Skype Waiting To Pounce On iTunes

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If it was inferred in the post last week about Skype’s revenue growth that we doubted Skype’s prospects, we take it all back. Skype’s plans have made believers out of us, as the eBay unit has now signed a deal with EMI Music Publishing that paves the way for it to sell music downloads and ringtones on its web site. While Skype was already in the lucrative VoIP ringtone business, selling music downloads will help it stand out from… well, nobody, really, since anybody and everybody is doing it these days. The logic here is really hard to see. Skype isn’t a service with which consumers associate buying music, and it’s unclear how it could profitably sell music and compete with iTunes, the 800-pound gorilla in the space. Perhaps they’ll follow the iTunes model and use the tracks as a loss leader to try and attract people to Skype — but that would be even more questionable, since it doesn’t seem like Skype does a great job of turning downloaders into paying customers. Update: It sounds like maybe Skype isn’t planning to sell full tracks, after all, saying the deal is just for ringtones.

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Comments on “Skype Waiting To Pounce On iTunes”

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Antimatter says:

Re: Re:

Well, I’d say the main reason is that first of all, the artists won’t see a penny from your purchase, and second it’s kind of a legal gray area. That said, I won’t pay money for anything with DRM on it (both out of principle and because with the inconvenience and bad quality it’s not even a good value) so I end up using it because it’s a) convenient and b) less illegal šŸ™‚

But yeah, in general I agree.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Because its practically illegal???

Instead of using profanity – you might start using your brains.

Allofmp3 is based in Russia – where most US lawas dont apply – even certain extreme types of ponography is legal there. Read the legalese (pasted below) in particuar this:

“The user bears sole responsibility for any use and distribution of all materials received from This responsibility is dependent on the national legislation in each user’s country of residence. The Administration of does not possess information on the laws of each particular country and is not responsible for the actions of foreign users”

This means that if possesing the tracks in your country (say US) is illegal, it doe snot matter that you downloaded it from allofmp3 – they are not going to help you if you are ordered to pay a couple of hundred thousand dollar fines – if I were you, I would use my brains and not publically go about parading the fact that you use allofmp3 if you live in the US.


Read on…

The availability over the Internet of the materials is authorized by the license # LS-3Šœ-05-03 of the Russian Multimedia and Internet Society (ROMS) and license # 006/3M-05 of the Rightholders Federation for Collective Copyright Management of Works Used Interactively (FAIR). In accordance to the licenses’ terms MediaServices pays license fees for all materials downloaded from the site subject to the Law of the Russian Federation “On Copyright and Related Rights”. All these materials are solely for personal use. Any further distribution, resale or broadcasting are prohibited.

The works available from are protected by the Law of the Russian Federation “On Copyright and Related Rights” and are for personal use of a buyer. Commercial use of such material is prohibited. Recording, copying, distribution on any media is possible only upon special consent of a Rightholder.

The user bears sole responsibility for any use and distribution of all materials received from This responsibility is dependent on the national legislation in each user’s country of residence. The Administration of does not possess information on the laws of each particular country and is not responsible for the actions of foreign users

Nephilim2038 says:


Installed it yesterday on windows xp with all service packs installed.

It fails to run, entering a debug mode looking for borland libraries.

Of course, the artists might actually like the royalties they receive from iTunes, as well. And since I buy rather than steal just because I want at least a few cents of every purchase to go to the artists, I’d rather use a legitimate service.

I’ll stick with iTunes.

jean says:

Re: Skype is the best

Skpe is the best – in most parts of the world. We’ve been using it for nearly a year to talk to the US and UK but over the past month or so, we’ve had problems and we’ve heard that China is refusing to issue a license to Skpe and is cracking down on voLP. So now skype only seems to work well on weekends when I guess, the employees of China Telecom are off work.

tony (user link) says:

CD's need to be better priced

I also hate DRM, and I think I want to go back to buying CD’s, but they have to be reasonably priced. I won’t hold my breathe though.

As for the russian website, I have used it in the past, out of curiousity, but I no longer participate – the artists need to make a living, and this site is stealing from them. It may be legal in russia, but certainly not in the rest of the world. Ethically speaking, it is not in any part of the world.

