So Many Suckers — 419ers Bring In Millions In Just A Few Months

from the shockingly-easy dept

Want to know why you get so many 419 advance fee emails every day? It’s because there are still way too many people with way too much extra cash who continue to fall for what is, basically, one of the oldest cons around. The latest is that a group of 419 scammers in Amsterdam have been arrested — but not before they conned at least $2.4 million out of gullible people in about four months. In fact, officials think the $2.4 million is quite low — and the real number may be “many times more than that.” Late last year I read Drake’s Fortune, which is basically about the equivalent of today’s 419 scams, but from a century ago. The amazing thing is just how much a little greed and the thought of easy wealth causes people to completely lose all critical thinking abilities — even to the point of still believing the con men after the whole thing is revealed and their money has been taken.

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Comments on “So Many Suckers — 419ers Bring In Millions In Just A Few Months”

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Matt Sherwood says:

419 Scams

thank god for g-mail..these all get sent directly to spam…not that I ever fell for them back in my “Road Runner e-mail” (just the pits, ine ebry way…has it gotten any better in the last 18 months? days, but they sure were a NUISANCE to wage through…Query to Group…how well do Yahoo and AOL filter these out? (I assume Hotmail almost as bad as Roadrunner, no?)

JohnD says:

Re: I May Burn In Hell........

I suggest you and the author of this news investigate the specifics of the 419 scams. Some are pretty ridiculously obvious yes and their also the ones that almost never work. The counterfeit check 419 scam works constantly and whats even more ridiculous is the banks will even claim the check has been cleared.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: I May Burn In Hell........

How can you feel sorry for someone who thinks they themselves are ripping off someone, somewhere? I mean they get into them because they are greedy and think, like most white collar criminals, that nobody is being hurt by their actions.

The best con in the world is one where you get some retard who thinks he’s getting one over on “the man” and you fleece the idiot.

I got my first introduction to this world in high school when a guy, significantly larger than I, asked to look at a knife of mine and then decided that he’d hold it hostage. I told him I’d have his money the next day and I promptly got the cash he wanted, put it in an envelope and then got some play money and put it in another envelope. Thanks to a few security guards looking out at school I had good reason to put the cash back in my pocket and make the old switch-a-roo. When the guy discovered it he at least had a sense of humor, realizing I could probably do it again but much worse but I got a helluva high knowing his greed showed him who was really running the game.

So feel sorry for some of these idiots!?!? Never, they deserve it.

Don Gray says:

Almost got a friend...

I had a friend stationed in Germany who got one of these and had his tickets lined-up to go to London and make the deposit.

Luckily, he mentioned it in an email. I did a bunch of lookups for him and sent him a bunch of links about it basically begging him not to do it. He eventually didn’t, but even after all the information I sent him, it still took a phone call to convince him otherwise.

I consider him an average intelligence person and he fell for it hook, line, and sinker. It was surreal…

TechNoFear (profile) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

To paraphrase Einstein;
There are two things that I think are unlimited, the universe and stupidity, and I?m not so sure about the former?.

What most people don?t realize is these are called ?confidence? tricks not because they gain your confidence but because they take you into theirs, by telling you something embarrassing / damaging about themselves.
They are willing to trust you with their most embarrassing secret, so why shouldn?t you trust them?

Got to love social engineering, much easier to get someone to tell you the password than try and crack it.

Paul Frost says:

Re: Re: No compassion...

First let me say that I’ve never fallen for a scam (to my knowledge anyway).

Second, it amazes me that you people have no compassion for the victims here. Yes, they were stupid. That’s even more of a reason to have compassion for them. Con artists don’t prey on the strong, they prey on the weak (and in this case it’s those who are weak minded in a sense). It’s wrong. It’s shameful. The victims deserve our compassion and not a our ridicule.

My 2 cents…

TAP says:

Re: The Scammers Cant get caught?

The Nigerian government basically looks the other way at best. At worst, they endorse the scams. From what I’ve heard from a few Nigerian nationals I’ve been speaking to online (these aren’t trying to scam me… tho I remain suspicious), the 419 scam is a major industry over there.

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