Bill Gates Working Hard To Prove His Own Prediction Was Correct

from the there-will-be-a-digital-wallet,-dammit dept

In the mid-90s, if you saw Bill Gates speak, he almost always brought up the idea of the digital wallet he expected us all to be carrying by the end of the decade/century/millennium. Of course, things didn’t quite turn out that way, but it appears Gates has gone back to pushing the idea. His latest speech sounds an awful lot like those talks from a decade ago, and you almost get the feeling that Gates is now pushing for the digital wallet more to prove he was right than because he actually thinks that’s what people want.

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Comments on “Bill Gates Working Hard To Prove His Own Prediction Was Correct”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Gated - More like Jaded.....

The biggest problem with your comment is that it speaks out of ignorance and some sort of embittered malice. Everyone has flaws, it just so happens that the people who spent the last 25 years in the PC, IT, and networking industry have been out in the forefront receiving anger, criticism, and what seems like hidden jelousy for years while pushing ahead to the next year and its developments. They are the easiest people to victimize. So pick a target, its not hard, especially Gates, just realize that what your saying isn’t helping, and this has all been said before(i.e. your comment is not original). Kenneth Laye he is not. Laye may have ruined thousands of peoples lives, for some reason Gates seems to be giving more money away than anyone I can think of right now, besides maybe God. He’s not hording his billions, he’s donated them, and I do mean billions. For some reason I came accross your comment today and was provoked to write this. Maybe I shouldn’t even lower myself, but it is the early morning and I’m not awake yet. A wise old Chinese man named Watchman Knee said, ” The opinionted person, is an unbroken person.”

Trikein says:

Bill, both may be gone with the wind.

Petty spite or not, it’s only a matter of time before paper currency is replaced. It’s a old practice based on old ideas, that a piece of paper should be worth a certain amount of gold in the bank. Very few currencies stand for that now, not even the US. (Just ask any coin collector about that). I have no trust for Microsoft though, so I hope his plan fails, but lays the ground work for future ideas. I also do not claim to know in what way it will be replaced, wether plastic, digital, or some other idea. I would love to see a global online currency. But that is a long time off, if only from a political standpoint.

Oh Bill Gates, if only you could use your power for good, instead of Evil. ::chuckle::

Griff (profile) says:

Re: Bill, both may be gone with the wind.

The “Bill is evil” line seems a bit misplaced.

We the 5% of the planet rich enough to own our own PC’s are being “robbed” by Bill as he overcharges us for buggy stuff, then he gives billions of his ill gotten gains to people in the Third world so they can get clean water .

Seems to me he’s the closest thing to Robin Hood that we have these days.

(And believe me, I’m no blind Windoze lover).

fooie says:

Re: Re: Bill, both may be gone with the wind.

Griff, have you lost your mind? Come on! Bill is not “overcharing” you for a buggy OS. You had an opportunity to test the OS before buying, you willingly bought it and the asking price, and now you are complaining because it is “buggy”. Give me a break. I bought a car recently that had a few problems. Should I feel completly “robbed”? No! I willingly bought the car at the fair market price. Should I expect a perfectly running machine that will never require maintenance, never break down, and never cost me another dime to own? Of course not. An OS is a product just like a car. It will also require maintenance, may occasionally “break”, and may cost you more money down the road.

If you don’t like those facts, sell your PC and your car and walk to your job at McDonalds.

discojohnson says:

paperless currency? not in my grandkids' lifetime

Re #2, what makes you think paper (or the like) bills will go away any time soon? cash has buying power (unreportable exchanges), cash spends anywhere, and cash doesn’t “go down” like debit machines. there won’t be a global currency because the too many countries have horribly valued currencies (US dollar vs Euro, eg).

Ronn S says:

currency matters........

Money is nothing more -anymore- than a confidence based on trust. If (when) we finally trust the plastic card(s) and the electronic debit monster machines……….. it will be just as valid as the current paper-backs … which, oddly enough, are already illegal to have too much of. Trust ?