Ward says:

Well first of all, thans for posting 3 times to assure we read what is ignorant. There is no P2P program related to AllOfMP3. It is Russian- and thats why RIAA cant touch them. I pay for it so my conscious is clear. Either way f**k iTunes and the RIAA. If the band is good they will go on tour and I will buy a ticket to see them, giving them as close-to-directly my money as I can.

My hate for iTunes stems from the fact it has the lower case “i” in front of it. iBook, iMac, iPod- I hate them all. Its an OSist thing. Long live Linux!

Pipes says:

What are we talking about?

Reader comments are so humorous to read due to how they always develop into bickering between the readers about something completely unrelated to the article ‘under discussion’. These readers selfishly take control of the subject and manipulate it to push their own agenda, thereby, discrediting the discussion forum. The laugh is nice, but wouldn’t it be more beneficial if we toned-back this user-generated garbage in favor of something to help others shape an opinion about the original topic? People, please!

Brian says:

support itunes = support DRM

Why use itunes, your music is limited to few devicescomputers. Sure you can burn to cd convert to .wma and copy back, but why support that. Let us download the songs in a format the we want and let the consumer be responsible for not braking copyright laws. They need to to trust their paying customers, go after those who steal and share.

AnarChoas says:

Re: sell music on ebay

Better read the fine print bud on the inside of the jacket…

“duplication in whole or in part… not for resale… without prior consent of the artists and their advocates…”

yodda yodda –

granted, not verbatim, but you get the gist of it

in Canada I seed as much as I leech =P

Hey RIAA, what did you say about me downloading music to replace my old tapes and CD’s that no longer work??

Anonymous Coward says:


1) Skype is a cool thing. If they can reach the masses and have a successful business model selling music (either as computer/cd useable or as ringtones), great. More power to them.

2) does not pay anything to the artists, their heirs, their families, their anything… Period. Just because their website makes it available to you and you pay money for it – doesn’t make it right, legal, or justified. Without debating Intellectual Property, property rights, copyrights, or other legal aspects, look at it this way: Someone in Russia is taking money for a “product” that they don’t have ANY permission to resell.

blahblah says: DOES support artists...

just not all the other companies that usually take the majority of the profits off the sale of an album. Thats why they can offer the songs for so little: the artist sees the same royalty he would see from a sale in the US but the record companies don’t get anything. Do a little research and you’ll see that is more popular in europe than iTunes for obvious reasons… cheaper, no DRM, and the government doesn’t pass stupid laws with a nod and a wink to the record companies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: DOES support artists...

Your statement is not true. Period. I know from personal experience. I get no checks, nor do my musician friends whose music is sold there.

If iTunes pays out .70$ per tune, and the artist sees 25-90% of the revenues, how is zero cents from getting more money to the artists?

Don’t spread lies to justify using

blahblah says:


all the research i’ve found on the net has stated that according to russian law, is required to pay royalties to the artists for each download. The record companies are payed a yearly flat fee and do not get a portion of royalties. Previously, I stated the record companies do not get paid at all which was wrong… according to various sources on the net. now, if you’re not recieving your royalties then is breaking russian law and you have a case and should sue… if you have any evidence or references that state the opposite of what I’ve found, I would like to read them so let me know

Boris Jacobsen says:

less than 3 to 7 cents, actually

My ex-band’s management has had lawyers write to itunes. itunes has an agreement with my ex-band’s ex-record label, who ripped us off completely. itunes can ‘accept no responsibility’ for the fact that we’re being ripped off and claims to have a ‘bona fide’ contract with our ex-record label.

So we’re screwed both ways.

Fuck the lot of them. Buy from

My ex-band’s album is there too. And we’ve had a small amount of money from them via the PRS (Performing Right Society, a UK collection agency). Not as much as we should have had contractually, but a lot more than ZERO that itunes have paid us.

Derek (user link) says:

A better tomorrow

I’m going to keep this short, but we are working on developing a new music service that should blow all of this “other crap” out of the water.

To be honest, i am not an artist, but i have a lot of friends who are. Why should they get screwed around every corner? I would appreciate if all who read this head over to “” to vote in our surveys and post your comments…. In about another month or two, well be going live with our new website.

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