A Little Hiccup With The Comments — Our Apologies

from the sorry-about-that dept

As a few of you noted via email this morning, it seemed like our comments weren’t working on the site. It seems that the anti-comment-spam system we’ve been using went a little haywire and appears to have sent a bunch of comments down a blackhole somewhere. Obviously, this is not a good thing — and we’re redoing some of the code to make it a bit more durable (sending someone down the blackhole to retrieve the comments apparently is not recommended). Apologies all around… but please feel free to repost any comments you may have made earlier. We really regret the inconvenience and are working to make it unlikely to happen again.

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Comments on “A Little Hiccup With The Comments — Our Apologies”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: coverup

I sense a coverup. A decided lack of stories this morning. What kind of virus was it?

Huh? Who said it was a virus? It wasn’t. It was just that the comment spam filter went down, and since all comments run through that filter, the comments all disappeared. We now have it set to bypass the filter if the system goes down again.

Man if it doesn’t filter this, it isn’t working.

Wouldn’t you think that the comment spam system is a bit more sophisticated? How many comment spam comments use the phrase “comment spam”?

Mike in Arkansas (user link) says:

anti-comment-spam system ... went a little haywire

I don’t like any kind of spam…

canned spam, fried spam, broiled spam, or boiled spam…

e-mail spam, comment spam…

spam blogs and spam pages – (content is worthless and not original, but rates high on the search engines; pulls in traffic that may click on ads)…

While I don’t get a lot of visitors to my blog, Out ‘n About, about half the ones that do get through are comment spam.

I hate spam of any kind!

Professor Highbrow says:

I wondered wtf was going on

spam spam spam buy viagra here now. only four dollah.

Im am going to sue you for making my comments disappear.

Actually, I’m just not gonna post on here or read it anymore, because Techdirt sucks now. Wasn’t bad for a while though, but all good things must come to an end I guess.

Professor Highbrow has retired from Techdirt

–Prof. Highbrow.

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