When we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on earth. LRH

Will says:

Its already happened..

Hes totally correct… this has already well on its way to happening in Japan, and its coming to the states. Cellphones are your digital wallet. They can pay for things simply by waiving their phone in front of a scanner at a check out. Your phone is your camera, your music player, your tv, your computer and now your credit/debit/atm/identification card.

Im not saying paper currency will vanish anytime soon, but Bill is right. Its pretty much old news by now.

ThaReaper says:

Re: go bill

Umm Ok SO you obviously know absolutly nothing about the technology contributions made by Apple? They built the first commercial personal computer, first series of PDA with cell phone connectivity, and ohh yeah the number one consumer product in the WORLD… iPod? Ok so the WORLD is elite? Umm Linux is also another alternative to Windows but wait Macs us Unix which is what Linux is based off? hmm Bill Gates is the largest philanthroper in the world but also has a very insecure product in a world that privacy is already extinct. I wouldn’t trust a business transaction on a WinPC but have no problem with the security on a Linux or Mac system… For the record Apple can’t help they have the BEST and most dependable configuration for software and hardware on the market. It just works!

ThaReaper says:

Re: go bill

Umm Ok SO you obviously know absolutly nothing about the technology contributions made by Apple? They built the first commercial personal computer, first series of PDA with cell phone connectivity, and ohh yeah the number one consumer product in the WORLD… iPod? Ok so the WORLD is elite? Umm Linux is also another alternative to Windows but wait Macs us Unix which is what Linux is based off? hmm Bill Gates is the largest philanthroper in the world but also has a very insecure product in a world that privacy is already extinct. I wouldn’t trust a business transaction on a WinPC but have no problem with the security on a Linux or Mac system… For the record Apple can’t help they have the BEST and most dependable configuration for software and hardware on the market. It just works!

ElectricMayhem says:

Digital Wallet

Why is everyone so down on Gates….and Apple for that matter jb…..All they did was package stuff together for us to buy…..if we don’t like what they does….we don’t buy thems product….doh! but everyone does like what they do since they are the richest men on the planet so doin’ something right…. As for the digital wallet…..I think we all ought to be more afraid of our Governments and ask why are they so keen to get rid of cash. If I were you Trikein, I wouldn’t be too keen to see the demise of currency in it’s present form…..of course digital cash makes life simple but we live in a Stazi state as it is…..electronic cash……..can always be monitored…….but then again……..want to control the masses, just turn off the machines…….wait and stir……ARMAGEDON!!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Digital Wallet

“Why is everyone so down on Gates….and Apple for that matter jb…..All they did was package stuff together for us to buy…..if we don’t like what they does….we don’t buy thems product….doh!”

Oh right! So if I don’t like their product, all I need to do is not buy it. That’s brilliant!!!

Now, let’s go to Dell and buy a computer… and let’s try to (easily) find one that doesn’t have Windows packaged with it.

Backroads says:

What Cash!

99% of cash is electronic now – do you think when you get a mortgage that actual dollar bills ever change hands? That when you use a Debit or Credit Card that someone move real money? It’s all bits and bytes! The only thing new here is the last remaining 1% being changed from Dollars bills being changed for “Bills” Dollars.

(and I was kind of hoping it was about 640k too! – Microsoft Code bloat can stop any time now)

Cappy says:

Money is dead

Bill WAS right, however the answer was provided by Visa not by Microsoft. My digital wallet is my Debit card. I use it constantly even places that don’t accept it have an ATM we call them MAC Machines (Money Access Centers) right next to the counter to make the transaction that much easier.

I use it as a credit card most of the time so I don’t have to use my pin in front of prying eyes. But It even counts as cash at those antiquated mom and pop gas stations that charge more for credit cards.

All of my Bills are paid online and I can’t tell you the last time I wrote a check its been 3 years or more.

