Satellite Isn't Terrestrial Radio's Biggest Foe, It's Cellphones

from the didn't-see-that-coming dept

While terrestrial radio companies continue to attack satellite radio providers, maybe all that energy is being misplaced: a new study says people talking on their cellphones in cars is cutting into the amount of radio they listen to. Few mainstream radio companies realize they need to change their product to keep up with changing tastes, their competitors preferring to blame the regulatory environment or use shifty PR to try and knock back the satellite upstarts — so don’t be surprised to see radio companies start pushing for bans on using phones while driving.

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Comments on “Satellite Isn't Terrestrial Radio's Biggest Foe, It's Cellphones”

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ex-dj says:

No Subject Given

maybe if radio didnt bombard me with furniture store ads and even worse… car ads with the “disclaimers” seeded up so fast that it’s another language!!! And everyone knows that radio compresses music – speeds it up so they can get in extra ads. Ads may pay the bills, but they are killing themselves. I’m an XM bigot now.

RaYz says:


Or you could always listen to non-commercial radio, and college radio stations. There are many out there, especially in the bay areay that play Jazz, Hip hop, Rock, and everything else. Since they are non-commercial they dont really have commercials, and the music is at a different tone. I don’t listen to commercial radio any more, it makes me sick!

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