Games Within Games So Successful They Leave The Game

from the figured-it-out-yet? dept

Clive Thompson points out how a developer created an amazingly popular game within the virtual world of Second Life called Tringo. That, alone, isn’t all that interesting. However, the game became so successful within Second Life that the developer was able to have the game made outside of Second Life, and back here in… um… First Life the real world. Anyway, it’s interesting to see that he was basically able to not just prototype the game within the virtual world, but also build up a big enough following that there was clear demand outside the virtual world for a more traditional version of the game.

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Comments on “Games Within Games So Successful They Leave The Game”

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Mathew Schlabaugh says:

Virtual Lawyers & Police...LOL

Way to go Clive… watch out for the virtual lawyers in Second Life they may try to claim that because you made it in their game they own it… I read an article on here a while back about how someone hacked the game to gain property and they killed his account and he sued them or something. Watch out they may kill your account and try to claim original copyright to it… J/K But does sound like something they would try to do since I heard that last article… You would think the people at Second Life would want to make it more like real life and build virtual police to try and enforce the rules…LOL

Andrew Strasser says:

Game developing.

My mother and I have been game developers for a few years now. I’ve learned a lot from different games I’ve played along the way. We’ve learned from software what is capable and are always continuing in development of any and all aspects of gaming. This is something my mother has devoted her life to through wanting to create a gaming environment for the blind. We learn from everywhere we go. She’s currently taking more college courses to try to learn more about it.

Kermitt says:

Tringo GBA is already out

The GBA version of Tringo has been on sale for a couple of weeks. Here’s a link to it on…
Tringo GBA at Amazon

In regards to that laywer thing mentioned at the top… the guy actually found a backdoor that let him circumvent the land aution system and he was able to pick up a heap of land for next to nothing. So apparently LL banned his account and recovered the land. Still ongoing AFAIK.

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