I received a phone call at 6PM on Saturday from my bank. They called to alert me, that my Debit Card Number and Pin Number had been compromised at a local retailer. They deemed the risk significant, lowered all of my maximums for withdrawals, and POS limits, left my card operational until my new card arrived, (but gave me the option to cancel it outright until then) and promised to ship me the new one in 3 days. I got it in 2.

That’s pretty good. My bank can’t be held responsible for the breach since it was at a retailer, but they stepped up to the plate, and managed the situation wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier with the way they did it.

By the way if this type of stuff happens to you do one very important security measure. Get the persons name and extension, hang up open the yellow pages or call 411 get the number for fraud for the bank in question, and confirm the story and ask to be transferred back to that person, BEFORE Revealing any personal information about you or your account. Don’t call them back at a number they give you, do the work it’s worth every penny.

Tim says:

Digital wallet

I worked on some digital wallet stuff 10 or more years ago. There are some mistaken impressions of what it is above. For example, a digital wallet could get a money transfer from a bank account. It then could disperse to a receiver in a traceless way (no personal ID is in the funds transfer). In that way, for example, it is also different from a credit/debit card in that if it is lost, you lose only the funds in the wallet, not the access to your credit. Most of todays’ “wave at it and pay” devices (in the US) are linked to credit cards.

All of the bad things stated about Bill are true, though.

ElectricMayhem says:

digital Wallet

Oh for God’s sake Anonymous Coward and you others……are you really so stupid……Yes windows has dominance……and probably a good thing too….can you imagine the chaos if there were several operating systems out there…..good grief, they can’t even get compatability with music and video systems…..there has to be a standard to work from….these things we stare into every day are hugely complex systems…..getting it all to work consistently is a wonder in itself…..we have moved so far even in the last 5 years that it is hard to remember what life was like even that short time ago….. get back your childish wonder and just be amazed at the fact that you can type in any word and within nano seconds get an answer…..

Listen…..all the nags and concerns we have with these systems will eventually be ironed out….peer pressure will see to that….young programmers coming on line will alter the way things work ’cause they are as frustrated as you with the bizzare quirks an stuff……

Difference is they will be doing something other than whinging!! Turn your mind to more weighty matters please such as the way the state is taking control and bit by bit criminalising us all and passing ever restrictive legislation to CONTROL YOUR LIFE….

Get a grip please……

Zeroth404 says:

“can you imagine the chaos if there were several operating systems out there…..”

Choices. Whats wrong with that?

“they can’t even get compatability with music and video systems…..”

they would if there was more demand for it — it cant be so because of the overwhelming Windows dominance,

“there has to be a standard to work from….”

POSIX compliance.

“getting it all to work consistently is a wonder in itself…..”

Not if you understand how it works (aka educated).

“Turn your mind to more weighty matters please such as the way the state is taking control and bit by bit criminalising us all and passing ever restrictive legislation to CONTROL YOUR LIFE….”

At least we agree on something 🙂

Marc says:


The Digital Wallet is hardly a unique idea, there are countries in europe already doing it. Instead of plugging coins into a parking meter the meter has a phone number on it. You call that number with your cell phone and electronically “plug” the meter. The same system has been set up vending machines.

On top of that there is so much work being done with RFID, and the hope currently is that the RFID system will replace barcodes. There was a commercial a couple years back that illustrated the idea. It was a guy at a grocery store packing groceries into his trench coat then walking straight out the door. As he left the computer in the door frame printed out the reciept for everything he carried out with him. Once the research finishes up in this field it will catch on much faster than Bill’s notebook sized computer…it still doesn’t fit in a pocket and how many people carry a briefcase with them EVERYWHERE.

Steve says:

When will people stop whining?

O.K. all you Gates-bashers, if you’ve got all the answers, code your own air-tight OS. Or another option, install Linux or whatever. You’re not FORCED to USE it. If you’re 1/2 as intelligent as you try to make yourselves out to be, build your own computer. Sure, it’s included in the price of the Dell or whatever but no one’s forcing you to keep it on there. Bottom line is if you’re so darn unhappy with MS Windows, stop your whining and do something about it. Let’s see some action from all of you. Everyone that is perfectly happy with Windows and knows how to work a computer and maintain it without screwing it up every 3 months is sick and tired of the belly aching.

