before someone picked up on it.

tijir (profile) says:

Patent Re-Exam....

The Supreme Court ruled in the Ebay case that lower courts need to re-exam patents before putting an injunction in place, which means a lot of patent trolls could be out of business, as well as a lot of other patent holders on unpatentable ideas… http://www.forbes.com/home/businessinthebeltway/2006/05/15/ebay-scotus-patent-ruling-cx_jh_0516scotus.html

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