Gadgets Stretching The Boundaries Of Etiquette?

from the who-wants-to-hear-my-ringtone? dept

Stories about technology etiquette in the workplace are nothing new, but their regular recurrence makes it look like people’s manners aren’t getting any better. This latest story , like most of the ones that have preceded it, sort of misses the point: it’s not new technology or gadgets that’s the problem, they simply just give rude people more outlets with which to show off. Technology didn’t make these people rude, and if they weren’t annoying their co-workers with their ringtones or their constant BlackBerrying, they’d be doing something else. While it might look like the standard for acceptable behavior is changing, it really isn’t — otherwise we wouldn’t have all these articles wondering about gadget etiquette in the first place.

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Comments on “Gadgets Stretching The Boundaries Of Etiquette?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

office rudeness

i work at a pretty ‘uptight’ and fairly strict professional work environment, which makes it all the more unusual that a couple people have extremely loud and obnoxious ring tones that they let blair thru the hall for minutes

also shocking is that their ringtones could even be that loud, my razrv3’s ring tone is pretty quiet by comparison

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