And as far as moving to a digital wallet, yeah, probably not far off. I, too, rarely carry cash. Who doesn’t take “plastic” now? I’m constantly finding new places that take it and am amazed. I like the fact that it’s convenient and I never have to carry around a bunch of change. But it isn’t cool when I think about how I probably spend more because I don’t see it as money. Just walk up, swipe the card and it’s yours. And when you think about it, though, although it is convenient, it is scary, too. Yes, the government must love the fact that all of our purchases can be traced via the beloved Visa/MC as well as the merchants who cash in on this feeling of not really paying for your purchases.

That’s technology at work. We love all of our “toys” and the way everything is smaller, faster and does more for us than the last device. Will it ever stop? Probably not, whatcha gonna do? Same thing as I alluded to in my first paragraph, stop using it. Probaly 95-99% of daily transactions/purchases could still be done with cash or check (food, gas, bills etc). If we all did that, the CC companies would eventually go out of business. We, as a society don’t know what we want and are never happy with anything. We can always find fault with something.

Deal with it or do something about it.

Sleeps says:

Gates haters

All of you people are just jealous of Gates and Microsoft. Envy has made you say things without even thinking about what you are saying.

Someone complained that they cannot buy a non-Windows PC, because they wanted to use Linux instead. Well, since you are so keen on using Linux one can only assume that you are not a “n00b” when it comes to computers. So why in the first place would you go to Dell to get ripped off? Why don’t you just buy the parts, and put your PC together, and then you’ll get a perfectly clean HD. It’ll be cheaper than buying the same one from whichever manufacturer. It would be the smart thing to do, obviously.

The first comment also says that Gates/Microsoft are not about innovation, but only immitation. Now that’s a bit ironic, since Gates has a huge contribution towards making computers what they are today. And then, someone started talking about Linux. Its GUI is a spitting image of Windows. It loads up (takes about 5x as long as Windows on the same machine), and there’s a “task bar”. On the left there is a “Start” menu organized like Windows’. There is also a “quick launch” just beside it. On the bottom right, there are icons of some of the processes running, and the time is displayed there as well. You open an application (say Firefox), and dang… everything is build by Microsoft’s “standards”. There are [minimize][maximize/restore][close] buttons on the top right of the window (with the same icons). All the options settings, exactly the same as if they were built by MS (There is a “File” menu, “Edit”…).

I mean, maybe Gates/MS are not innovative, but am I glad that we have Linux to be the innovative one.

Now I’m not just bashing Linux, but as hard as it might seems for all die-hard Linux fans, for everyday use, Windows is the OS to use. There are a couple of things as to why *nix is better, but it’s not for the majority of computer users.

Just on the side, here is a short bio of Bill Gates. Evil? I don’t think so. Self-made billionare that everyone seems to envy? Definitely.


Zeroth404 says:

Re: Re: Gates haters

“Why spend all that time and effort reinventing the wheel?”

Thats far from the truth. You don’t have access to the Windows Source, so you cant change it how you like. With Open Source applications, you can do whatever you want. it is freedom, not reinvention.

“Take that effort and push the limits vs redoing what is already out there.”

Yo ucan’t push limits without having something to work from, and you sure can’t work from closed source applications.

emichan says:

Re: Re: Gates haters

I have looked at the open source boys and I really don’t get it. Why spend all that time and effort reinventing the wheel?

The whole point of open source is that it is non-proprietary, and thus encourages innovation. Does anyone really need to “re-invent” office, for example? not really, if you’re willing to live with what microsoft gives you. But if you have an open source version that provides all the same services, you’re free to tinker, reprogram, change, whatever you want, however much you want. That leads to a lot more innovation, and is the whole point of open source projects.

