Justice Department Blocks EFF Evidence In Wiretapping Case

from the we'd-rather-you-didn't dept

Earlier this year, the EFF sued AT&T for allowing the NSA access to its databases, for the sake of the NSA’s infamous wiretapping efforts. As the EFF went to file its motion for a preliminary injunction against AT&T, it appears that the Justice Department — who is not a party to this case — took it upon itself to ask the EFF to hold back some of the evidence. This is despite the fact that none of the evidence is classified and the EFF was providing the evidence under seal to the court, in order to keep it secret. Of course, doing so is only going to raise interest concerning what’s actually in that evidence.

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Comments on “Justice Department Blocks EFF Evidence In Wiretapping Case”

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Drew says:

Re: Confused

-EFF Sued ST&T

-EFF filed Injunction against AT&T

-Justice Dept not involved in this case

-Justice Dept asked EFF not to release evidence

-EFF wonders why, since evidence would not be public record anyway

-Rest of World wonders what could be in evidence

That’s quick and dirty, but pretty accurate as far as I can tell…

Sean Dugan says:

Who cares about this, what about our MP3s?

I really find it just a bit conserning that this post; which I find very important news that I somehow, I havn’t heard until now; only got 3 posts but a post about Holywood distributing IP propaganda in schools gets fifty posts!

So whats more important? freedom of information or …

oh wait never mind.

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