Would Spam Work Better If It Were Funny?

from the well,-people-might-pay-more-attention dept

Jeremy Wagstaff has been collecting amusing names that spammers use in their messages. He’s far from the only one to do so. There are various collections of the more amusing spammer names out there. However, Wagstaff suggests in putting out this latest list that spam might be a lot more effective if the spammers actually figured out a way to be amusing in their spam messages. While most people probably have an emotional belief that spam is bad… perhaps more people would read it if the spam was amusing. Of course, given the typical content of spam messages these days, it seems hard to believe that most spammers have much in the way of a sense of humor. And, given the intensely negative reaction that so many people (including us) get to any spam message — it seems like the comedic bar would have to be pretty high to get most recipients past the feeling of being pissed off at the spam.

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Comments on “Would Spam Work Better If It Were Funny?”

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throbi says:

Gimmi ur jockes!

I live in China and I do spam. I generate sender names out of a dictionary. I randomly pick 2 words.

Thank you for the ideea. I`ll go out and buy some dvds with jokes in english and I will randomly attach one to each spam.

Or maybe I’ll do some content matching: viagra-jokes for viagra spam 🙂

Just wait for the fun!

spam happens says:

Of course...

This is a no-brainer In the same fashion that many of you will forward jokes and chain emails to your entire address book, you would be delegated spammers. Even in “white-list” email environments, spam would find it’s way to you. Of course, if it actually gave something (entertainment, in this case) back to you other than increased network traffic, decreased hard disk space, and a complete waste of time, would it still be considered spam?

Dale Albiston says:

Spam funny?

to me a definition of spam that works is as follows:

“Email i didn’t want”

Make it funny, as in actually worth while reading and its closer to one of the better TV ads. I.e. a sometimes funny distraction, yes its selling but so what?

it would make a nice change anyway. and if well done would be one way round some of the better spam filters out there, since in way it wouldn’t be spam…

light at the end of the tunnel?

probably not, but who knows?

Aaron says:

Maybe, but....

I think when there are millions of spam messages sent every hour, the ‘evolution’ rate would be pretty high. You’d think spammers should be able to learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t, and with a cost near zero, there’s no disincentive to trying new things to see what works.

IOW, if spammers had half a brain, they would have figured out the most effective ways to get responses a decade ago.

Topher3105 (profile) says:

What, it ISN'T funny?

Sorry, when I get spam from Georgeta Demertitis about CtAl1ds and V1aGta or from Nilofer Blakeslee asking me if I want to be an FBI or CIA agent, I find that pretty humerous.

The way to make SPAM work, is not to make it spam, period. If spam was legitimate advertising for legitimate products by legitimate companies, then I would consider looking at spam. The problem is, they tend to be from phishing websites or scam artists trying to rip me off or finding ways of corrupting my computer.

The best way to make spam work is to get rid of the scam!

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