Nobody In Particular says:

Way Off Subject

Couple of points

1. The subject is “Digital Wallet” not “Bash Bill”. It sounds like a lot of people are just jealous they didn’t have the motivation/knowledge to do what he did. Would you feel the same way if you had done it and had his kind of money? I wouldn’t, I’d just laugh at everyone who called me evil and say, “Well, too bad for you”.

2. There are ways to implement a “cashless” society that doesn’t involve government control, but I doubt they will ever promote or endorse it. They may endorse a cashless system, but only if they control it. You won’t be able to transfer money from your digital wallet to another’s without the government’s knowledge because they’ll want there part. They’ll probably say things like, “Our way prevents tax evasion” or “It will help us catch drug dealers because we’ll be able to track the money transfers” The government’s greed is the only real obstacle to a truly innovative cashless system.

Anonymous Coward says:

You know, #35, when I first was going to install Linux, years ago, I was a high school senior who had only a basic knowledge of how to build a computer(which I ended up doing that same year), but I had almost no idea of where to obtain a copy. It was not until about a year later that I was finally able to obtain a copy, and that was from one of my college professors. Everyone is a ‘noob’ at some point. Not everyone knows where to go for answers. The only way I was able to learn how to put together a PC was because my uncle worked on computers, and taught me how. But I still had to learn how to decide which parts worked with other parts.

So yea, just because someone wants to use Linux, doesn’t automatically make them an expert. I was pretty much a ‘noob’, but I knew that I didn’t like Windows.

Sleeps says:

Re: Re:

Good for you that you learned how to put a computer together. But as much as you can disagree, Linux is not nearly as user-friendly as Windows (though they try to immitate). There are certain things that have to be done from the shell, and unless you know exactly what you are doing (you don’t have to be an expert, but this can’t be the first time you are in front of a computer either), you can’t work with the shell. You can agree or disagree.Two people can have different opinions, but if you ask me, one (say who’s never been infront of a computer) cannot just start using Linux (withough having someone showing him around), but with ease can use Windows. And once you get on the internet (with Windows) you can learn pretty much everything about everything (even how to build you own PC, install Linux, and learn Linux.)


Zeroth404 says:

Re: Re: Re:

“Linux is not nearly as user-friendly as Windows”

I assume you’ve never used Gnome.

“(though they try to immitate).”

Linux doesn’t imitate Widnows, and you obviously dont know jack about it if you believe that. Speak not from your ass lest you be flamed.

“cannot just start using Linux (withough having someone showing him around), but with ease can use Windows.”

Yeah, try to install windows if you’re that illiterate. You have to partition a disk either way. There are people that can’t even grasp the concept clicking a button with the mouse — this isnt a Linux issue, this is an ignorance issue.

“And once you get on the internet (with Windows)”

You can’t expect Average Joe to know how to hook up a router and modem.

And on a final note:

Linux is a congregation of the knowledge and expertise of countless people from all around the world, annd all from the goodness of their hearts. They don’t get paid to do any of it. Linux is pure human intent created so that YOU have an alternative OS. So that you have a CHOICE.

Might I also suggest any of the BSDs, and any other Open Source OS.

Sleeps says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I was speaking of the GUI when I was saying they are immitating, as a response to MS being all about immitation. Here are few random pix (from It looks a hell of a lot like Windows to me:

Oh no, some of these have the task bar on top of the screen. But hey, Windows can do that too. It seems like the “Start” button has been replaced with a different image :). Oh, and I’m sure that they came up with the idea to use [min][max][close] in the top right corner. Also, I can see that everything is organized in several drop down menus… Hmm.. I can see: File, Edit, View… how creative that Linux apps are designed like that. I wonder why? But hey, that’s not immitating. It’s just comming up with the same idea that MS had, only few years later :).

