Web 2.0's Business Model: Find The Biggest Sucker

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The fallout from the story earlier this week that said Facebook was holding out for $2 billion continues, with the figure getting debunked left and right. At an investor conference, the head of Fox Interactive Media (which bought MySpace for $580 million), said his company wasn’t interested in Facebook for $2 billion, but that he is “intrigued by some of these start-ups in the Web 2.0 space” because they’re not expensive, and they don’t have a business model. Both assertions are open to debate: the price tags being tossed around for some of these companies certainly aren’t cheap, and the guy doesn’t seem to realize that many of these companies do have a business model — it’s convincing people like him that they’re worth ridiculous amounts of money.

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Comments on “Web 2.0's Business Model: Find The Biggest Sucker”

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DreadedOne509 says:

I think it’s funny as hell. Just glad the government doesn’t spend enormous amounts of money on worthless crap. Oh wait…

On a more serious note, what in the world could possibly be worth $580 million in myspace? The demographics by themselves certainly are not worth that much. The advertising revenue isn’t. What do they know, or think they know that the rest of the world doesn’t? Curiouser and curiouser.

ChocoTuar says:

Re: agreed - sorta

Not necessarily ten-year-olds. I think it’s more for teenagers to feel like they know how to use a computer. The funny thing is, MySpace accounts for maybe a billionth of a percent of information there is to know about a computer. Without MySpace, computers would be of nearly no use to most of the people that use it.

hammer says:

yep...it is

you wouldnt consider 60+million registered users as being worth rediculous amounts of money.

consider every page have 2 ads, and each person visits an average of 10 pages a day, wow thats like 1.2 billion ads that were viewed, not to mention some people DO click on those “fun” little flash ads they have….and there are more than 60 million users thats just an estimite of a number i say a while ago.

the guy above was absolutely right


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