Microsoft Interrupts This Broadcast…

from the patently-so dept

theodp writes “Microsoft has filed for a patent covering the display of “annoying notifications” that demand payment of your overdue bill when you attempt to change the television channel. Check out the images, which illustrate how the kiddies will be informed Daddy’s a deadbeat when they change the channel away from Sesame Street!” It’s worth noting, of course, this is just an application, not a granted patent.

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Comments on “Microsoft Interrupts This Broadcast…”

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The Truth Beacon says:

Re: Read the patent

And you will see that this is not just to deliver an annoying billing popup, but this is actually to deliver any kind of pop-up that is use specific on television. As a few other respondants have pointed out, I believe that this will be used more for preventing issues such as Spam from infiltrating new media experiences such as interactive media PC’s. There is obvious room for malicious intent or usage, but there is little these days which does not have such possibilities.

And as a targeted response to the person above who believes the patent system is corrupt – you are quite misguided. Granted, it is misused for some ideas, it protects people like me who have to come public with an original idea to get the vast funding necessary to develop the idea, without someone else having the necessary resources stealing it and claiming credit for my invention. I have already lost one idea to not being able to patent, because there are far too many greedy and selfish people in the world to do without the patent system, or similar systems of personal protection.

Onur Kabadayi (user link) says:

Privacy issues VS microsoft TV, VISTA

Check out this interesting post which is revolving around Microsoft’s IPTV & Windows Vista

The decade ahead of us will bring a totally new dimension to all the privacy and security related evil…

Quite an interesting brainstorming session on what hacking 2.0, dirty marketing 2.0, big brotherism 2.0, and even voyeurism 2.0 might look like, and their implications on our lives!

Neo Marketing. New Marketing.

Dale Albiston says:

not a bad idea actually

consider this..

(all assuming the patent is granted)

microsoft, and only microsoft can do this, and they *will* enforce the patent. thus this should stop a lot of the shadier end of the spectrum being able to do this.

its a trade off, some irritating ads and not loads, plus of course with fewer sources actually blocking them should be simpler (I hope).

the whole idea is daft, and will annoy people, but its kind of like if microsoft had a patent on spam email, they could do it but it would reduce others doing so.

obvious flaw #1: the routine will be cracked and used by people who don’t care that microsft has the patent…

windows messenger service all over again really.


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