You are right. If you are illiterate you can’t install Windows, but as long as you can read you are fine. It’s true, you have to partition the HD, but it’s a lot easier than doing it while installing Linux. All the options are layed out for you (Create/delete a partition). As a matter of fact if you don’t understand what partitioning is you can just press enter, and it’s going to create 1 partition, and install Windows on it. All you need to install Window is be literate, nothing more.

Setting up a router and modem is not up to MS. That’s up to the manufacturers of that hardware. And they always provide detailed description, with a setting up diagram. Of course, unless we are talking about a dial-up modem that needs to have software installed on the PC. In that case, as soon as it’s plugged in, Windows goes: “Hey buddy, there’s new hardware, you want me to install it”. It’s that simple for every single hardware that is connected to your machine.

And on a final note:
I have nothing against Linux, but as you said, it is made by individuals who don’t get paid (and I can respect that). But don’t try and tell me that a software put together by thousands of individuals all over the world (who btw do not get paid) will be better for the general public than an OS that probably costs well into the 100,000s (if not 1,000,000s) of dollars to produce.
I can understand if it works better for you, but the dominance of Windows clearly shows that it is a better solution for the general public (since WE choose Windows even though we have a CHOICE — we being the majority).

Zeroth404 says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

“It looks a hell of a lot like Windows to me”

why do looks matter? under the hood, its not kansas anymore — its mars.

They look the same because they follow the same concepts? there are only limited ways of expressing certain ideas, particularly Graphical User Interfaces. other than Lists, Icons, and Buttons, theres NO other way of expressing it.

Look up screenshots of Fluxbox, Blackbox, Enlightenment, XFCE, Windowmaker, etc if you like — nothing line windows. The only windows-like Desktop Environments I can think of are KDE and Gnome.

Not to mention you don’t need a GUI to operate A Linux system at all. You can run a web server, file server, browse the web, etc etc, all from the command line (a shell). Try doing THAT in windows!

Zeroth404 says:

I dont hate microsoft because “its the cool thing to do”, I refuse to buy microsoft products because I disagree with their business practices.

The idea of a digital wallet may or may not be a good one, but I think we can all agree that Billy just wants credit for it if it comes to be, not because he wants to evolve our way of life.

He’s a businessman, you can’t expect much from him.

big j says:

"...but with ease can use Windows..."

Obviously some people here don’t do helpdesk work. I’ve seen it all and while i do Love linux agree that it’s not as easy as it SHOULD BE. However i totally disagree with how Microsoft does most of it’s User interface, cause my users struggle with it every day. Some of it just doesn’t make sense, but we’ve used it so long we dont’ even realize how retarded some of the things are.

Maybe it’s just the people i support, but all GUI needs to greatly reduce clutter and be more usable to someone who hasn’t used a computer before. It should make sense.

back to the wallet discussion, It’s not a good idea to have a digital wallet that has some of your money on it and the ability to transfer to people local, as some have mentioned in an attempt to maybe hide a transaction from the government. if it can be seen it can be taken.

Our current system is fine, altho i can’t wait for the day when my cell phone does it all. Cause my debit card is about to break. as for phones tho it’s not that the phone has the info, it’s linked to a system that has it. so nothing can be tampered with directly.

Sleeps says:

You keep contradicting yourself buddy. At first you say that Linux does not immitate Windows, and now you say that that’s the only way to have a GUI? Look @ windows 3.1, 3.11. Now look at WinXP. That looks like a MAJOR improvement to me, not just changing the icons. Why doesn’t Linux do someting like that? And the reason why I am talking about the GUI is because I know that it works in a totally differnt way underneath that. But my initial comment was a response to someone who said that Windows is all about immitation, and it is more than clear that some Linux environments are IMMITATIONS of Windows.

“the dominance of windows shows nothing more than sucessful business practice by Microsoft. Ethical or not, still successful.”

Well, if this thought makes u feel better @ night, cool. But it’s obvious that this is not what it really is. I am sure that 90% of the population knows what Linux is. It’s just that they don’t need to switch, because they are happy with Windows.

