I'm Getting Rug Burn From All This Astroturf

from the lying-cheating-and-generally-full-of-it dept

Telephone companies have been pretty aggressive in their astroturfing to try to drum up support for their entrance into the television business, whether it’s sending fake letters to local officials or getting people to complain about their cable company in exchange for a free iPod. DSL Reports points out that the cable companies have fired back by pointing out all this astroturfing on a site called “PhoneyBaloney.net” that highlights several different front groups the telcos are using. That’s all well and good — except, of course, the cable companies like to astroturf, too. So, in this fight, it sounds like you can’t believe anything anybody says — which ends up being helpful how?

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Comments on “I'm Getting Rug Burn From All This Astroturf”

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jdw242 says:

drum up business?

looks like the lamers would drum up business by, oh, I don’t know, being competitive and offering lower priced products like DSL Ultra for $30/month, or directly competing with each other by pointing the other’s problems. (such as Cable being shared by all that hook to the local box where DSL is full speed direct to your machine).

C’mon children; stop being babies.

dani says:

Why should we pay for your product/service?

I have a problem with companies who can only sell their own products or services by bad-mouthing everyone else’s.

Don’t tell me what’s wrong with the competitions’ product, tell me what’s so great about yours. If I’m using the competition, I should already know how bad they suck! Convince me your product is better if you really expect me to switch.

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