Your iPod As Identification

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Back at DEMO last month, on the closing panel, a journalist noted as part of the discussion that when she went out jogging, she tended not to bring any identification — a practice she admitted probably wasn’t very safe. Well, it turns out that if she was carrying an iPod with her, she may have unwittingly been carrying identification. The jogging victim of a hit & run in San Francisco last week was apparently identified via her iPod, as she had no other identification on her. According to the news report: “Investigators took her iPod to the Apple store in San Francisco, which in turn contacted the company’s headquarters and helped use identifying information on the device to determine just who Dyer was.” Of course, this raises some questions about the conditions under which Apple releases that kind of information.

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Comments on “Your iPod As Identification”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Maybe a bit complicated???

I’m not too sure about this, since I still dont have an iPod (and dont really care either) but I would imagine it would have a user account/registration like most cell phones do anymore – in the case of which, couldnt they have checked for a “Hello, Jane Doe” on the boot-up screen or info/settings???

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Maybe a bit complicated???

I don’t think anybody said it was a paramedic. I’m sure that the case workers at hospitals or the police (whoever does the identification job) would be the one to use this information. I would not want the paramedic looking in my ipod instead of taking care of my immediate medical needs.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: ICE is good

Funny, my father ran a squad for 20 years, and wishes people WOULD do the ICE thing. No, if you’re bleeding, no one cares to call your contact info yet, but eventually, should we call someone’s 80 year old mother in the nursing home? Is there any point in calling your home? Is your Wife’s cell under “wife’s cell”? NO

In case of emergency, call this number first – it takes you 1 minute, costs you an insignificant amount of space in your phone, and if the ER admit people call my wife instead of my father who is 3000 miles away to get my insurance info, it was well worth it.

dani says:

Re: Re: Re:2 ICE is good

I agree with ICE. even if it began as a joke, it makes sense. Whaen I first heard about it I added it to my phone. My husband cuts trees, climbs over 100 ft then takes it down with a chainsaw, insane, huh, but somebody has to do it and he likes it. I added ICE to his phone. Most homeowners have probably heard about it so it gives me more of a chance to be contacted sooner if something would go wrong.

dani says:

Re: Re: Re:4 ICE is good

ICE in the phone is basically to help me feel better. He has at least one guy with him all the time, so unless his guy got hurt too it would be ok. He carries ID, business cards and papers, all that stuff in the truck. He would be identified.

I would just like to speed up my notification as much as possible, and I think ICE is a good idea.

ted says:

Re: Re: Re: ICE a joke?

Seems to me the training for ParaMeds is behind the times. Or maybe its just your impression, since i know several ParaMedics that have the wits about them to check for a phone if there is no other id.

These days it seems like everyone has a cell phone. Why would it be so odd to check for a cell phone if the other forms of ID weren’t there? I do agree that ICE is silly. i keep my contact’s like Mom, Dad and Home listed as such. i also have a Me listing with my home phone and e-mail.

the whole thing kinda reminds me of the “my info” screen on my first Palm. i had all my emergency contact info in there. I dont see why companies dont have that sorta screen on all personal electronic equipment.

Just my $0.02..

Scott says:

Re: Re: Maybe a bit complicated???

This most likely is just as the poster above listed, the IPod was registered and traced back to its owner.

ICE is crap. Here is a concept, I have my mom listed under Mom, I have my home number under Home, Grandparents, yep under grandma/grandpa. I don’t another entry, I have plenty to help find out who I am.

Joe Schmoe says:

Re: Maybe a bit complicated???

Still think we’re moving to computer chips being implanted into us like in animals. What if I sell or loan my iPod to someone and they in-turn recieve the wrong medical treatment based on my information? With computer chips not only can the govt. track our every movement, we could link them to a speed-pay system, and maybe even a wireless link to another iPod implant… iPlant! -Sarcasim- Let’s just mainstream the inevitable. Tattoos or Implants?

Joe Schmoe says:

IPOD Personal Info.

…still think we’re moving to computer chips being implanted into us like in animals. What if I sell or loan my iPod to someone and they in-turn recieve the wrong medical treatment based on my information? With computer chips not only can the govt. track our every movement, we could link them to a speed-pay system, and maybe even a wireless link to another iPod implant… iPlant! -Sarcasim- Let’s just mainstream the inevitable. Tattoos or Implants?

Randdickson says:

Okay, now your being stupid

Okay, you call apple, you identify yourself as the police and ask for a serial number on an ipod/shuffle so you can try to identifiy the attached body. Hope if I’m the attached body that they’b be ‘unwise’ enough to release the information. Like maybe my cell phone company would … or my car company would … or any company would when a John/Jane Doe is attached and might be identified.

Just stupid/moronic linking a ‘big brother’ type of paranoia to this.

dani says:

Re: Okay, now your being stupid

“Hope if I’m the attached body that they’b be ‘unwise’ enough to release the information.”

