Accidental Link Love From The NY Times

from the fact-checkers-are-*so*-last-millennium dept

There’s been some discussion recently over whether or not the NY Times ever links to bloggers. The concern seemed a bit overblown, as we’ve seen plenty of blog links from the NYT on occasion — including one to us every once in a while. However, we were a bit surprised this weekend to find a very prominent link to Techdirt in a NY Times article entitled: Capitalism on the Cob — an article about the business potential of corn. Specifically, the article focuses on a book by Michael Pollan, who we’re sure must be a very interesting guy. The NY Times talks about Pollan’s views, making sure to note certain statements that Pollan made in an interview with us here at Techdirt… which, amazingly enough, is news to all of us at Techdirt, who are almost entirely unfamiliar with Mr. Pollan or his views on corn. Clearly, it’s a mistake, and mistakes do happen. It doesn’t take sophisticated research skills to work out that the actual interview takes place at a site called Not that a link from the NY Times actually drives much traffic (seriously), but I figured we might as well post this for those of you hitting the page, looking for an interview with some guy we’re unfamiliar with. In the meantime, we know that newspaper fact checkers have gone out of style these days, but it seems like the least a news organization like the NY Times could do is check to make sure the blogs they do link to actually have the stories they’re supposed to have. Update: Well, it only took them two days, and this particular story for them to fix the link… and to change the URL of the original article so our link no longer works. No “correction” notice on the page, either, which you would expect.

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Comments on “Accidental Link Love From The NY Times”

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tora1188 says:

NYT? Truth?

Since when was the NYT (or any Print/TV news media source, including FOX) have ANY interest in realying true or factual information? I know im kind of blowing this out of proportion, but if a news source like the NYT cant even get a simple external link straight, it leads me to wonder what other “mistakes” they have made in the past or going into the future…

txjump says:

Re: NYT? Truth?

it leads me to wonder what other “mistakes” they have made in the past or going into the future…

please tell me you don’t wonder too hard. 😉

half of the news reported is overstatement, understatement, extra fluff or they leave important details out.

i stopped watching the news all together. if i really want to know about something i read multiple articles to try to get the whole story. “news” is so sensationalized it’s rediculous.

when people want to talk about some “news” story, i usually just tell them i don’t have an opinion yet cause i don’t know the whole story.

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