Just As Some Windows Close, More Open

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While some independent movie studios look to move away from the staggered release system, at least one major Hollywood studio is looking to add another window. The president of News Corp., which owns Fox (and hates the idea of simultaneous release), says the company wants to sell high-definition versions of its films over video-on-demand systems 60 days after their theatrical release, but before they’re out on DVD (via PaidContent.org)– for $25 to $30. The price is awfully steep, but the company think it’s justified by the “more than 1 million Americans” that spent over $25,000 on home-theater equipment last year, and points out that for large groups, it’s cheaper than going to the movies. That may be true, but so is a standard $5 DVD rental, and the difference in picture quality probably isn’t stark enough for most people to justify the premium cost. While this plan would offer consumers another choice, it’s simply trying to create another release window that competes solely on exclusivity — just like theaters. News Corp. is banking on that exclusivity to justify an overinflated cost, sort of like $10 theater tickets.

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Comments on “Just As Some Windows Close, More Open”

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dave says:

Hi-def content

I’m one of those folks who spent a buncha bucks on a home theatre system a couple of years back.

Not to rain on these guys parade, but their damned DRM has already obsoleted my two year old $2400 TV. Now they can take their high-priced hi-def and their delusional DRM schemes and shove them, well… you get the picture.

And I’m STILL boycotting Sony. They can forget about me buying into blu-ray as well, because I HAVEN’T forgotten their root-kits.

wolff000 says:

Re: $10 Movie Ticket

anywhere if u go by yourself and don’t buy anything. movie tickets in my neck of the woods are only 7-8 bucks, of course when you add in significan othher, popcorn, candy, drinks and parking it brings the total up to about 50. back to the topic at hand I actually really like this idea. Only because I pirare everything and this get allow me to get copies of movies so much faster. I hate bootlegs where you can see the audience, camera is shakey, and the worst I have seen is the guy filiming has a bad cough adn regularly bumps the camera. Anyways I say do it and help out all the pirates, AAARRRRRR, where’s me bootleg copy of X-Men 3!?!

George says:

No Subject Given

At 60 days post release I don’t think this will do it. At that time I would much rather watch some other movie that just came out on DVD that I missed or on video-on-demnd for $5 rather than throw down that cash. If it was simulatenously released with the theater version or at least a lot closer, maybe it would be tempting with a couple friends around.

txjump says:


they want to charge me more in my own living room? where they have no overhead costs? and where i could see thousands of other movies for less.

im kinda thinking this will fly for a small number of families and the wealthy but not for the singles and couples.

but i guess its something new they should try … ya just don’t know until you try.

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