Murdoch Begins Recycling Speeches?

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alex writes in to point to the latest version of a story about Rupert Murdoch getting the internet by talking about how newsprint isn’t the only medium and everyone needs to adapt. It all sounds good… but it also sounds exactly like the same speech he gave a year ago. Since that time, Murdoch has gone on a bit of an online buying spree — but it’s still not clear what he’s doing with all of that, and whether or not there’s really a comprehensive plan to pull it all together. So far, the only real plans we’ve heard are trying to impose big media values on “little media” — an idea that seems likely to run into problems. There may very well be a more comprehensive strategy, but considering how much Murdoch and News Corp. have purchased in the last year — it seems a bit odd that he’s still giving the exact same speech, rather than actually providing some examples about how these purchases fit into this brave new world he sees.

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Comments on “Murdoch Begins Recycling Speeches?”

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Roger Kint says:

Murdoch is a capitalist pig

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t “get” the internet any more than his Fox News Channel “gets” the truth. It doesn’t surprise me that he recycles his speeches about the web, cause he really doesn’t have a lot to say about it other than “I really wish I could make more money on it, but I’m working on ways to make that happen at the expense of consumers, because that is the only purpose for my otherwise meaningless existence.” It is sad that in this day and age that these old media barons are still looked at as visionaries in any measure. Please, Mr. Murdoch, stick with lousy journalism, crappy television, and your other pseudo-fascist ventures marketed to the ignorant and stupid Americans who still somehow respect you and leave the internet to those who truly do understand and know what they’re doing.

Sohrab says:

I couldnt agree more. I dont believe alot of these companies have true goals and visions. their too big. they just see a way to make more money from myspace? sold.

NBC see’s youtube and says hhmm maybe, and soon, it will bought if they see Green in it.

I believe one of the few companies with a goal is Apple. Apple has a vision and is going about it

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