GM Slow To React… Or Right On Schedule With Create-Your-Own Ad Controversy?

from the GM-gets-the-second-bounce-as-well dept has an article suggesting that GM somehow screwed up with its online create-your-own ad program that allowed tons of anti-GM ads to be created and passed around online. The article uses the headline that GM was somehow “slow to react” and then quotes all sorts of horrified marketing experts who can’t believe GM didn’t plan ahead for this and filter all the ads. Except… if you read the quotes from GM, it seems that the story may be quite different. They say that they won’t block the negative ads, and that they recognize there are differences of opinion and not everyone agrees with where GM stands. They have started screening for “offensive” content, which makes sense. However, it seems like perhaps GM understood what would happen a lot more than the so-called “experts” in the article give them credit for. In this day, anyone opening up such a contest has to know that it’ll be used for “anti” ads. It’s happened so often that they must have expected it. In fact, by then being open about it, GM is getting even more mileage from this campaign, and making it appear that they are more open to listening to those who disagree with them. Rather than reflecting negatively on GM, as the experts (and the reporters) would have you believe, GM actually comes out of it looking pretty good. So, it’s questionable as to whether or not GM was “slow to react” or if they are simply doing everything according to plan.

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Comments on “GM Slow To React… Or Right On Schedule With Create-Your-Own Ad Controversy?”

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nonuser says:

you're right Mike

I’m sure the creative team anticipated all this and they sold the brass on the (correct) theory – craploads of attention by a target demographic has to be good. But this is Detroit we’re talking about, so don’t be surprised if some VP goes ballistic and puts the kibosh on it, if they haven’t already.

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

A new addage

Get your tracking device and your Ice cap melter all in one place.

I mean seriously they’ll spend millions, maybe even billions on advertising their product.

What is being done to fix the problems Glbally that their products are creating at a very hightened speed?


“Either you guys are wrong or Chevy considers criticism of their urban assualt vehicle’s wasteful ways “offensive.”

Anonymous Coward says:

Maybe GM will take a hint...

Maybe GM will finally realize that their stuff sucks (and not only gas) and that the likes of Honda and Toyota are going to put them out of business soon. Unless all American brand name car manufacturers start taking a hint and making some thing that actually lasts more than 100k miles and gets decent milage, Detroit will soon be a ghost town.

Anonymous of Course says:

Arrogance, Ego, Ignorance

The climate will change, it always has and it always

will. There’s little man can do, except, perhaps,

advance or retard the inevitable.

That said. I despise wastefulness. Economy of

action is a virtue. However if a person wants to

spend /their/ money on an SUV- let them. It will

look lovely up on blocks in their front yard when

the price of gasoline is too dear.

If the Spectrum had been a smashing success,

GM would have tooled up for economy vehicles

and turning them out like popcorn. They’re in

business to make money, not save the world.

That’s your job. I mean if you’re not driving some

minimalist three-cylinder automobile you’re a bit of

a hypocrite in my opinion.

GM has made some mistakes and had some

successes. Let the empty headed echo chambers

say what they will.

The down side of being big is it takes a long time

to change direction when required. I hope GM can

develop a big, safe, fuel-efficient, vehicle in time to

stay afloat. So many people depend on GM for

their livelihood. For them to fold would be disastrous.

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