I agree. My “paranoia” of all the bad things that go on today (the things the media “creates” to scare us, like sex offenders and the unsafeness of the internet, etc) causes me to be overprotective of my children…but people are so afraid of the government (ooh those evil leaders) finding out who they are that they would rather be given an IV they may be deathly allergic to than register a product that may help save their lives.

jeeper creepers says:

Re: Re: Okay, now your being stupid

well yes and no…drug giants like CVS pharmacy,Kroger,all the places that use “bonus” cards and discount cards sell your personal information that you willingly supply when you sign up for the card..this is sold for a few bucks multiplied X say…100,000 people thats a lot of revenue everytime you swipe the card

this includes your phone number address occupation
healtcare provider city
that enough for someone to steal your identity…
just a comment…..

dani says:

Re: Re: Re: Okay, now your being stupid

“drug giants like CVS pharmacy,Kroger,all the places that use “bonus” cards and discount cards sell your personal information…”

when you register a business (at least in our city) your personal information is released as well.

Why complain that a registered electronic piece was used (in an emergency) to determine an identity if our information is already out there for the taking in so many ways.

Or, maybe, we should all change our identity, use a different name and address everytime we sign up or register anything…or just close the windows, lock the doors, and never leave the house again.

Nilt says:

Re: Okay, now your being stupid

“Just stupid/moronic linking a ‘big brother’ type of paranoia to this.”

I agree. There are all sorts of ways to identify someone in the absence of government issues ID. Should we be concerned that medical implants such as pacemakers have serial numbers that can ultimately be traced, too? Give me a break; if ever there was a case where this sort of tracking was appropriate, this was it.

Who was it says:

Registered IPOD ?

I don’t own an Ipod, but have had plenty of MP3 players over the years. I’ve never registered them, and actually most of them were previously used. If they would try to use one of those to figure out who I was, I’d probably be having some big problems. Of course, I have ID on me unless someone mugged me and stole it, but then again, wouldn’t my IPOD get taken too?

wolff000 says:

ICE is good.

ICE despite what people have said here works. I personally had my ass saved because of ICE. I passed out drunk at a party and after some time went by and I didn’t wake up they got worried. After not being able to wake me up they called an ambulance. they were going to do chest compressions becuase they though I had stopped breathing, in actuality it was just to slow and shallow to be noticed. luckily the medic checked my phone and saw the ICE listing it has my info and my medical info in it. I can’t have chest compressions because I have no sternum( yes i am a freak and was born without one). anyways chest compression could cause my rib cage to buckle so i can’t have them. so ICE very probably saved my life. the only reason ICE fails is because most people don’t use it and alot of medics don’t check. the system works it just needs people to use it correctly.

dani says:

Re: ICE is good.

If ICE was meant as a joke the person who started it came up with a really good idea.

Its already in use in such a widespread area that as time goes on more people will catch on and it will (hopefully) eventually be a norm. This would be easier than a data screen on other gadgets because more people know how to use a cell phone. As silly as it sounds, some may have trouble even turning on some new electronics.

Mark on the What?? says:

I got a mark for ya right hea.....

You Holy Roller “Mark” extremists annoy me. Your GUNG HO mentality requires you refuse the purchase any item which makes use of the bar code,less you be a hippocrit right? Imagine that….A christian hippocrit. How about the cd’s you buy or the movies, they contain rfid’s. No more entertainment…. The real kicker is the bible toting reicht are by definition already “Marked”. The gutenburg press when introduced was seen as nothing less than a device of the “beast”, which comes full circle due to the bible itself oweing its extended life to the press.
If you deny “the mark”, then you must also deny all that goes with it… The printed word, the supermarket scanner, your check card, most automobile keys now make use of a rfid, of course your toll pass, dont forget your wireless router and cell phone, not to mention your loved ones pacemaker…… Too bad religion itself isnt enough to promote joy. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHRISTIANS LAUNCH CRUSADES…….

GoldFishy says:

It seems reasonable...

Did you all read the news story (however short…)? An unidentified, unconsious woman in critical condition needs help, and people are “alarmed” that Apple helped?
I used to work for a restaurant chain that had a loyalty rewards program that used a little plastic card with a unique magnetic strip. The police found a body (dead) with no ID, but one of our cards on her. I wasn’t able to help ID her, but I didn’t hesitate to direct the police to our HQ with the hope that they could help the cops. Not all companies have a total lack of empathy, and this seems like a reasonable time and situation to help the public good.

scboxer says:

Apple helpng...

Can you imagine the bad publicity Apple would receive if this woman dies and they hadn’t helped id her? Seems like it was kind of a no win situation for them media-wise. However, as a humanity situation, they win hands down.
How anyone can see Apple supplying the woman’s info in this case as a bad thing is beyond me.
Please note, that I said in THIS case…

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