Everybody Needs Pockets

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Analysts have made a big deal about the halo effect of iPods — the idea that people buy iPods, and like them so much they’re driven to buy Macs. The extent to which that’s true is debatable, but as we’ve noted before, the real halo effect is on iPod accessory sales. But now, instead of driving people to buy all sorts of white plastic accessories, some fashion designers are hoping the iPod association will drive people to buy their clothes — by paying special attention to the placement and design of pockets. This isn’t the Scott eVest or those doofy Dockers with the extra pocket, but rather high-end fashion from all those deisgners whose names you can’t pronounce or afford. Who knew that the need for room to carry your iPod or cell phone could be the great social equalizer?

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Comments on “Everybody Needs Pockets”

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Nick K says:


To be honest, I fell in love with my 4G iPod. I wanted it soooo bad for Christmas, yet my parents would not buy it for me. So I scrounged up $300, a lot for a 14 year old (16 now lol) and bought it as soon as I saw one in the store. I still have not stopped using it and I basically discharge the battery every day. This led to me purchasing an iMac!

Basically, iPod + Me = LOVE

LOVE + Money = spending $1800 for a Mac.

I bought a Mac because my iPod brought me into the world of Apple.

Anonymous Coward says:


i’m no lover of windows, but i’ll never own anything mac. despite the claim macs don’t break or have errors as frequently as a pc, i’ve had them break more often in the times i’ve used them than with my xp box. basic maintenance and wise web-browsing choices keep a pc healthier than any mac.

all that to say, who cares if macs are easy to use, they don’t run all the programs that a pc does, and they break, in my experience, more often than my pc. buying a mac is a bad choice.

(in my own personal opinion, macs are also ugly as hell)

Jezsik says:

People buy iPod because they want to listen to mus

People buy computers because they have a use for a computer, not because it’s easy to use. An iPod is a small investment of money, and much smaller investment of time, for something that provides a very quick return. Before someone is willing to spend more money and considerably more time on a computer, they’d first better have a very strong need for one.

Your friendly neighbourhood UNIX user says:


THe jump from windows to macOS isn’t that big, all you have to do is memorize all the icons again. After that’s it’s a piece of cake. Jumping from windows to linux, macOS to linux or reverse … that’s harder. Or from any of the above to a BSD or UNIX … that’s very hard. No buttons, no nonsense, all functionality. Try that on for size.

Tyshaun says:

People! People!

Computers are tools. Use the right tool for the right job. I work as a developer. Sometimes I’m tasked to work on Linux, sometimes in Windows, every so often in Mac, and lots of weird funky RTOSes for embedded chipsets. My point, flexibility is the key, when people ask me what kind of computer to get, I ask them what they want to do with it. You can get applications on almost every platform to do almost anything you want. Some platforms are better than others. Linux tends to be rock hard sturdy, but not very user friendly and not a lot of packaged software to choose from. Windows has lots of software, fairly easy to use, but tends to be finicky. Macs, easy to use, but their isn’t a great a choice of software. But we all know this or else we’d be lurking on some othe board.

My point is that flexibility in computers is truly your best option, and with that you’ll learn to take advantage of what all the OS platforms have to offer.

Adam says:


Before OS X, macs sucked. I used to fix them, and they crashed all the time, even without the help of viruses, but the new OS has done quite a bit. I didn’t realize this until I went to the apple store to get an iPod. Their key asset is integration, which translates to ease of use. Anything on an apple can be used in anything else on an apple. Also, there are a LOT of programs for the Mac, you just don’t see them in stores, because 95% of them are free. http://www.freemacware.com That’s just one site that offers a ridiculous amount of free software. Hope that provides some usefull information…

Tagbert says:

Yes, we do need pockets

I actively look for clothes that offer cell-phone friendly pockets. They are particularly hard to find in pants. Lots of pants have that odd little pocket for coins(?) or condoms(?). But with most pants you are forced to either shove the phone in with the keys and coins or wear some dorky holster with “swivel action”. Seems like clothes designer should finally recognize that phones/ipods/whatever are here to stay. (just don’t make all the pockets custom fit to a Nano!)

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