Korean Trolls Get A Ten Post Limit

from the choose-your-trolling-carefully dept

As any “open forum” provider learns soon enough (assuming it has some amount of traffic), spam and trolls come as part of the bargain. Over the years, different providers have taken different strategies to deal with them, but the popular Korean portal Naver is trying something new: you only get to post 10 times a day — which could certainly cut some flame wars short. Of course, this still seems like the type of thing that the really persistent spammer and troll would be able to get around, just by setting up multiple user accounts (or even figuring out ways to share “leftover” posting inventory from others who aren’t using up their limit).

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Comments on “Korean Trolls Get A Ten Post Limit”

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kraziejason says:

Well the forums I attend, mostly gay bear type only allow hardcore chats in certain areas. You are not limited to a certain number of poster per timespan, you are limited only by your imagination.

sometimes I log in under an alias and have a public cyber with myself, like cyberbation.

But I dont like korean boys unless theyre doing my cuticles, they get so bitchy when you ram it down their throat.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hmm… One per day sometimes seems to be too many, looking at the posts above me.

More seriously, although I enjoy the free-wheeling anarchy of the web, the most pleasant forum I post at has fairly tyrannical mods who will ban at the drop of a hat, and require everybody to post with their full name. It vastly improves conduct.

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