Oh, and one more thing: Speak not from your ass lest you be flamed.

I’m done here. Cheers

Zeroth404 says:

“At first you say that Linux does not immitate Windows, and now you say that that’s the only way to have a GUI?”

“Why doesn’t Linux do someting like that?”

I probably wasn’t clear. let me reiterate: Machintcsh back in the day lost the law suite against microsoft over Microsoft using GUi elements in their OS because there are only limited ways to express ideas on a computer scree: Text, or Images. This is why I feel you think Linux looks like windows, because certain Desktop Managers bear a similarity to the Microsoft Windows gui Explorer (no, not the web/file browser). Maybe Gnome resembles Windows, Maybe KDE does too. Others don’t.

Do what I said and google for screenshots of Enlightenment, Blackbox, Fluxbox, Openbox, Windowmaker, XFCE, Failsafe, FVWM, Metacity, Sawfich, IceWM.

There are so many desktop and window managers (GUIs) that you cant possibly count them all.

Paul says:

Linux looks like windows

It is true, a lot of the popular gnome based distros look almost exactly like windows, and that is precicely what they are trying to achieve. If they look and feel like windows then they will get people to switch to linux from windows.

As for there being limited ways to display information on a screen, this is true. Just as there are limited ways to display information in a web browser.. but there are still a million and a half ways to DESIGN the stuff around the content.

For example, MacOS and Windows look similar, since there are “limited ways to display informaiton on a computer screen” but they look vastly different.

Anonymous Coward says:

I truley can’t stand all of you whiney, Gates haters. If your so damn disgusted by Gates and Microsoft, sell your pc and stop using it. Stop watching MSNBC. Tell your employer to move their infrastructure off of any Level3 optical lines. The list is endless. Oh! “I use Apple exclusively!”. Opps. Can’t use that oldie, but a goodie. Your hero Jobs climbed into bed with the devil and took it up the keister to the tune of 150 million. “I only use Linux!”. Good for you. Once you grow a life, you may become productive by the time your 50.

Stop being jeleous of a guy with no degree just the will to be successful, much like the robber barons of our history, that can buy and sell your cheap, Ivy League ass a thousand times over and all before the morning Double Venti Americano and Blueberry Scone.

Crawl back under your rock, the world doesn’t need you.

Groceryheist says:

What the world does need is high-quality apps and games that run exclusivly on linux. I have 4 systems at my house an older Dell Desktop, a Dell laptop and two computers I built. None run exclusivly

linux although I have linux partitions on the ones I built.

The Best thing about linux for me are the devlopment tools and compilers. Compilers for windows are either expensive or crappy, somtimes both. Gnome Linux is more secure, faster and just as reliable as windows XP. Unless you got crappy hardware with crappy drivers that crash your system… But linux had SATA support way before windows.

The reason I think most people, even experienced users resist the open source movment is ignorence. They havn’t used open office. They don’t believe they can get the same kind of apps and development tools as with windows. They are worried they will up the code by and ruin their computers. The average user is content with overpriced windows and rampant viruses and bugs. Linux is scary. Middle aged users remember the stone ages in collage and their com major roomate. Linux reminds them of X-Files reruns and bad teeth.

Young users might move to linux if their were games for it. They

or their parents are uncofortable with emulators and Lame encoders. If game developers would take a little extra time to reproduce what they make for windows on linux more kids would make the switch.

But of course there is no reason for game developers to do that because they wouldn’t sell any more copies. Because the kids all have “Killer gameing rigs” (with overpriced video cards that are worthless unless you are playing on a projector or video editing) running windows.

The only way out I see is that Google releases a cheap operating system that is backwards compatible to windows. They might use linux or invent their own structure. Probably the latter if they want compatablility with windows. Of course backwards copatiblility will open a legal can of worms…

neway… linux kicks for open-source development. Lame is ok… but like I said I run windows on all my computers…(even though I have less lisences than I have computers)

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